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    Happy MonTAY!

    This weekend was pretty cool, we won in soccer again so that always makes me feel like a boss at the office first thing in the morning. I ate burgers with @blackdahlianz on Saturday and picked up Doom for $50 & Assassins Creed Syndicate for $38 because the Gametraders at my shopping center was closing down :(

    What did you guys do?


    Dawn of the Final Week
    20 hours remain

      After the way the EU referendum turned out at the weekend, I don't want to see the culmination of this week's events. Shit's going to be grim-stupid.

    Good morning everyone! *crawls back into bed*

      [Quickly slips a large cactus into said bed before sueprhiero slips in.]

    Went shopping then out to dinner Saturday. Sunday was so chill I got to play almost two whole hours of Sunset Overdrive uninterrupted. Then we watched Skyfall since we've had the blu ray sitting around for a couple of years and I'm itching to check out Spectre. It dragged a bit in the middle but the ending was pretty excellent. The only thing that irritated me was the preroll of advertisements before I got to the top menu, which of course had spoilers playing in the background. This is why I prefer streaming even though blu ray looks better.
    Speaking of, I can't remember which Streaming service had the Bond movies but Stan, Netflix and Presto all seem to have them conspicuously absent. Pretty sure it was Stan. I never got around to watching them but I know I had a bunch of them on my watch list. I really wish streaming services were a lot more transparent about which shows are leaving soon or at least which ones you had on your list that you can no longer watch. I can't imagine why they don't have this as an option.

      The only thing that irritated me was the preroll of advertisements before I got to the top menu

      I have a mate that gets BluRays but doesn't have a player. He aways rips his disks saying, quote: "I didn't get a HD copy to relive the VHS frustrations".

      My memory is fuzzy but I'm pretty sure when DVD first came out, that was an advantage it had over VHS and Beta so who's idea was it to put the trailers, etc, back before the main menu?

        At least it doesn't give me the stupid FBI warning about how if I steal this movie I have on a disc I bought from a store I'm going to a special hell where they put bbq sauce on my balls and leave me in the sun with a million hungry army ants. Instead I got a stupid "thank you" image and a voiceover telling me that by buying this blu ray disc I'm supporting the film industry.

        Man, I just want to watch a movie that came out three years ago, not trailers for other movies that came out three years ago.

          At least it doesn't give me the stupid FBI warning about how if I steal this movie I have on a disc I bought from a store I'm going to a special hell where they put bbq sauce on my balls and leave me in the sun with a million hungry army ants.

          Lucky you. I import a lot of cartoons and I get that warning all the time.

          Instead I got a stupid "thank you" image and a voiceover telling me that by buying this blu ray disc I'm supporting the film industry.

          Is it wrong for me to say I prefer the FBI warning than a thankyou from a local industry that doesn't care if the staff in it live or die?

      My daughter loves Minions and Frozen movie right now and we've got the blurays, but we stream copies off my PC to avoid pre-roll ads.

      I just want to shout a big "f*^& off!" to the studios for putting unskippable ads on a bluray. I've paid the price of admission, now let me watch my goddamn movie... for the 350th time.

    Friday night actually sat down to give Yoshi's Wooly World a shot. Didn't play for the rest of the weekend for fear I'd grin my face off, :-P

    Jokes aside, errands piled up but I really enjoyed the short moment I got playing it. Can't wait for the next weekend to play it some more.

    Good morning. Overwatch players, @jocon and I met a fairly toxic player last night. He was blaming everyone else for us losing, despite the fact that we weren't really working together. Now that "avoid this player" has been disabled, can you report someone for being a bad teammate?

    Last edited 27/06/16 9:45 am

      Nah, can block their chat tho.

        Doesn't really help as you may play with those horrible people again

      Just change to D.VA. and stay in their way all game without actively helping them at all. They should rage quit pretty quick.

