Overwatch Match Overrun With Damn Dirty Apes

Today on Highlight Reel we have Winston rushes, passive explosions, knocking zombies, surreal explosions and deflections!

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    Holy Crap! I fought against a team of six Pharahs last night on Lijiang Tower. It really went down to the wire but we ended up losing on the third round with both teams at about 99% on the control point. There were rockets literally falling like rain.

      Last night on Ilios we went 6 Soldier 76s, won round 1 handily then switched to 6 Meis and convincingly won round 2.
      It was hilarious, for us a least. Don't think the other team appreciated it :P

      On PC? that might have been me and my mates, we all went Pharrah on Lijiang tower and had a 99/98 round with BULK OT explosions up the wazzoo

        PS4, unless there's secret cross-platform play!? I've always thought some of the stuff I'm seeing would need a keyboard and mouse instead of a controller.

          No cross platform that im aware of, kinda funny coincidence tho.

    6 Torbjorns defending is fun and funny as hell.

      Locking down Anubis with a full battalion of Symmetras has become a bit of a tradition among my crew.

    Gotten wrecked by 6 lucios before.

    And once our team picked all soldier 76s . First thing one of them growls in spawn "we're all solfiers now!" It was hilarious.

      Does Lucio's healing stack? Because that would be pure OP.

        A quick Reddit check says no, but the ultimate DOES stack.

        Part of the difficultly might have been because I play on PS4, and it was very disorienting trying to run after and then hit the little dudes. Plus, everyone is both healed and sped. It's nasty.

          Oooh, healing AND speeding, that's nasty! I imagine the chain of sound barriers would have made it really hard to take them down.

          I just had a thought, what if on Temple of Anubis point B attacking everyone waited until about 5 minutes to go, switched to Zenyatta and charged an ultimate. You could waltz in to the point unmolested and just do ult after ult while the non ulting Zenyattas wrecked everything. The other team would have to have to have its own Zenyatta squad or D'Va ults charged and ready to go.

      That might have been me. Bobbyrrrr in game.

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