Microsoft Announces Recore, From The Makers Of Metroid Prime

Microsoft Announces Recore, From The Makers Of Metroid Prime

Recore is about a girl and her dog, and it's a brand-new exclusive "franchise" for Xbox One.

We've been waiting Armature Studios, comprised of key creative members behind Metroid Prime, to work on something ambitious and new. Apparently, this is that game.

We don't know much else about it, but it's also looking pretty cute!

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    Would have liked some gameplay. Concept seems genuinely interesting.

    At first I'm like... Nooooo! But then I'm like... yay!

    Cool concept.

    This looks like a pretty interesting concept!

    I used to have a Mac and then bought a PC a few months ago. I thought my XBone would get left to collect dust, but I'm surprised that I'm actually still playing it just on the strength of Xbox/console exclusives, and I'm really pleased to see some cool new exclusives coming!

    Urgh the shape of the limbs, snout-less face and the curvature of the spine makes that robot look less like a dog and disturbingly more like a human in fours. Cannot unsee.

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