ReCore Shows Off Gameplay Footage, Dog Robots

ReCore Shows Off Gameplay Footage, Dog Robots

Remember ReCore? It’s the game by Keiji Inafune’s that’s not Mighty No 9, being made in partnership with the ex-Metroid Prime devs at Armature Studios. Last year at E3, it broke and then warmed hearts with a self-destructing robo puppy. This year we got to see some gameplay.

Here’s the new footage:

It looks solid. You take cores from robo monsters and put them into your own robo monsters to fight other robo monsters (and solve puzzles). Each mode even has its own little name! I am, however, super not OK with the idea of turning my robo dog into a robo spider. Spiders are tiny hell crabs that can get fucked.

ReCore will be out in September.


  • i was pumped for this game after last year but this did nothing for me at all, disappointing but you never know. the scalebound demo was awful as well

  • Man, Inafune is REAAALLY into robots that get upgrades from enemy parts, isn’t he?

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