Battlefield 1's Closed Alpha Won't Be Available To Australians

Let's get something out of the way: Australians will, at some point, get access to a beta version of the upcoming Battlefield 1.

But what you won't get access to is the closed alpha. Those precious invites floating around the internet? They're not for us. And in fairness, EA has a really good reason.

In a statement to media, EA is informing press that while all Battlefield fans are "important to us", the reality is that the first closed alpha is too small to be able to properly ensure everyone has a good time.

"Due to the limited quantity of servers and their physical locations, players in APAC [Asia Pacific], LATAM [Latin America], and Russia would have a subpar experience when connecting due to server latency," the statement reads.

"Although they cannot assist in testing during the Closed Alpha phase, they will be able to help us test in the upcoming Beta. Please be sure to sign up to become a Battlefield Insider to get access to the Beta when it launches."

It sucks if you're browsing social media and seeing people get access to something you can't have, as fans of Overwatch will undoubtedly remember. But it's for the best possible reason. Playing a first-person shooter with a crappy ping sucks. Plain and simple. So while EA will probably still cop a lot of flak (no pun intended) for this, they're doing the right thing.

There's no update on when the beta will start. But given how Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront played out, sometime between August and September isn't a bad bet.


    I just want to know if we get to fight in Gallipoli as the Anzacs.

    It would be so cool if this is possible

      "Gallipoli map totally unbalanced, ANZAC team never wins, pls nerf Turk side of map"

        Problem is the ANZAC spawn point is in a poor location. Apparently that's related to a glitch in the British AI.

          I hope to God somebody gets your joke.

            Yes I got the joke, tge turks are n a Pro/ Veteran difficulty

          Was that the glitch that led to one of the key AI team members leaving his role?

        I visited the museum on the Gallipoli* peninsula in 2006. It was Turkish but the second largest display was Aussie. Then in the corner was the British fold out card table, holding a few novelties.

        That made me laugh, but since I wonder just how many war museums Britain would have good reason to sponsor a plaque.

        *possibly spelt Megalopolis according to this spell check

        Last edited 06/07/16 5:47 pm

      According to the recent data dump there's a chapter called Gallipoli.

    No worries. I saw the gameplay and I'm not touching this one.

      Ehh, certainly beats 3 & 4 (can't even tell those apart tbh!). IMO it's headed back in a good direction after so many failed attempts to mimic a certain shooter. Bad Company 2 was the last one I enjoyed, and my favourite would have to be 2142. This entry isn't perfect, and likely still has a few things I won't appreciate, but there is a lot of things to like. That's my opinion, anyway.

    That's OK - They're worried about the historical inaccuracies that the ANZACS will certainly find.

    Played the Alpha last night from Perth. Was getting an average ping of 289. Felt laggy, but very playable. Was still able to crack the top 5 in the leader-boards. High pings? Yes, but still worth checking out.

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