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    Good morning everyone, how was the weekend for you?
    I was busy, with Mum being in the hospital, but, we finally have a diagnosis so, hooray!
    She has a lung infection, so now they can finally treat it. She also has been set up as infectious after they analysed a stool sample, but it seems to be more of a precaution then anything else.

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      Good to hear they're getting on top of things. :)

      Was working much of the weekend...

        Oh well, good money at least.

          No, no extra money. TiL at best. Job involves odd hours by definition.

    Cold as hell, yet here I am walking around Geelong, playing Pokémon Go whilst waiting for my cooking class to start.

      What sort of cooking class? Catch anything good?

        It's through a not-for-profit mental health provider, and all I caught was a Rattata.

    2 weeks in and I've watched exactly nothing in the latest anime season.

    What I did watch, though, is Thunderbolt Fantasy, and it's pretty rad. Imagine if you will, a world where western society completely disappeared around 1965. Taiwanese archaeologists digging through the rubble discover the Thunderbirds and are like, "this is pretty cool but not nearly Anime enough - someone get Japan on the phone". Thunderbolt Fantasy is what they'd make.

    It's basically a super elaborate Taiwan/Japan co-produced puppet theater with a sort of Fantasy Ancient China setting and ridiculously detailed puppets. And violence, which is so stupid that it flips around to being cool. Puppets getting beheaded and stuff. It's amazing. Everyone needs to watch it.

      The only show I've watched so far is Food Wars season 2 which, while good, seems to be a bit rushed. Absolutely nothing else has taken my interest so far and the only other show that I might watch is Berserk but that's simply to see what the fuss is about.

        There's a lot of interesting stuff. I just haven't really felt like it. Only ongoing thing I'm current on is Macross Delta.

    I have access to a pokestop without even leaving my office desk :P
    Pokeball farming! \o/

      Not just Pokeballs, but potions and berries too! Also, once your bag is full you can keep spinning the stop and you'll still get your 50XP, just no items.

        I'm down to 10 pokeballs this morning so any I can grab will help out.
        Also playing this game makes me weep that I can't have a real pet Eevee :(

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          I maxed my bag out on the trip to work. 30 minute tram ride through inner city. Works well

        Ding ding, thanks for the tip

          New interesting factoid, when you level up your items granted can exceed your bag limit. I just spun a stop to advance to level 12 (which gives you around 35 items) and now my bag has 368/350 items.

    Morning everyone!

    I started and finished INSIDE (yes its officially capitalised) on the weekend. Also spent some time with Transformers: Devastation, which is more fun that it has a right to be. Makes me want Bayonetta 2 on PC even more...

    Quiet round these parts. Thank fucking christ. No pokemon GO here is a bummer, though. I just know somebody's downloaded it despite it not actually releasing in canada and are having free rein compared to the un-poke-populated-populace.

    Also, I'm freaked out by my new apartment's microwave. It's far too large. I could microwave an entire turkey in there if I wanted to. Why the hell do I have a microwave that large? It makes me think.

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      Seeing as how you do have a microwave that large it only makes sense that you should find out if it is possible to microwave a turkey.

        I'd like to corner the market on "Can You Microwave It?" videos but I've seen one where they microwave a microwave inside a microwave, so I'm not too particularly inclined to try it out for myself after seeing that apex of microwaviness.

      Does it make you think of Kick Ass? It made me think of Kick Ass.

    Looks like Sombra is likely to be Pharrah's mom :O Plot twist!

    @scree in case you haven't already dug this up!

      Yup, I know about it. Glad to have another support.

    Well I just worked out how to hatch eggs in pokemon. I didn't think I had any incubators because in inventory was greyed out and clickign on it said I couldn't use it here.
    Thought that was a paywall and had to pay coins to start hatching eggs.
    Oh well, another thing to do now. Still have no idea how gyms work though

      Assuming you've hit Level 5 and joined Team Red...

