If You're Good At Trials, You Can Get The New One For Free

Trials is hard. Getting good at Trials is hard.

But hey, if you happen to be really good at Trials, there's a solid chance you might get the latest version, Trials Of The Blood Dragon, for free.

Starting today, you can download a free demo for Trials of the Blood Dragon on PC. Here's the deal: if you can beat that demo with 15 faults or less, you can get the game for free. Easy right?

Probably not. Probably really, really difficult. But a good enough reason to download the demo and give it a shot. You have until July 31 to pull it off.

I believe in you.

Trials of the Blood Dragon isn't really a proper Trials game, more like a weird spin-off of sorts. It combines Trials with the universe of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and might be one of the strangest crossovers in video game history. But Trials is awesome, and more Trials is almost certainly a good thing.


    I give up already. I started playing Trials Fusion again on PS4 the other day and realised how much I suck.

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