Fallout 4's Upcoming DLC, Nuka World, Will Let You Become An Evil Raider

One of the biggest complaints fans had about Fallout 4 was that most of the time, the game only let you be a good guy/girl. Judging from what Bethesda has cooking, however, it seems that they are actually listening. On Monday we got a sneak peek at "Nuka World", the next big Fallout 4 DLC. Aside from giving a themepark-like vibe, details on the add-on were sparse. More recently however Bethesda uploaded a page on the Steam store for the DLC, and it sheds some light on what you'll actually be able to do in Nuka World:

Take a trip to Nuka-World, a vast amusement park now a lawless city of Raiders. Explore an all-new region with an open wasteland and park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic Zone. Lead lethal gangs of Raiders and use them to conquer settlements, bending the Commonwealth to your will. Nuka-World features new quests, Raiders, weapons, creatures, and more. Enjoy the ride!

It's almost like they're adding an entirely new faction: Raiders. I don't know what sort of dark things they have planned, but at the very least, I'm crossing my fingers for some more amusing raider chatter.

Between Nuka World and the Vault-Tec DLC, which will let you become an overseer who can perform experiments on your settlers, the world of Fallout 4 is about to more morally grey. Excellent.

Nuka World will retail for $US19.99 ($27), and we'll update you as soon as we know of a release date.


    I thought the primary complaint wasn't that you were the good guy, but that murder is your primary means for interacting with or influencing all these interesting stories which end up mostly being told post-portem.

    Dat Red Tourette storyline, yo... so moving. Sure was an interesting tale to uncover while picking over the corpses of literally everyone involved in it.

    Robot-races at Easy City Downs? Triggermen in a kind of truce with Raiders? The ability to dick with the controls for the bots to mess with the race? Sure would've been nice to be involved with that in ways other than ending it all for everyone.

    Fallout 4 tells some really interesting stories! Most of which end with the walking apocalypse rolling around and killing everything.

    (Edit: That said, this DLC looks pretty kewl.)

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      Yeah, some great story telling but always seems to end in death, death, death.

      Hah, I thought that about Easy City Downs too.

      "What's that noise? Sounds like a loudspeaker. Oh cool! There are races here. What are they racing? Robots? Awesome! Can I join in? Can I bet on stuff? Can I have my own robot to race?"

      Five minutes later...

      "Oh...umm....Sorry, guys. I...I'll just be going now."

      I think the main one was Combat Zone where the trailer showed it more as a neutral ground where you could go in alongside raiders and watch or take part in cage fights. Instead it was just another 'everyone's hostile' as soon as you get noticed

      I wonder if Nuka World will have the same sort of choice like at the end of Lonesome Road with New Vegas and being able to permanently affect the Commonwealth in some way

    I got the season pass before the price went up. Does my pass cover the new DLC?

    The new DLC did show up on the list for me the other day but has since been removed.

      Yes. And if they announce anything else after this (Pete Hines said it was possible but nothing planned yet) it'll also be covered in the season pass

        Wow. I'm surprised. Then again, I've not yet seen anyone outside of the BF/CoD franchises have the balls to do a 'Season 2 Pass'. Usually it's just 'the season pass... plus these extra separate bits we aren't including in the pass but are charging for separately'.

          Well they did up the price of the season pass when they figured there would be more past the first 3 DLC but to their credit they've honoured the meaning of 'season pass' and are giving everything to anyone who bought one

        OK. I see the DLC in the store but they have not been added to my copy of the game yet.

        Is there something I need to do to trigger their installation?

          The new stuff's out 1 DLC this month, a second next nonth and Nuka World in August. I don't think this months is out just yet though

            Oh, the old "list on the story then tell you it's a future release after checkout trick".

            No wonder they showed up, didn't download and disappeared again.

            You had one job, Bethesda/Steam.

            --- EDIT ---

            Turns out they did indicate as such. Dark grey print on navy indicating all three are available from June 21 on wards. Didn't see it because I didn't have my glasses on when I looked.

            Textbok PICNIC.

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    DLC seems fine but it disturbs me a bit.

    I'd like to play a game from release that has all this content, it would blow me away much more. I think I would have sunk more hours into Fallout 4 had there been this much depth from the beginning. Also if Preston was dead/killable that would help :)

    Oh it's all coming back now, dialogue choices where all my answers are "Sure i'll help! My child isn't something I care about now that I can build fences!"

      I was level 45 before I set foot in Diamond City for the first time.

        Using the Vault-Tec Express Bow Flex doesn't count. :-P

          Argh, I don't get the reference. Google tells me it's a... watch?

            Sorry, I must have the name wrong. Bow Flex is one of those exercise machines that promises perfect physiques by emptying your wallet and deluding you, :-P.

              Ohhh, hahaha.

              No, I'm just uh... 'funny' about how to play these things. (All initial points in exp-boosters; eg: Idiot Savant, don't explore anywhere you don't have to until you get the perk that earns extra exp from exploring, etc, etc, optimal anal-retentive path).

              I guess building settlements totally counts as juicing, though. So much exp from crafting!

        Similar thing with me :)

        I do that with all of bethesda games. As soon as I have free reign I do a 180 and explore huge tracts of land.

        Then I make another character 10 hours into that after realising I want to punch things.

        Then another char and another and ANOTHER

    I'm glad I bought the Season Pass while it was cheap. Definitely not worth buying the DLC individually, and not sure if it's worth buying the season pass now at full price.

      Yeah currently the full game is $45-$50 and the DLC is $80!


      Last edited 16/06/16 1:09 pm

        Far out - glad I got it for $40!
        It really is a love/hate relationship with Fallout 4!!!

    I'm still pissed that that's it..
    Would not of bought Season pass if I knew there was only going to be 2 DLC.
    Nuka Cola and Far Harbor.
    The rest are just mods.
    Well that it for Bethesda will never purchase a season pass again.

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