        I wish that's how it worked

    Yakuza 5 makes an awesome momentary departure from the whole MANLY MEN BEING MANLY AND FIGHTING LIKE MEN IN A MANLY FASHION when you start playing as a 16 year old girl who gets into dance battles.
    I don't even know how this part is related to anything and I don't even care.

      oh my god
      you can also be a middle aged man having a dance battle with old ladies according to this screenshot

      I promised myself I'd finish three before buying 5 but now my stupid ps3 control is busted

    plz help summer apparently exists in cnada send snow

    plz hlp send meat pies i'm pretty hungry for one

    Last edited 27/06/16 10:31 am

      Snow is gross and cold and wet. Blergh.

      "summer in Canada"
      Haaaaaaaaaaaaaah hahahahaha!

      On Saturday night it hit like 3°. That's not ok, man. Good thing my Ug boots arrived on Friday. My wife is super mad hers didn't, though. Like super mad.

    Mornin' all. FIL staying with us again, as a father of three and one of eight children, you'd think he'd have some other family that would put up with him for a couple of weeks - nope, he has to stay with us every time. Doesn't do "quiet", so I think we're going to retreat to the bedroom tonight with GoT so we get to listen to what's happening, rather than his damn commentary.
    So, yeah, first world problems. Other than that, we're past the solstice, so that days are getting longer and that makes me happy.

    I finally watched the Zelda BotW gameplay demo from e3 and now I want to crack out Zelda Wind Waker and finish it off.
    Unfortunately, there is a never ending list of k-dramas coming out of Netflix and I can't get on the tv. In the good old days my wife could only watch them on her tablet so I had the tv for uninterrupted gaming. I miss those good old days...

      Can't you just flip it over to the gamepad while she uses the TV?

        I can...but I don't want to. :P

          Give it a shot. Headphones and laying back on the couch makes Wind Waker even more awesome.

      I play a majority of ps4 games through the vita because of similar problems.

        How is the quality? I don't have a Vita but I would consider it to be able to play my ps4 more.

          Graphics look a bit busy sometimes, depends on the game. You lose that niceness a big 1080p provides.

          Sometimes get those pixelly artifact thing, depends on your connection. I've noticed bad weather, heavy internet use & lots of movement between me & the ps4 &/ or router can affect this.

          Sometimes the control set up is bonkers, you wanna hope they didn't map an important button to touch. You really have to learn to use those back touchscreen controls effectively. I have & it's fine now.

          Overall it ain't perfect, it's something I needed to get used to & works with certain games better than otgers. But, it's better than no games when you know you're free.

    Can Kotaku AU investigate why Bethesda games on Steam are being charged the wrong price?

    Seriously looks moronic, Steams unexplained reason why Australia is the only market still charged in USD... or is there a moron in sales at Bethesda that doesnt know this. Its ripping us off $20 per game and no other AAA publisher has had the problem.

      There is a few AAA publishers who have the same convict tax applied. Ubisoft do for one, and I'm pretty sure 2K still do.

      It's been looked into. Steam don't like to trade in AUD because they don't want to be beholden to our consumer laws and it kept the illusion that they didn't trade in Australia (something the supreme court called a load of bollocks earlier this year).

      As to the Australia tax price gouging, no one takes credit for the extra money. We get charged higher in USD than the US does for the exact same digital product but according to steam, the publishers, and the developers, no one pockets that extra money. So there's no solution. Except to boycott the service, I guess.

        I just boycott purchasing any game that has a convict tax on it

    Ugh, why is it Monday already?

    Also my boss called me, one of my coworkers called in sick today, so he needs me to come in early, hoorah now i'll be at work from midday to close. Just how I wanted to spend my day.. At least it's extra money, so it's not that bad.

    Uh.. Good work Steam. The Saints Row AU Pack is $12.49 USD on Steam, but all the games by themselves come to a grand total of $10.47 USD. Yep great savings there >_>

      Happens a lot with bundles during sale time. Double check though, the bundle might include DLC while the individual games don't.

        It's just Saints Row 3, Saints Row 2 & Gat Out of Hell. No DLC, no extras. Kinda dick.

    TAY DAY!

    Hey guys. It's Monday yay! Time to be an adult!