      When standing near a gym, you can go 1 of 2 ways.
      If the gym is owned by Team Red, you can choose ONE of your Pokemon to spar. That Pokemon will enter a battle against all the others defending the gym, and based on how many you beat you'll gain XP for the gym. If you can level up the gym you'll open up a new defender spot and can assign one of your Pokemon to defend the gym. (This assumes that there are no free spots when you get there. If there are free spots you can assign one of your Pokemon to defend the gym and then spar, in which case you'll battle yourself. FUN!)

      If the gym is owned by Team Blue or Yellow, you can choose SIX of your Pokemon to battle the gym. Depending on how many you beat the gym will lose prestige (XP) - you can lather, rinse, repeat until the gym loses all XP, at which point it will level down. Keep going until it reaches level 0 and then you can claim it for Team Red.


        Ah Team Red, the brutes, thinking strength alone will save them.

          Spoken like a true NOT ON TEAM RED.

            I didn't go Team Red cuz that was too obvious on what they stood for because technically strength alone is what makes you the best in Pokemon's system usually :P

              I'm a ginger so I'm on Team Red for life.

                I picked Yellow cuz 1: Yellow is a favourite colour of mine next to silver and 2: Zapdos is always badass looking

        Ok, thanks
        And since you are clearly the pokemaster one more question. If I use an incense do I need to walk? Tiglet is after me to throw the balls so if I drop an incense will i get them coming into my lounge room or do I still need to walk around to find the,?

          I used incense at my place and they were coming to me more often, I caught over a dozen along with duplicates on top of that from in my apartment.

            Cool. Mummy is out tonight, so it might be a night of pokemon hunting around the apartment

              well I'm sure it's a "Better to always go out and walk instead of staying in" system, even with Incense, but yeah I had a lot come on the radar over several hours with Incense on.

          Personal experience is mixed. I've had an incense on and gotten nothing until I started walking, but then I've also activated one and gotten Pokemon instantly appearing. Sooooo yes-ish?

          Same goes for Lures. Had one active on the Pokestop across from my desk and gotten nothing in the whole 30 minutes (phone stationary on my desk) but then on Friday night @thecracks activated one on the stop where we were sitting and it was a Pokefrenzy.

    Hi all! Hope everyone had a weekend! I'd planned so much... Thought I'd play through Inside, maybe try out Gat out of Hell at last, make progress on my Crucible questline in Destiny... Maybe even try to beat Furi's second boss.

    On Saturday morning I picked up Factorio, figuring I'd try it out for half an hour with my morning coffee. I... seem to have misplaced my weekend, as it's now Monday and I got nothing done. Steam indicates that my weekend has been absorbed into Factorio, as it says it has 32 hours playtime.

    Apparently, Buildcraft + Anno + SC2's defense missions = cocaine.

      Did you sleep? Did you eat?

        "Kindof" and "maybe" respectively...

    I walked around Sydney city yesterday for about 5 hours, catching Pokemon with friends. Good times were had! We found all three fossil Pokemon at Circular Quay, which I am very pleased about.

    Five years ago I wrote to Microsoft and proposed the creation of the x-rifle which would allow outdoor gaming in a virtual world where you could play Doom in the park, streets, and preferably gaming arenas on a global scale. I was told good luck with that...and given the brush off. Now nintendo have Pokemon GO. And their shares went vertical.

    Screw you Microsoft.

      Pokemon GO and creating Doom as an AR game are huge leaps of tech apart. Pokemon GO as far as I can see it is a glorified GPS game + throwing a ball on your camera (which is still less than perfect).

      A Doom/FPS AR would require significantly more work and dedicated spaces for play. Additionally the tech would need to ensure accuracy and response times were on the spot and it would still feel flat as a game with none of the guns having any kind of recoil.

      Im not arguing the validity behind the idea but rather it's practicality. We're at least 10 years away technologically speaking for AR to be a mainstream form of gaming out in the open. And given that it'd be played out in the open we're probably 25 years away from a social perspective before the world will adjust to that.

      I wouldn't want people running around public spaces with fake firearms.

        Agreed. Unless said fake firearms looked like Sony's PSVR "Aim" controller... tho seeing people waving that around in public would raise other concerns. :P this sounds way more like what you're talking about.

