Damn Casual Prolix, you are good. You are very good.

Yesterday's ScribbleTaku was Sonic Labyrinth. I thought I'd at least get a couple of days out of this one!


    OMG you went with the easiest image first Mark. Why. WHYYYYYYYYYY :'(

      Hehehehe. You should have seen what happened in ScribbleTaku's first run.

      Can't remember who but someone always threw in "The Dig" as a response in an almost ritualistic manner.

      Anyhow, when Serrels first planned to retire ScribbleTake, the final image was a large drawing of the logo "The Dig".

      He (Serrels) jokingly said we'd be able to easily guess this one so what did we all do?

      We ran off whole lists of games without mentioning 'The Dig' and pretended to be stumped, :-P.

        @Shane always answered with The Dig... Still does sometimes.

        Last edited 10/06/16 1:26 pm

          Thanks. Trying to keep my Kotaku breaks short on work days, :).

        Thanks guys for the laugh. Sadly someone still guessed it though. Had 3 more pics and this was meant to be the last of the 4 as it's the most obvious. Ahh well. I'd wanted to do this game forever too, as it's the first console game I ever bought for my N64...

    Duke 3D?/Forever/Manhattan Project?

    Last edited 10/06/16 12:24 pm

    Blast corp

      Came here to say that.

      I think I should pull that one back out. My kiddo will love the wanton destruction.

        if you want to steal my thunder and impress your little one, I'll let you spell it correctly, as I left a letter out.

          Plast Corbs? (that's what my Memory Pak called the game when I got some magnet fragments in the big where you plug it in)

    Duke Nukem: Time to Kill.

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