Metroid Fan Movie Is Pretty Great, Even Without Nintendo's Help

Metroid Fan Movie Is Pretty Great, Even Without Nintendo's Help

Metroid: The Sky Calls is an 11-minute, fan-made short film that shows Samus having a very bad day at the office. It is — relative to the scope and budget — very, very good.

It's made by Rainfall Productions, the same team behind that cool Wonder Woman fan short from a few years back, and stars Nerdist's Jessica Chobot as Samus.

I like how more and more fan shorts — except for the truly exceptional ones — these days are smart enough to work within the limitations of their budget, and write (and frame their shots) accordingly.

Suffice to say, this is not an official Nintendo joint:

This non-profit film is not associated with or endorsed by Nintendo or its subsidiaries.


    To think a fan short would portray Samus better than an official Metroid game did...

      Hey man, it was great for a fan project made in the cheap, but it's not up to par with the lore and works of Metroid by far.

      To be honest, as much as I enjoyed it, the acting was awful and showed the project for what it was. I'm not sure how that portrays Samus at all.

        Oh, I know the Metroid lore is great. I was just making an easy jab at Other M. Should've specified that specific title.
        For a fan-made short, her acting was fine imo.

    Lol, I remember ejecting Chobot from the Normandy for bad acting skillz.

    Not a terrible interpretation. Found it quite boring to watch.
    The exposition at the beginning is a trite convention of sci-fi, moreso for a series that has at it's core been strongly enigmatic.
    The in-suit cam a la Iron Man, apart from being a constant abduction from theme, seemed to exist only to remind the viewer that Jessica Chobot was the actress and to serve as an integral illustration of the power outage mid-film. The latter could have been handled effectively using other techniques.

    For a sci-fi short, it was decent. As a Metroid short, it felt off point and sub-par.

    Last edited 03/11/15 8:56 pm

      The exposition at the start reminded me a lot of Super Metroid's opening exposition. I think it turned out (surprisingly) ok.

    I liked it, but those Chobot face cam scenes were pretty weak and totally unnecessary. Her voice acting isn't great either but it worked well enough to still be included, but the acting was just plain bad. I liked the cues the opening sequence took from Alien though and the title sequence was pretty on point; shame that ended up being the best part for me, but still pretty good over all. Also I understand the film grain was to help meld the CGI with the acted portions; but considering I think the thing would have been stronger without any acting at all, let alone the pretty weak acting in this instance I really think they could and should have toned it down a bit.

    Whoh! It was like a mix of Metroid, Alien and 2001: a space odyssey.

    Let's just hope this doesn't get pulled by Nintendo's copyright hit squad.

      Doubtful, it's not a fan made game of the ip, it's not made with existing Nintendo game assets and it doesn't portray Metroid/Samus in a way that conflicts with Nintendos marketing.

    That was so damn cool.

    I could watch a whole 2hr Metroid movie without any voice acting though. Not saying it was terrible, but I'm so used to Samus being the silent type that if they focused on a good music score, sound effects, visuals and used them to tell the story It would feel right at home with a Metroid game.

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