      I remember about a decade ago hearing about one of the Universities in I think WA doing a similar AR thing with a modified version of Quake on campus. I remember it because I was in my final year at the time and I wanted to do AR stuff for my thesis, but sadly the main Computer Graphics guys at the faculty were too busy and the cost of the tech at the time was prohibitive.

      I'd be stunned if Microsoft weren't working on something like it to use with Hololens anyway.

    Scored points in my sportsball yesterday, always a good way to start the week!
    Also, with RDR back in the news with its backwards-compatibility, I'd still love to see a PC release...

    Watched a few videos of Tokyo Mirage Sessions trying to figure out whether I should take the plunge... Anybody played it yet? Any reviews?

    Also, Tokyo Mirage Sessions TMS or Shin Megami Tensai SMT!

      Why not SMT: TMS !

      This is actually a game I would buy the WiiU for... curious to see how it turns out. In related news I want P5 now :(

    Wasted so much weekend time. Again :P

    Had the house to myself, so once again took advantage of that to move a whole load of stuff out of my room in an effort to tidy it up. Only, I kept getting distracted with other things and stuck not knowing what exactly to do next. Particularly when I moved all the games off my shelves, and piled them all up on the dining table to see just how way-too-fucking-many I had. It was a terrifying sight. Took eight archive boxes to put them all away (and that's just the games, no controllers or peripherals or consoles or anything), which averaged out to ten kilos each. They're now sitting in my sister's room so that I have some shuffle space, since she won't be home again for a good while.

    Ended up finding another listing for someone looking for a pianist, managed to bang out a reply far faster than usual. And got a response already, set to meet up for coffee in a couple of weeks. This is all going way too fast :P

    I keep refreshing the tracking on my GPU and it's been hopping through a million places over the weekend, but hit Botany yesterday afternoon and hasn't budged since. MOVE, DAMN YOU!

    Man, I'm going to sound like a broken record. But how the hell are there still brain dead people playing competitive Overwatch? I'm still amazed that there are people out there that haven't figure out how to deal with Torbjorns turret (pick a tank, you're done), or how to respond to Lucio, or Reinhardts shield.

    What's worse is that nobody ever listens. I make call outs so that you're aware of where the enemy team is, not so that you can ignore it and die. Calling out Reaper teleporting behind Widowmaker should result in a still breathing Widowmaker. Even if she runs away, she's still helping the team by not being dead.

    I regularly tell everybody to group up and push together as a team, but so many people just rush in, one at a time and die. Or I tell them what the enemy team composition is and what a good counter would be. Completely ignored, or worse, completely shat on.

    Last night we weren't making any progress on the payload, looking at the enemy team I tell my tanks to switch to Winston. 2 minutes later we've made no progress, so I switch from support to Winston myself. This results in one player completely shitting on me and threatening to leave the game, 'forcing' my teammates to hate me for it, if I didn't shut my mouth. I told him to fuck off. He did and we ended up winning the game. Telling him this he still tried to shit on me.

    Also last night I got my best Objective Time for my career as Lucio with 10 minutes on the point (in one life it was 6 minutes straight). All I did was circle the center pillars and the enemy team could not hit me. I kept telling my team to switch to Winston but I was ignored.

    I've tried telling them who is a good counter and even explaining WHY they're a good counter. But I'm just ignored for people piss farting around. If they're new to the game or don't know how to play, that's fine. But they should at least stick to Quick Play. The point of Competitive Play is to do your best as a team to win, not trying to improve your Widowmakers K/D ratio on Offense.

    It also doesn't help that even if I lose a match with 50 eliminations and 3 deaths I drop a complete rank.

      I feel like your rant can/could apply to every online competitive game out there where you're randomly matched with people? Isn't this just part/parcel of what comes with team based online games?

      If it makes you feel any better the enemy team that you're losing to probably has its own set of Widowmaker K/D farmers :P So the two evils theoretically balance out.

        The difference between Overwatch compared to something like Call of Duty is that nobody can get carried. It's a team focused game, everybody needs to be doing their part. In Call of Duty I can easily rack up a 30 kill streak using only a shotgun and win the game for my team. In Overwatch a 30 kill streak will at best give me a reward card at the end of the match.

