What Even Is Rocket League Nowadays?

Hey guys, remember Rocket League?

Once upon a time it was a game about cars playing football, now I don't know what the hell it is anymore.

Every now and then I venture back to the game I used to love. I like to see what kind of weird goals are being scored and what is considered interesting in the world of Rocket League.

Today I found this. I am so confused.

Consider the above GIF. This is a hockey puck. The hockey puck is inside a weird-ass map with walls and barriers and stuff. Kindly tell me what the hell is going on?

As someone in this reddit thread pointed out, it's like when you hit the puck too hard in a game of air hockey.

It's pure magic.

I can't tell if I should start playing Rocket League again, or run as far as I can and never come back.


    This is just a custom match/mod match. Nothing to worry about, go back to your normal mode.

    What even was it thoseadays?

    Don't be scared Serrels. The puck was introduced way back with the ice hockey mod (I think just before Christmas) The map you see there is not really part of the main game, it's part of some experimental maps which include maps remade from the original game (the game with lots and lots of words in it)

    The biggest problem with RL these days is that everyone is so bloody good. Occasionally you come across some n00bs and can win a game, but I've found that rare haha Oh, and ever since changing my internet over to Telstra, I lag like hell. Screw you Telstra!

      The biggest problem with RL these days is that everyone is so bloody good

      An unfortunate paradox all online competitive games suffer from, whereby those that stick around get extremely good, which puts up a huge barrier of entry for both new and returning players. Ultimately, it results in a constant net decrease of the playerbase and affects the longevity of a game.
      Good skill-based matchmaking is the only real way around it, but with people smurfing, it's difficult to do well. I wish those that do smurf would realise how much they are really just damaging the community of the game they are playing, but that's unlikely.

      I think these 'noobs' you speak of end up on my team more often than not and pull my ranking down consistently after carefully building it up :'( ie, got over 900 points with 5 saves and 3 goals, other 2 teammates sub 80 points, go down a rank. Still, great game :3 just wish they'd manage the ranking system differently. Also wish people who still havent got a great grip on the game to *not* jump straight into ranking

    its still the glorious rocket powered car soccer it always was. they just have different modifiers for custom games and their rocket labs levels which are less traditional.

    I really like playing with the puck! I'm not great at Rocket League, as much as I love it, and I find the slower/heavier puck much easier to control.

    Rocket League is getting too hard to stay competitive in when you only play it occasionally with friends :(

    Back in my day we played our car ball games on the ground, but everyone seems to have mastered aerial shots now and the game seems to take place mostly in the air now. I could put in the time to get better at it but I like just booting it up once a month or so and playing it with a friend for a few hours.

    Saying that there's like 3x as many people online at once as there was when I first started playing it, so good on 'em. The game's just going from strength to strength.

    Custom match, puck instead of ball, decreased gravaity, increased bounciness. Same as it ever was.

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