PlayStation VR Hits Australia On October 13

A small tidbit of news you might have missed in the midst of E3 madness — PlayStation VR is set for release October 13.

The good news: we've managed to confirm that date also applies to us down in Australia.

Which makes sense, but you can never be 100% sure until it's confirmed.

The RRP is $AU549.95. Which feels entirely reasonable considering the US price is $399. Also considering the fact that picking up either an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive will set you back a grand at least.

Worth mentioning: a PlayStation Camera is required, and it doesn't come packaged with PlayStation VR. The thinking behind that is pretty simple, Sony claims the attach rate of PlayStation Camera is actually pretty high. Sony wanted to keep the cost low for as many people as possible and didn't want to force players to pay extra for a PlayStation Camera if they already had one. Makes sense.

But it does mean that PlayStation VR will realistically cost around $AU639.95 if you don't already own a PlayStation Camera.


    what abotu the value pack that contains the eye and 2 controllers that was discussed - is that coming to Oz and at what price?

    It's actually a PlayStation Camera not PlayStation Eye (which was for the PS3). I hope people aren't going to buy the PSVR and try to use it with the PlayStation Eye... that would lead to... anger.

    Got an SMS from EBGames telling me that I'm now part of the first batch of preorders and getting it on release day.

      Me too. Considering I thought I was in the second wave am pretty happy.

        Yup I was told I was in second wave as well, but not anymore!

          I imagine the $549 price tag might have led to some cancelled pre-orders, or it's possible that Sony increased unit allocations.

            It's been listed at that price since the preorders opened, but I suspect it's a mixture of more units being made and the fact that some people who preordered may have over extended their bank balance.

            They got a larger batch in the first wave so a bunch of 2nd wave were shifted up, or so I read yesterday.

    See, that was a good move.
    I bought the camera.
    I have two move controllers.
    I recently ordered the VR due to the solid line up and are happy they are not forcing me to buy it again. If they had I probably would have passed.
    I am sure package deals will be released later on down the track... probably announced at the same time as the Neo detail reveal.

    As soon as there was a price and it didn't have the camera or move controllers a couple of months ago, I jumped on gumtree that day and got two move controllers, a PlayStation eye and 4 move games for $40 and picked up a PlayStation camera for $42 from dick smiths.
    I already have my PlayStation vr preorder pretty much paid off, have just been chucking down $50 a month... Can't wait

    Attachment rate for Playstation camera is 'high'. Any actually figures on that? I don't think I've even seen them for sale in at least a year. I call BS.

      Not really, Sony estimated a 15% attach rate around March 2014, and while this would have declined due to early adopters being fairly gung-ho about add-ons and stuff, Sony is only expecting to sell 1-2 million PSVR between October and 31 December 2016, which is at most a 5% attach rate. I think Sony is being fairly cautious with manufacturing quantities and won't end up with a massive surplus if the thing is a flop.

      The PS Camera is for sale but there has been no marketing for it. There are relatively few uses for it (in-game at least) with Play Room being the only relatively high-profile marketing effort for it. You can use it for navigation, SingStar, broadcasting etc, but that's about it. Oh, it also functions as an in-game mic (lol).

      Most of the packs had the camera included, mine did, still in the box somewhere.

    It bothers me that we have come to accept as reasonable, the fact that we pay an additional 40-50% on things -_-

      Are you referring to the price? Because at the moment the exchange rate makes it $539, and our price includes GST, the US price doesn't include state tax.

      Come release I imagine it'll be cheaper here than in the US.

      I guess I just remember the days when the dollar had parity and we were STILL paying 40-50% on things. We actually don't have it too bad compared to say... the UK. Those guys are seriously having a hard time.

        The biggest discrepancy still comes when comparing the likes of your 3D modelling, photo, video and music editing software.
        PSVR is quite affordable though for the tech on display, Sony could very easily have gouged us at market but it is nice to see them not taking a jaunt down that particular avenue.

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