          I did specify team-based online games. Overwatch has more in common with MOBA's in terms of mechanics than FPS's. It's just part and parcel of the package in any online game that requires co-operation. You'll always have people who want to lone wolf it or don't know any better.

      So as a total scrub, how many characters do you realistically need to know how to play?

      I only started playing on Sunday, and so far the only characters I've really gotten the hang of are Roadhog and Tracer.

        It's probably worth picking 4-5 to start with and getting their play styles nailed down. As long as your initial selection doesn't include Genji/Widowmaker/Bastion people won't hate you =P

        Choose a 'main' for each class, one offense, one defense, one tank and one support. That will give you enough room for good team composition. As you play you'll start to see good counters and such between all characters. You can learn how certain heroes play just by observation so that when you feel like you need to switch you already have an idea how they play.


      My preorder is ready but not sure about my body.

        The real question here: Senran Kagura when?

          I get the impression that Marvelous / Takaaki are taking a break from SK at the moment. Estival Versus was the last one and it's been out for nearly 18 months now with nothing new announced. Would seem odd for them to go back to it. Takaaki's been busy with Valkryie Drive and Uppers.

          Also don't think Senran Kagura would work well in VR. The PSVR thing I'm most intrigued about actually is the Hatsune Miku stuff.

            He'll surely find some way of making it work. After all, these breasts in 3D will be even 3Dier!

              You know that that was basically the reason why the series started on 3DS right? He wanted to... explore... what you can do with 3D.

                Exactly, there's so much more exploring to be done in VR :P

                  I dunno if we want him let loose on it. Look at what happened when they let the Tekken guy experiment with VR.

    Interrupting your regularly scheduled Pokemon Go ramblings for...

    NegativeZero's Anime Impressions - Summer 2016 - Part the First
    Watching the new season so you don't have to

    Super late to the party here since we're already 2 weeks in but didn't feel in the mood for watching anything until yesterday evening. Heaps of stuff still to cover too.

    Love Live! Sunshine!!
    So we finally have our follow-up to the idol juggernaut that was Love Live. I missed the series when it first came through. Saw the popularity but didn't get on the bandwagon until catching a re-run of one of the first season episodes while in Japan last year. Wish I'd gotten in earlier. Sunshine is a quasi-sequel and spinoff from the first series. The conceit of the show is basically that there's a yearly tournament (Love Live) that girls from school idol clubs compete in. As with the first series, the main character in Sunshine is inspired to create a club from scratch to compete, having been inspired by watching the cast of the first series do the same. Trouble is, she lives out in the sticks. The cast doesn't seem quite as endearing so far as the original, but it was going to be a hard sell to begin with. They've massively improved the 3DCG they use for some shots in dance sequences etc to the point that it's basically seamless (eat your heart out, Berserk) and I suspect this has ridiculous budget. Two things that stood out for me was the brief introduction of Chuuni 'Yohane' seemed really off. I think her seiyuu might be really bad, but there was a huge disconnect between the way her lines are delivered and the animation for her that worries me a bit. I think also there's a token foreigner with the goddamn gaijin accent which drives me completely up the wall and may actually end up being a dealbreaker. We'll see, I guess. Definitely watching more.

    I really like Berserk so was pretty excited that they were doing more of it, this time animating the post-eclipse sequence. But then I saw it. So incredibly disappointed. The 3DCG is straight up bad, and to make matters worse, they seem to have only been given about half the budget they need to do it remotely well. Tons of long panning shots over static 3D models. Heaps of completely static or unmoving shots. Mouth movements that look like a PS2-era game. During the action sequences, half the shots were cut away from so that they didn't have to actually do any motion. It's just horrid, but what would you expect when you give something like Berserk to a studio that previously made 5-minute episode shows in Flash? Oh, and the broadcast is censored too - Guts' dream / flashback to the Eclipse has some nude shots of Casca (who has been Michael Jacksoned and is now white) which were almost completely blacked out. Berserk deserves to be respected much more than this. Even the soundtrack was jarring and pedestrian. Shiro Sagisu is a very capable composer - take a listen to Evangelion! - but this is pretty low-end work for him, let alone compared to Susumu Hirasawa in the 90s TV series. But fuck, it's Berserk. I'll probably watch it all anyway despite the shitty pacing, awful animation and whitewashed Casca.

