Supanova Gets A 'Supa' Cosplay Video

It's gotten to the stage where I know an Artificial Dogma cosplay video when I see it. That sweeping camera thing, the pulsing music — this time Artificial Dogma headed to Sydney Supanova and shot some of the best cosplay around. The resulting video is his best yet, combining cosplay, special effect and some actual narrative structure to create something very cool indeed.

There are some really cool outfits in there, and they're presented especially well by this video. Artificial Dogma never fails to send his videos into Kotaku Australia, and they get better every time.


    Does it have terrible background music?



          It has a mute button... You're not exactly watching an interview.

            I know but it's kind of a given that this would have auto-tuned monotonous drone electromusic.... It doesn't even have any high or low bits.

            It's like the elevator music of electronic music.

            EDIT: I'm pretty sure it contains several brown notes.

            EDIT EDIT: Other than that the video is ace.... If you are into things like that.

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      Open up a separate tab with Fresh Prince of 3D World, mute this video, then hit Play on both.

      It makes them so much better.


          This one was really slow... and spent loads of time on just a few people hanging around outside.

          It's way better with the ones that cut through lots of stuff throughout the convention.

    Shame he was only there on the last day, he missed most of the really good stuff.

    It was poorly organized this year at Perth at the convention centre, so much better when it was at the Claremont showgrounds

    Sometimes while watching these videos, I just wish I could see somebody cosplay as Keith Richard or Bono... something a little douchey or uncool.

      Well, there is always this guy...

      Last edited 23/06/14 6:54 pm

    That guy cosplaying as Wolverine was seriously awesome. So many cool outfits, mine felt so plain in comparison :) Super inspired for next year.!852&authkey=!ANx9ze4yg8fb92I&v=3&ithint=photo,.jpg

    my cosplay from the last supanova

    Aw man, there was a movie Mario and Luigi this year?

    Dammit, guy who organises things at bad times.

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