Sonic, Jake Lloyd, Zombie Male Nurses Attend Supanova

Australia's biggest geek fest is Supanova. And what happens when geeks get together to celebrate their geekiness?

That's right. Cosplay happens. And thanks to reader Andrew M, you can see some of that cosplay right here. Andrew sent us a bunch of the snaps he took and we've picked out a few "highlights".

Like this guy...


Also, that guy from Spaceballs...


This guy stole all the flags from the venue...


We have no idea what's going on here...


Furry fave, Sonic...


Sonic was later arrested...


Droids get all the chicks...


It's Jake Lloyd!


OK, now we're kinda glad we didn't go...


Thanks Andrew for all the great pics. If you took some snaps at Supanova, send them to us (or link us to your Facebook, Flickr, Twitpic etc gallery) and we'll publish the best.


    Went to this for the first time over the weekend to support a cosplaying friend and it was a pretty good day out.

    Would have been nicer to have a bit more from a games perspective but I'm sure that's just me being greedy.

    Some of the cosplay was really well done (and obv. others not so). Quite surprised by the amount of effort many ppl put into it and it's making think about what I might get dressed up as if I go again next year. I certainly have the gut to be a heavy from TF2 and would love to shout "Don't touch Sasha!".

    I did go but my camera wasn't working sorry :-(

    WTF, Jake Lloyd hasn't done a film since 2001. I feel sad for that little guy. It kinda looks like he's been on a hamburger diet as well.

      Yeah, He got fat!

    It was great! Except for the 8 year old kids infested COD4 machines.
    I even saw a Stormtrooper having a DDR dance off. Epic.
    Saw the joker nurse, the R2 gang, Darth vader, Darth revan, lots of other guys. Great fun.

    Oh by the way Batman:Arkham Asylum was great.

    That last guy was supposed to be a nurse?!?
    I thought he was cosplaying as Heath Ledger XD

      Also, that Altair was a cutie

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