Uther The Lightbringer Is Back In This Amazing Cosplay Shoot

Adelaide cosplayer Piltover City Customs has brought Uther The Lightbringer to life with this amazing costume, with a new photoset that really puts the 'light' in 'Lightbringer'.

These photos by Adelaide cosplay photographer Steamkittens owe their gorgeous backdrops to St Peter's Cathedral — and actually getting to shoot in there is a feat in itself, in case you've never had to ask a member of the clergy if you could bring armour and fantasy weapons into their place of worship.

[clear Piltover City Customs has been getting into the Blizzard costumes lately, also creating a Soldier 76 costume for the Australian launch of Overwatch. You can follow his work over on Facebook.

Aus Cosplay is a regular feature that showcases the best local cosplay talent out of Australia and New Zealand.


    Thanks for sharing! The shoot was also done on Easter Monday, so it took a lot of timeto get even a clear backgrounds. Werf.

    Uther's armour looks nothing like that, the only time he has ever been in that armour is as a non canon reskin in Heroes of the Storm.

    You may as well cosplay as lumberjack Uther or space marine Uther.

      If you looked past the end of your judgmental nose, click a few link and check out his work, you'd know that the Heroes skin is exactly what he's done.
      The dude knows his Blizzard stuff and his hard work and dedication is being recognised.

        This is the internet, I am not expected to click through and read anything.

        They should be grateful that I even read past the title.

        I just post something inane or judgmental or maybe continue some sort of circle jerk then move on.

        Last edited 03/06/16 11:57 am

      So you logged in to make a complaint and then refute it? To help with your confusion, here is a reference photo.


      The HoTS version of Judgement Armour is different to WoWs in a lot of its detail, hence the need for distinction. Good chat though.

    Be sure to show us your Uther skins when you make them man..

    Judgement set is perfectly fitting for Uther.

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