    91 Days
    I'm not sure what this is going to be, and I'm not sure I'm really interested enough to stick it out and see. Main character is the sole survivor of a family (which he might not be related to?) that's brutally murdered in a mob hit in the US during the 1920s. Fast-forward 9 years and he returns for some reason, hooks up with his childhood friend who is now a bootlegger and seems to be trying to infiltrate the ranks of the family that killed his own. So presumably this is a crime / revenge story. It's animated well, has solid tone, but it just felt a bit flat to me. There wasn't much to grab onto. It might get better but it reminded me strongly of Joker Game from last season. Basically just a bit too straight-laced and boring. Especially when for me the setting immediately conjures reminders of amazing stuff like Baccano. May give it another episode or two but probably not.

    Fate/Kalied Liner Prisma Illya 3rei
    I hate that I like this series so much since it means I'm probably on an FBI watch list. I feel like it's basically stolen the place in my heart that used to be occupied by the Nanoha franchise before that went completely to shit in the third season. Anyway, direct follow-up to 2wei. The franchise itself is an irreverent spinoff of the Fate universe where Illyasviel is a magical girl. Episode opens straight after the previous series. After covering up that she and Miyu are magical girls with her friends by being forced to admit they're actually lovers (lol), some plot happens and people from a parallel world appear to take Miyu back, kicking everyone's asses, and Illya finds herself sucked into the same parallel world, where she meets 'Tanaka' who seems to be thicker than a brick shithouse and will probably turn out to be Berserker or something. Next episode preview suggests she'll be working with Shota-Gilgamesh as well and what even is this show at this point? Side note: RIP Miyu Matsuki. I think this is the first show with a role she was pretty recognizable in (Sapphire) since she died last year. Her replacement sounds similar but also sounds like she's forcing her voice to sound that way and lacks the volume as a result. Will be interesting to see how they go with Tales of Zestiria as well, since Lailah is a major character there. Presumably they have to recycle all her lines from the game or have recast her. Anyway, this show is going to be a regular for me since it's the only Type-Moon stuff we'll be getting until the Heaven's Feel movies hit or T-M themselves pull their finger out and release the Tsukihime remake they've been talking up for what feels like a decade.

    New Game
    Liking the look of this one so far. Basically it's a cute-girls-doing-things show. Aoba Suzukaze has just graduated from high school and starts work in her dream job - working as a new hire at Eagle Jump, a small-scale game developer. Apparently the author spent several years working at a developer themselves so the setup feels like it's probably accurate (though hiring someone out of school instead of university seems odd, maybe that's a Japan thing?). There's some universal jokes here too, like Aoba getting locked out of the office when she goes to the toilet without taking her pass with her. Weird bunch of coworkers gives it a vibe similar to Working, except presumably with less crappy relationship drama. Definitely a regular watch for me.

    Ange Vierge
    Pretty awful. Not sure what this actually is yet. Seems to be your generic battle high school setup, but the girls are all ranked with card rarities (C, UC, R etc) so is it a phone game adaption or something? Maybe a crap card game from the Weiss Schwarz people? Character designs are okay but basically peak Moe tropes. Also I'm fairly sure this must be a tits show, based off the amount of Mr Steam and Mr Light Beam present and the fact that fully half the episode involved the way-too-big-cast sitting around in literally three different separate baths and giving that really hamfisted explanatory exposition and defining all their shitty made-up terminology that's a staple of bad anime. Seems to basically be shit, and given how heavily censored it is, it can't even make up for being trash by being lewd, so what's the point? Unlikely to watch more.