    Quick question: I've been playing Dragon Age Origins. First DA game I've played but I've read all the articles on the lore and I've been really pumped to play this game since it came out. I'm enjoying it, played for about 12 hours, but there's one thing that I'm really struggling to deal with. The voice talent. In my opinion it's the weakest part of the game. Maybe I've been spoilt with The Witcher 3 and Uncharted but it feels so stilted and unnatural. With both the leads and the cameos. The French accents...... oi. It's like an episode of Allo Allo (for anyone old enough to know what that is).

    Anyway, I'm not ripping into it. I'm enjoying it and I want to continue enjoying it. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on it, and have any tips on getting past that. Or maybe I'm just being too critical.

      Once you realise the lady elf voice actually IS Ciri...

      Swooping. It's bad.

      I argue the entirety of DA has middling-to-bad voice acting with some exceptions, and quite frankly Medieval RPGS aren't exactly known for high standards in voice acting, so middling-to-bad voice acting doesn't really faze me much.

      DA:O is a pretty old game, haven't played it for a few years now. That said I never had any noticeable qualms with the voice-acting as such?

      Oh wait sorry misread. Lady elf in Inquisition is Ciri.

      Now I want to hear Leliana say "Good moaning. Have you seen the portrait of the fallen Madonna with the big boobies?"

      Do what I do & read the dialogue & skip through. It's great, you'll get out many more replays if this awesome game.

        Yes a friend of mine also suggested this. It's a great idea. How do I do that though?

          On console it's whatever the equivalent to the box (square) button is.

          Same in Mass Effect.

          I'm not a huge fan of dialogue in games, I'm always on the look out for the fast forward button.
          Nothing worse to me than subpar dialogue in a game that you can't skip or can only skip great chunks of dialogue.

          I want the information, I just don't need every little thing acted out for me every times.

          I'm quite happy to sit through important cutscenes.

      A lot of the issues you're hitting are because DA:O's design predates Bioware's Mass Effect approach. The game is basically KotOR in design. The protagonist is voiceless and nameless and it makes them seem really boring. From DA2 onward the protagonist has a voice and some kind of name or role (Hawke / Inquisitor) and feels much more connected and fleshed out as a result.

      I had no real issues with the NPC voice work. Leliana's accent isn't a 'traditional' stereotypical French accent but the actress is French, so I always assumed it was a regional thing. But the stand-out voices were Alistair and Morrigan, and the rest are just passable. Bioware's come a long way since then, and the voice acting in DA2 and Inquisition is significantly better all around. DA2 also makes the races a lot better defined visually, especially the Qunari.

      But yeah, the game's probably dated badly too. I can't imagine going back to it now. Also the entire franchise is going to come up second best compared to The Witcher.

    As a family man I had a very rare weekend to myself. One hour after my family flew OS my mate turned up and stayed all weekend. Saturday we built his brand new gaming rig and it was the most gorgeous piece of overclocking simplicity you've ever seen. I was gobsmacked and more than a little jealous... he was naturally, tickled pink! Then it was playing Doom all Saturday night and Sunday until the dishwasher blew up and took out the circuit we were on!!!

    Hola Tay

    Busy....3 weeks.

    Last Thursday I went to Whyalla for a work trip while sick, so Friday I went full collapse and had the day off. Played some Dark Souls 3, knocked off

    Aldrich and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley

    reasonably quickly. Saturday did a Costco run then went to a friend's housewarming with a "welcome to our ghetto crib" theme- basically all of those 'Lisbef clothes. wore my fantastic jumper bought for the occasion

    Sunday did not much, still recovering from this cold. Played some Mirror's Edge, it's... OK. Running is still fun, but dear god the writing is atrocious and the game suffers from "too many collectibles-" there's four different types, only one of which is particularly interesting. The game uses all of these jargony terms in the plot that makes it sound like nonsense, and if you want to find out what they're ACTUALLY talking about you have to find stupid hidden documents just for basic glossary. Ugh.

