The Weirdest Thing For Sale At Supanova Was A Darth Vader Coffin

Or was it the Iron Man one?

Each year Supanova is home to hundreds of stores, from big retailers to independent artists all selling their wares. This year, one of the stalls was home to a series of coffins — yes, real, life-sized coffins for burying real corpses in. These ones were emblazoned with various geeky themes, however, for those who want to show their power level even after death.

The Expression Coffins stall was manned by attendants in Ghostbusters costumes — presumably to take care of any customers who've come back to haunt the halls of Supanova — and encouraged patrons to take photos with the coffins for a chance to win a gift voucher for EB Games.

The options on offer included an Alice In Wonderland themed coffin complete with 'Drink Me' bottle, and matching dark and light side coffins featuring Darth Vader and a Jedi (possibly Obi Wan) — because being a Force-user is a high risk job. I'm pretty sure that Vader was cremated, though. Matching Captain America and Iron Man coffins presumably come from an alternate universe where Civil War ended badly.

While the graphics were cute, I'm not sure I needed to be reminded of my mortality in the middle of a pop culture convention. Who knows, maybe there's a market for it?

Would you buy a geek-themed coffin? Let us know in the comments!


    EBGames were cool with being associated with coffins?

      Think of the trade-in value, though.

        At EB? About ten bucks.

        They'd then re-sell it for between $1,000 and $2,000, depending on if it was the standard version or the collector's edition (i.e. with corpse)

    I'd want a Han Solo encased in carbonite one.

      Wouldn't you rather one with a light-saber plunged through it?

    Where's the war machine one? What do you mean it's sold out?!


    Wow. Visually its as tasteful as a rich corrinthian leather (thanx, Deadpool!) sofa decorated with glitter-glue, newspaper clippings, macaroni art and fecal finger painting. And im sure I can actually smell the class and sophistication this wonderful, limited edition consumer product literally oozes! Huh? Whats that you say? Its just the combined stench of decomposing fanboy, embarassed relative sweat and shameless merch cash in? Oh. Ok. Sorry, i guess they do smell kinda similar...

    They were at Gold Coast Supanova.... across from our Tardis... all weekend... waiting...

    Hi @SMEGw0lf
    We've been around for about 5 years now and our coffins are available through funerals homes at the approximate cost of an average coffin. Unfortunately, we are all going to need a coffin someday and we say why not go out in style!

    Last edited 22/06/16 11:05 am

    This was our second Supanova and we had a fantastic response from the Sydney crowd. With these events, we don't actually sell our coffins. We're purely there to just spread awareness to people to let them know that we exist and that this is an option. Death is never a fun topic and we appreciate that the subject can be very confronting to some people. However we hope that by being a part of these shows, we'll be able to show people that life is beautiful and goodbyes can be too.

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