    Tales of Zestiria the X
    Watch this on Daisuki rather than Funimation if you can - Funi's subs are almost bootleg bad, where Daisuki's are solid. Downside is I think they're a week behind, but upside is they got a preview 'episode 0' which is what I watched. Feels like it'll be a really good adaption. Extremely good animation (ufotable after all) plus I feel like without the shitty combat system limiting them, they could actually execute the plot a lot better than the game did. That preview just underlines how wasted Alisha was in the game though. The thing that has me most curious though is the opening, which has several shots of Velvet, the protagonist from the upcoming Tales of Berseria. She definitely wasn't in Zestiria, but Berseria's supposed to be a prequel set hundreds of years earlier so maybe the anime will actually set out some backstory or something involving her? As mentioned above, curious to see how they handle Lailah given that Miyu Matsuki can't go in and record new lines. Definitely watchable. Probably the best way to experience Zestiria even, since the game's mediocre.

    Plan for tonight is to catch up on a few more. Probably Mob Psycho 100, Amaama to Inazuma, Amanchu, maybe Rewrite or Planetarian, maybe Orange, and possibly one or two of the terrible moe action shows that there seem to be a ton of this season.

      Re: Berserk
      Are the panning shots of a static image stylistically similar to what was in the '97 anime? Does it at all seem like an homage to that cost-saving technique, or does it lack that self awareness?

      Probably be a year or two before I get around to watching it. After watching the first season of the animated Starship Troopers series, I feel I can get through most poor quality animation without blinking. As long as the story holds up.

        It feels more like the sort of shit they do in low-budget 2D animation to hide the fact they don't have the budget to do it properly. I think stylistically they're taking some of the framing of the shots from the manga directly but if they had the money and competence to do it right there's no reason to feel constrained like that. It just feels cheap. Like, flash animation cheap.

        The biggest issue though is the stiff as shit character animation. Faces don't move right and just look off. Guts himself walks like he's had his entire spine fused and has a metal rod in his anus. It lacks a sense of weight and momentum to it constantly, floaty and jerky transitions between keyframes.

        3DCG just isn't good enough yet. The best you can do is use it for specifically framed shots to make it easier to do complex movements. Love Live Sunshine's ED has them dancing using a combination of shots using 3DCG and 2D and it's nearly seamless if you're not looking out for it. And ufotable have shown in stuff like Fate/Zero and Unlimited Blade Works that you can put 3DCG and 3D effects into anime and have it look fucking amazing.

        But really, Berserk deserves better. The movies were okay in terms of their mix of styles, but think about how amazing Berserk would be if it was given to a competent studio like ufotable and they were told to do another Unlimited Budget Works with it, holy shit. It's one of the grand-daddies of dark fantasy manga, complete classic, highly recognizable. It stuns me that it was even greenlit like this.

      Ahahahaha Fate/Kalied. All magical girl fun and games and then suddenly we've got action that puts a good chunk of Stay Night to shame.

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        Yep, it's basically Nanoha if Nanoha didn't decide to suddenly age the leads by 15 years or so, attempt to replace them with a bunch of bland shitheads and then set them up as basically a lesbian couple and focus the story on their far too twee adopted daughter.

        Also the fact that it's a Fate spinoff appeals to me greatly. Especially because they got to subvert some of the characters (the Rin/Luvia dynamic is fucking amazing for example) and because they're able to incorporate characters like Caren and Bazett.

        And the action when they switch into it is awesome too.

      Planetarian looks pretty interesting, probably on my watch list.

        Have you played/read the visual novel? I did it ages ago. Very short but a typical Key tearjerker. It's no Clannad but it's very good. I think the anime is only 5 episodes too.

          Nah. Clannad is also one of those things o should really check out one of these days.

            Just don't watch it back to back with Planetarian or any combination of Air, Now and Then Here and There, Anohana, 5cm Per Second, Grave of the Fireflies or Your Lie in April - also pretty sure if you watch all those together you need to be put on suicide watch.

          Clannad was great! Only anime that has ever gotten me a bit teary.

    Standing outside a Catholic church last night in the pitch black at 8:30PM engaged in an epic battle with a grumpy Poliwhirl: This is Pokemon Go!

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    As I like to tell anyone who will listen: I've been playing Valkyria Chronicles on PS4. I've been loving the challenge but hating the voice acting until last night when I changed the language to Japanese! Much better, especially that reporter!

