Supanova Sydney's Greatest Cosplay -- From Every Possible Angle

Supanova Sydney took place over the past weekend, providing everyone with a solid excuse to ramp up the cosplay — and of course the end result of these shenanigans were oodles of cool photographs and video content. But at this year's Supanova, Syfy did something a little different — they set up a series of Matrix-style cameras so they could record cosplayers from every possible angle all at once. The results are very, very cool.

My personal favourite shot? The little Cameo by Solaire from Dark Souls of course!

But this video is full of amazing footage and some genuinely cool shots. Brilliant stuff.

Thanks Topher!


    Lady Thor was amazing.
    But what about Octodad?

    Is this coming to perth? This weekend?

      Yes, I believe it will be at Perth.

        Yay! I will be there in my cosplay :)

          Its on this weekend at the convention centre friday saturday sunday :D

    Anything that involves dramatic capes is very nifty.

    Is it just me that can't stand the term cosplay? I dont know what it is but the sound of that word just makes me cringe. I think playing dress ups sounds better to be honest and more fun!

      Dude, Cosplay means Costume Play, which is what it is. Dressing up is something you do when you go to a wedding or dress as a dog as a child. You probably cringe because of the negative spin some on the Internet has on it.

      Cosplay sound perfectly fine for the awesome display it is.

      Last edited 18/06/14 3:54 pm

        Nah, I'm kinda with @danhaylan. I love making costumes and then showing them off, but I've never really felt like cosplay is the right term to describe what I do at all. It seems to more describe a specific subset of people that are into that kind of thing.

        I've actually been told by some of them that I'm not a cosplayer, and I think they're right :P

    I walked right by this thing on Saturday because I wasn't in cosplay - here's hoping the SyFy camera thing comes to Brisbane where I will be in cosplay!

    Those women that were in the leotard superhero costumes were hawt

    It was damn near impossible to take a bad shot with this thing. I hope other cons (PAX) are taking notice!
    This was meeee!

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