Watch Us Play The Last Leviathan, An Open World Pirate Ship Building Game

Watch Us Play The Last Leviathan, An Open World Pirate Ship Building Game

The Last Leviathan is a new Steam game about physics-based ship building. If you can dream it, you can make it and then use it to sail an open ocean. Even if it’s Mega Man or a giant floating dick. I mean, you had to have seen that coming.

The Last Leviathan is currently in Early Access on Steam, and despite a sparse world due to the lack of a fully implemented story, it shows promise. Building ships out of a boatload of physics-based parts is great fun, as is watching your more elaborate creations fail spectacularly under the weight of their own impossibility. Oh, and if you’re the crappiest boatsmith to ever swab a poop deck, you can download other people’s creations from Steam Workshop. That’s where I found Mega Man. And a dick.

Basically, the game is Besiege: Boats, and also there’s a whole world for you to explore. Watch me play some of it here:

If the video is displaying weirdly, don’t worry: It works! Just click it to play.

I do have concerns, though. The physics can get awfully wonky (watch as I hit a wave the wrong way and soar, Icarus-like, into the sun), and sailing can feel clumsy and awkward. Maybe I’m just not used to it yet. We’ll see.

Of course, the usual Early Access disclaimers apply. While the game currently has a handful of modes including PVE and PVP, it’s still relatively barebones at the moment. Many of the game’s main attractions — horizon-eclipsing monsters like the titular Leviathan, for instance — aren’t in yet, and I encountered no shortage of bugs. Also, if you build too large of a ship, prepare to beach it on the shores of Slowdown Isle. This kind of thing can happen with physics-based games no matter how beefy your PC, but Last Leviathan definitely needs some work in the optimisation department.

Right now, The Last Leviathan is good for flexing your creative muscles and maybe getting a few laughs. It’s got colossal ambitions, though. I hope it can live up to them.


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