    Also did a bunch of work on my armour- Foam construction is near complete now, and I should have it strapped in the next week or two. Then it's seal and paint and it's done. Here's the constructed back plate:

    A Monday Morning Question: Mirror's Edge has horrid collectibles. What's the best in-game collectible ever? I liked the shards in Infamous 2 because they helped you level AND showed up on your bloody map

      Alan Wake: manuscript pages.

      They're well-established in the fiction of the universe, they're engagingly written (not brilliant, but good enough), and they're excellent foreshadowing for what's around the next corner. And because they don't affect the actual outcome of the game at all, they are purely optional (an important criterion in my book - I personally detest having to gather collectibles to level up).

      Last edited 27/06/16 11:07 am

        Man, Alan Wake just ticked so many of the 'YES!' boxes. One of my favourite games ever.

      I liked the glyph things in Assassins creed that took you into a special challenge level before they became just random feather collections.
      I actually quite like collectables, riddler trophies in batman that required some thought at times and unlock the next hostage room. Even ones people despise I don't mind. I think because I play game with Mrs Tigs quite often, being able to keep an eye out for things like feathers in AC gives her something else to do as she watches and keeps her more engaged.

        Oh man, Riddler trophies were great, esp in City. Those puzzles were fun

          Yeah some of the best collectables I have seen. And the thugs you can interrogate to get them on the map of you like is a good touch as well.

            Yeah, that was one of the Arkham Origins innovations wasn't it?

            Lot of hate against Origins, but I had fun.

              First done in City. Asylum had maps you could find but was a lot less clear and you had to hunt out the map first

                Ah, that's right. Still, it's one of the collectables I've done in all four games.

      Crackdown. Orbs.

      Must get more orbs. Ooh, another orb? Orb!

        I still hear them sometimes...

        On the plus side there were so damn many that you didn't have to get them all to max out your stats.

      Good question, probably none. I'm not the type to try & find every little thing in a game. Sure, I have a look & see what I can find, but I don't let it bore me.

      I prefer hidden items of great use that let you feel rewarded for your efforts, rather than stuff that doesn't tie back into why you play in the first place.

      They also need to be NOT mandatory to ar least seeing one ending. I'm fine if they hide away a better or different ending this way.

      Yeah, the shards in the InFamous games made sense. Nice balance of "you need to find these" with "if you get a glimpse or run past one, we'll stick it in the map for you", so there were only a few really tricky ones, and most you'd come across just barrelling round the maps or looking at obvious spots - "That's the highest place on the map, bet there's one up there... cha-ching!"

      Must go back and do First Light.

    Last GoT ep for the year.
    Best thing about it is that we don't have to hear about the show for another 12 months.

      But that also means the last episode of Silicon Valley which sucks :( I wish it was longer than 20 minutes, it's such a well written show. I don't think i've ever disliked something Mike Judge has done.

      Edit: You say that we don't have to hear about the show for another 12 months. I beg to differ, I got mates that go on about it all year round like it's some kind of religion.

      Last edited 27/06/16 11:12 am

      10 weeks where GRRM doesn't get hassled as much about the next book - 42 weeks where he does. Prepare for coverage on which delay he's up to next.

      Oh yeah?! Well I can't wait til I stop hearing about...

      *flips through list of popular shit*

      ...Taylor Swift!

    Last song played game time?

    Rooms by Audien for me, listening to the Trance Life playlist from Spotify

    How about you?

    What was YOUR last song played?

    I think I may have finally solved the problem of my mysteriously disconnecting PS4!

    All I had to do was move it to the other side of the room. Granted this meant reworking some of my cabling, but was still a remarkably easy thing. It seems crazy, but just moving it over a couple of metres made a huge difference.

    2 possible scenarios:

    one: the previous location was just too crowded with cables and wires
    two: my neighbour had recently changed something on their side of the wall (new wifi router or somtehing?) which was interfering with mine.

    My head says number 1. But I can't shake the feeling it was number 2.

