Please Businesses, Stop

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It's no surprise that the world of business has worked out that Pokemon GO Is A Thing. But please, for all that is holy, stop.

The last week has seen plenty of great moves by pubs, restaurants, cafes and other small businesses to latch onto the Pokemon GO phenomenon. Member of Team Mystic? Come get 10% off your coffee. You a part of the team that is currently dominating the local pub? Get a free drink with your wedges.

It's a fun way for businesses to engage with what's trending in the world. And then there are ways that are just nothing short of gross.

Enter stage right, the Barry Plant real estate agency.

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"For the first time in almost 35 years, this family home full of fond memories and has so much quality that is truly onyxpected," a listing for a three bedroom home in Keysborough, Victoria, begins. And in case the last word of that line wasn't a hint, here's a clue: it's full of the worst Pokemon puns.

As you enter the front door, on the Raichu will notice an L shaped living room which boasts a split system invertor unit that flows through to the dining room. From there is a kitchen that has everything a budding chef will ever need with a 5 burner stove, 900mm oven, endless storage space and views of both the backyard and the meals area. Down the hallway are the two bedrooms, a central bathroom and from the master bedroom mew have access to a spacious ensuite and walk in robe.
Extras include a spacious rear where kids can play and run a muk in the safeguarded backyard secured by a lock up gate plus there are fruit bearing trees, under the home storage with plumbing, in-psyduck-ed heating, a double lock up garage, shutters, a front porch and so much more. This is a home that’s built for a prosperous future and with a location like this, you'll never want to leave. Call us today to begin enjoying this gorgeous home today!

Somebody please fire me, or at least the property listing, into the sun.


    Yeah, but... Did they list that it's a short, 3-minute walk to shops, a bus stop... Several Poke-stops, a Poke-gym and uncommon/rare Pokemon?

    ... and then increase the house price listing, accordingly?

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      It's an auction, and they're hoping that the Pokemon GO interest will result in a higher price when the hammer falls down.

      How most Pokemon-obsessed millennials are supposed to afford a house in the first place is another matter entirely, but that's a debate for another time.

        They were hoping to mention Pokemon would increase search result hits maybe even get it so viral publicity on social media... or a news blog.

        They aint doing it for sales, pokemon wouldnt sell a housr, its marketing it will make people look at the listing.

        Congrats you fell into a marketing trap.

          He didn't fall for it... he's part of it.

          It's either Alex's house, or he wrote the copy for it. Now that he's posted it on KotakAU he's increasing the chance of more hits.

        I mean they have a smart phone and a data plan. That already prices them out of the Australian property market ?

    Was expecting it to just say 'Buy this house, we have a Pokestop and all the starters spawning here!' or something.

    Ever since the Sydney Opera House announced that they would be dropping free lures to attract people, I've been wondering how else businesses are going to capitalize on this new fad. I think the Hillary campaign in the US is even trying to drop lures around voter registration stations.

      I also saw Crown post on facebook the other day that "someone at our fountain just caught the rare pokemon Dragonair!' as if everyone should rush to the casino to get one :P

        Wow. That's a pretty tight-assed way to go about it when they could also be dropping lures (and easily bloody afford it).

          They spent all their marketing money on the state government lockout fund.

      Niantic have already come out and said they will be allowing businesses to pay money to become gyms or pokestops. It will work on a per person costing, so the more people that use the stop/gym, the more the advertiser pays. People say they are sick of Pokemon go.. but it hasn't even started. Being agile is a big part of good business. Good on the business owners and marketers for finding new ways to be involved. Sadly, the real estate one just feels the same to me as when people used to put commonly used searches on the bottom of the page, or in the metadata to get people to go to sites they have no interest in.

    I'd like to think someone who has no clue about Pokemon sees that listing, reads it, thinks the person who wrote it is a moron, and has had their interest in the property put off completely because of it.

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    Puns are love, puns are life.

    Why do you hate fun?

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