Can You Find The iPhone On This Carpet?

Can You Find The iPhone On This Carpet?

There’s an iPhone laying somewhere on this carpet. You have to stare really hard and probably scour every pixel of this picture and possibly stop blinking for at least four minutes in order to find it, but I promise you that it’s there. Jeya May Cruz dropped her iPhone onto this rug and basically saw her phone vanish before her eyes. Who knew iPhones had an invisibility feature.

This story originally appeared on Gizmodo

Can you find it? Or do you think I’m lying about an iPhone being on the carpet? Let us know in the comments how long it took you to find it!

[Jeya May Cruz via BoingBoing]


  • I really don’t want to be one of those guys who comments just to complain about what a post like this is even doing on Kotaku, but….

  • All you have to do is look for the part that doesn’t look like the rest of the carpet…

  • Found it !, Have a look at the right leg of the table is just to the right of it.

  • For a monday morning first up that was brutal – after coffee and clearing some emails it’s quite obvious

    Use the cropped picture at the top, it filters out most of the noise

  • ok.. yeah… what the hell Kotaku….
    I saw this 2 weeks ago elsewhere on the internet.
    Are you aiming to be the next 9gag?

    • It looks like the article is a repost from Gizmodo so I think this is just Allure’s usual cross-site publishing to attract people to the other sites… or something marketing based like that.

  • Is Tomorrow Minion Meme day or should I just shut up before you get me with an unexpected John Cena?

  • Yeah I’m sure she just happened to drop it in that exact spot and then take a photo, because nothing is staged on the internet ever. 😛

  • There’s a key piece of information missing IMO, that the phone has a blue cover on it with a floral design. Knowing that makes it a lot easier to find.

    I know I was looking for a white iPhone not a blue iPhone cover with flowers on it.

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