      Knock a hole in the wall where it was and take a sneak peek. It is the only way to rule out number 2

        I like the way you think. But I get enough exposure to my neighbours as it is... lets just say the main bedrooms share a wall as well... and last night was a noisy one...

    Morning all! Had a pretty good weekend - lots of Destiny and Diablo 3. Been trying to knock off the Crucible questline as it's looking likely it's a requirement for the Year 2 moments of triumph. My experience thus far:

    12 kills in clash? That won't be too bad... Huh, easier than I thought. Okay, next... 5 kills with an active runner in rift? How hard can that be?" *two hours later* "F(*@^ing RIFT!!!" Last Words and shotguns far as the eye can see...
    "Okay, never going back there again... oh god... 12 kills in Rumble... /o\... Oh, Mayhem Rumble's on. \o/ *one game later* What's next? 8 kills in Skirmish? Err... *calls in assistance* Right. 3 probes in Salvage... " Got matchmade with two Trials gods who completely demolished the opposing team, while I hid in a corner deploying probes. Two victories, and quest objective complete! \o/ Okay, oh, more Control? Woo! More Rift? *Four games filled with unintelligible cursing* Clash? Woo! Rumble? Back to Mayhem! \o/ More Skirmish? Err... *previous assistance has called it a night at this point* "It can wait..."
    9 points in Elimination matches... Elimination has been replaced with Trials for the weekend. Welp, that can wait, too, I guess...
    6+ AR kills in a single match, four times... how hard can that be? *twenty games later* My Soulstealers claw... it does nothing! *headache ensues* Screw this, I'm going to play Diablo.

    Meanwhile, in Diablo, my crusader's Thorns build is nearly complete - (incoming jargon alert :P) just need some imperial diamonds to reroll a socket onto a Compass Rose so I can use a Bane of the Trapped for the 25% damage boost. Swapped my Angel Hair Braid for a Belt of the Trove for a near-permanent 25% damage reduction, which let me swap out my pure healing skill for Provoke so everything nearby takes double thorns damage, and trying to decide if I want something better than Bane of the Stricken, given my sheet-DPS is about 16k and my primary weapon's damage is about 450. But I soloed a 63 Grift yesterday with a little time to spare, so ... :D

      I got the year one. I cannot be arsed with the year 2. Although I'm getting a Destiny itch.

        Only reason I'm doing it is because, if the leaked MoTs are correct, that questline is the only thing I have left to do for it. Plus, I think the only frustrating part left is the primary weapon kills; everything else is just "hop into the appropriate playlist and finish games." Even if the last step ends up taking 20 games... it'll still be faster than getting 5 kills with an active runner in Rift.

    Something in my brain snapped and now I can't read the word sealant properly. I just see sea-lant...


      Wait a minute.




    Good morning all. Didn't do a whole lot over the weekend aside from usual RPG and video game stuff. Played a tonne of Hearts of Iron as Argentina which worked rather well as I ended up conquering Japan. I also ran a game of 40K RPG Chaos which had its own, rather humorous shenanigans:

    The group has managed to wind up in the Warp itself which presented a number of interesting possibilities. They discovered a treasure trove of knowledge that was ruled over by a Tzeentch Lord of Change that was basically like the library in the desert from Avatar. They didn't have any knowledge to trade so they promised to return with something of value. That something of value ended up being a Slaaneshi Keeper of Secrets that they had imprisoned using some rather finicky Dark Mechanicus equipment (basically like a portable stasis field/capture prison). I had hoped that a greater daemon would put up more of a fight, however that was not to be as the daemon caused Perils of the Warp and suffered chronological incontinence which forced it to pop out of existence momentarily. The daemon came back to see everyone pointing their guns directly at the beast and shooting it to hell and back before snagging its Warp essence in the trap.

    So yeah, that happened. Trading the Keeper of Secrets resulted in them acquiring schematics and knowledge pertaining to developing new space marines, constructing Chaos robots, and finding out some interesting stuff about the Thousand Sons for psychic shenanigans. Of course, getting the resources and facilities to make use of all of this good stuff will take some time.

      Well at least thy have their long term goals sorted

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