    Quick question, I got a Nintendo eshop card for my bday. Can I use the across Wii U and 3DS? I want both Tokyo Mirage Sessions and Fire Emblem a Revelations. I'm on a real Japanese game kick at the moment.

      Yeah, the Valkyria English dubs are awful, where the Japanese was extremely good with some really big names in it. But given the option I always prefer to play Japanese games in Japanese if I can. It's very rare for the English dub to be on par.

      Pretty sure that Nintendo unified their account system a while back so that Wii U and 3DS eShop credit is used across both accounts, but might want someone that actually engages with their fucked-up backwards-ass eShop to confirm that rather than take my word for it.

        Thanks. I read the back of the card and it seemed to be implying that I couldn't but I also thought that issue was fixed.

          I'm not sure. I know that at one point you couldn't, but the cards they sell now (at least here - I'm in the USA though) seem to work for both.

          EDIT: Though knowing how Nintendo manage to cock it up, I bet it's something like the balances are per-system but you can use one card to fill up either balance or something.

          Last edited 12/07/16 10:37 am

            I checked and I think they are linked now. Will try it out tonight on the Wii U and see how I go.

              It used to be that the Wii Shop (uses "points") and the eShop (uses actual dollars) were separate, but the Wii U went eShop and the funds exist across both. Years and years (and years) ago I bought some stuff on 3DS and had like $12 left over, which also showed up on the Wii U's eShop and just the other week I finally spent that to get FAST Racing Neo.

    I made a comment critical of the proliferation of "commerce content" yesterday on the Magic Comp page, surprise surprise it had been deleted by this morning. I'm seeing more and more of this kind of "content" on kotaku and it's depressing.

      Kotaku has at least 4 full time staff to pay for and that needs to be done somehow
      If people are using ad blockers and the like they will continue to do more of this sort of thing. To be honest I didn't actually notice the article you were referring to

        Yeah fair enough I guess, but if people can't tell the difference I think that's a big problem. Seems vaguely dishonest/intentionally misleading, especially given that Kotaku has published a bunch of articles recently criticising the current CSGO skins gambling scene for not making their endorsements obvious to their viewers.

        As an example, all of the discount developer bundle articles that have been coming up on Kotaku in recent months are actually ads paid for by the company selling the bundles, as well as the current articles advertising the Magic the Gathering competition (in that case it is actually a competition so it's not as bad, but I would be very surprised if that wasn't suggested by and the prizes paid for by the developer, not Kotaku or AllureMedia - also to be eligible you have to win a game, so the competition is obviously just a ploy to try and increase the player base).

        As a rule of thumb for Kotaku, if comments are disabled, it's probably a paid advertisement masquerading as content.

        Edit: as of today they're specifically advertising for a "commercial editor" to promote their "commerce content", so expect to see a dramatic increase in advetorials, sponsored content, paid endorsements etc etc across all AllureMedia sites in the future.

        Edit: Kotaku is run by AllureMedia, which is in turn owned by FairFax Media (annual revenue of about $1.8 billion) so they certainly don't need the money from these items to stay afloat

        Last edited 12/07/16 12:51 pm

          Without a doubt the publisher provided the prize. I don't think there has ever been a competition run here that didn't have a prize that the publisher provided or paid for.

          I guess we have a lot more of that content to look forward to, which I don't look forward to but understand. Allure might have revenue of 1.8 billion but sure they have a lot of costs to. At the end of the day they are only running Kotaku for us so they make money. There would be very little benefit other divisions of Allure would get by funding kotaku from their own revenues.

          Fairfax may not need the revenue, but Allure definitely does. If they make a constant loss on their sites then there's no reason for Fairfax/Allure to keep the lights on. Got to justify their existence.

          Especially given that Gawker is in the process of falling apart at the seams and probably will end up purchased by Ziff-Davis, which means that Kotaku US may end up being shuttered since ZD already has IGN and they've shut down other gaming blogs before. So if that happens, Kotaku AU loses its brand name and bulk of the syndicated content, meaning it's even more critical for Allure to have a solid business case for continuing a gaming blog.

            yeah good point, I wasn't aware of that. If we have to put up with a few more ads it's not the end of the world i guess. Certainly a better result than them going under.

