Nintendo, Make A Metroid Anime Like This

Video: Clocking in at only 55 seconds, this fan anime clip might be super short, but it sure does provide a nice blueprint. [GIF via Rabbit Machine | YouTube

A Japanese artist and animator who goes by the moniker Rabbit Machine created this short. It's not the first Metroid fan anime we've seen (previously, we introduced this one), and it's probably not the last.


    Aaaand I just got fired for inappropriate behaviour at work.

      Was the boss a Metroid fan and you were all, "IT'S FARKIN SHITE" ?

    Nice. I always picture a Metroid movie as being Terminator from the T-800's perspective. Just two solid hours of Samus walking around casually wrecking her way through anything that stands between her and her objective.

    I don't know how Samus could be adapted into any sort of production now that Iron Man has muddied the waters so much.

    'Hey it's Iron Man'

    Hey it's Iron Girl'

    'Isn't this just Iron Man for teenage boys?'

    But hey, if I was Nintendo I'd re-boot the character ala Donkey Kong/etc. Samus' daughter perhaps.

    Some of us just want to watch the fandom burn.

      Some more than others. Like those people who keep talking about a Star Fox/Metroid crossover *shudder*

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