Read The Wacky, Hilarious First Issue Of Welcome To Showside Here For Free

The world could always use more all-ages comics — and Ian McGinty's Welcome to Showside is one of the best around at the moment, delivering on wonderfully weird stories that are like Adventure Time with a dash of a kid-friendly Buffy. Want to know more? Well, you can hop on board with the first issue of the series, here in its entirety! Welcome to Showside follows the young Kit and his friends fighting against the threat of the sinister Nexus demons — actually the forces of Kit's villainous dad, the Shadow King, who wants his son to follow in his footsteps and destroy the world. McGinty's past work on the likes of comics for Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Bravest Warriors and Bee & Puppycat make him perfect for this sort of Saturday-morning-cartoon adventure, and it's readily on display in the first issue, which we're hosting below — complete with a bonus story with art by Carey Pietsch.

Want even more from Kit and his friends? The first trade paperback collection of Welcome to Showside is out this week, on June 15.


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