      You mean all the articles with headlines that begin "Deals:..." and end with this disclaimer:
      All deals are carefully vetted to ensure relevance and value to Kotaku readers. Commerce Content is independent of Allure Media editorial and advertising, and if you buy something through our posts, we may get a small share of the sale. Click here to learn more.
      and this link:
      Those articles? 'cause they seem pretty standard for an advertisement and not particularly dishonest or misleading.

        Yes clearly I have read the commerce content page, and no offence, but it's a more complicated issue than just saying, 'oh well they said it at the end of the article that makes it ok'. Focusing on that is kind of missing the point. There's nothing to indicate whether it's paid content prior to end of the actual article itself. "Deals" says nothing about whether the content is paid for or not - that only comes at the end of the entire article, by which point you've already been exposed to the ad, which is what the advertiser is paying for in the first place. If they said "Paid advertisement" instead of "deals" or the header was a different colour or whatever, people would know not to click on them if they didn't want to read an ad, and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

        You read it however you want to, but they're adverts dressed up to look almost identical to regular non-paid content - except when you get to the very end of the article - and I think that's misleading. Perhaps saying vaguely dishonest is a bit strong, but they're engaged in the same type of obfuscating behaviour that the CSGO lotto folks were involved in - albeit on a much, much less objectionable scale - and they ripped shreds out of them for doing so, so I don't think it's that far off the mark. It's an obvious blurring of the line between content and advertising, and I'm not a fan. But hey, that's just me. if you want to read adverts in your spare time rather than actual content, you go right ahead.

        Last edited 12/07/16 10:29 pm

          That was a much longer response than it needed to be.
          I can tell they're adverts because A) The headline begins "Deals:" which is a clear indicator of an advertisement on Kotaku; B) The content is written as an advertisement. I usually don't get to B because I don't click the article. That's the short of it. Clearly it would be better if Kotaku changed the tag from "IRL" to "Advertisement" like they used to do with the Dick Smith ads.

          You're still overreaching, this is nowhere near the CSGO Lotto debacle. Stick with the first point, that Kotaku should make their signage clearer, and drop the extra stuff that weakens your argument.

    Well, the new Arma 3 campaign was rather short. Seven entire missions long. They were seven fairly good missions with a couple of interesting styles and a fair bit of freedom in how you accomplish tasks but still, seven... It wasn't quite as long as the first chapter of the original A3 campaign was.

    Good thing I bought it for more than single player or I'd likely feel a tiny bit miffed.

    There was a pretty cute girl when I got to climbing last night. Then it turned out she was the same one I'd noticed the other week, climbing with one of the regulars I usually saw around the place downstairs. I wondered how one might approach that situation, bridge that gap or whatever. More just idle musings than anything, while resting up for the next climb.

    Then before I know it, the pair of them have appeared upstairs and sat themselves down next to me. Huh. Then I figured Aerialist would come along and start chatting with them or something, since she just knows everyone. But instead the regular started chatting with my other friend up there. Huh. And then introduced herself to me, along with her friend. Then the regular went and sat next to my friend to chat with him, while I was next to the cute one and chatting with her.

    Basically what I'm getting at here is I can now just make things happen with my mind.

    "I wish my 1080 would just get here already"

    IT'S HERE!

    Ok I cheated with that one, I've been wondering that for the last hour or so since I got up.

      Welcome to the glorious 1080 master race.

        I had a go at the whole overclocking thing, because why not. Thought I had it down in the Unigine one at +74 and +556, but Fire Strike didn't like that. Had to drop it down to +48 and +556, then it made it through without exploding.

        Also it turns out the 38mm measurement on the width was slightly inaccurate. And now I have an intersection issue with the shroud. But it seems to be ok with sitting slightly askew, so I'll wait til I feel more comfortable about carving a groove into the plastic.

          That looks to be quite a bit thicker than mine. I have the EVGA SC, with their ACX cooler.

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