The Big Question: Are You Sick Of Pokemon GO Yet?

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I'm in the unique (read: terrible) position of arriving home in Australia three weeks after the release of Pokemon GO. I'm discovering the game for the first time as the rest of the world is in the process of discarding it.

So my question to you all: are you sick of Pokemon GO yet?

Is this whole thing a fad? Is it going to blow over? How do you see this thing playing out in the long term?

I guess that's a lot of questions. Not one question.

What are your thoughts?


    Sick of it only because I don't play it and it's just been everywhere.

    I kind of am and I haven't even start it yet.

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    Sick of playing it? No.
    Sick of seeing it everywhere? Yes.

      Pretty much why this poll is useless.

      This is exactly the option I wanted to vote.

      then why did you click on this article if you are "sick of seeing it everywhere" by viewing this article and voting you are upping the stats of pokemon GO related articles.... editors see this and think ooo lots of people wanted to see an article on PGO lets do another! or did you come here merely to bitch?

        I'd rather not see it all over the news sites, clickbait links, youtube and social media.
        Don't mind so much here.

    Yeah i thin the trend here will be that those that don't play it are sick of it...

    Yes I'm sick of it, uninstalled it the other day. But on Monday last week I started to play Pokemon fire red again from the beginning and fell in love again, so far I have logged 30+ hours.

      That's the outcome I've been on the border of doing too. I was on a quest to get all 150 too... might be time to start that again!

    I am not playing it religiously like I know many are so I'm not sick of it. I am looking forward to the hype settling down and updates coming to make it much more enjoyable. The game is the reason I walked 10 km last Saturday, so anything that encourages someone like me to exercise is a win in my book!

    I can't afford the data to play properly nor do I want to bother going from WiFi to WiFi. I was pretty bummed it needed a constant net connection, I was hoping to play with my son by letting him use an old phone.

    To answer your question, yes, it's a bit much seeing articles about it everywhere I turn. Even the types of people who would laugh in my face for enjoying the main series are playing it & talking about it in the office.

    I'm also getting calls & messages from friends who wouldn't normally play games either telling me how great it is or calling to ask wtf is going on.

    But yeah, have fun. I'd mostly just like to see less articles everywhere.

      Huh can't afford the data to play it? It's used 214mb so far this month and I'm halfway through the month. So that's not all that much data, out of all the apps I use regularly it uses the least.

        Same, Im at less than 150Mb and I have a week left in the month.

        My contract came with 300mb/month

        I cannot afford more. I have a mortgage & a child

          D: wat there is still plans like that?!

          1Gb is like $10 to add on to your plan from most telcos.

            Wait, wait. Add $10? No, I can't AFFORD to pay more.

              well ok then, I'm sorry to hear you have such a restrictive budget.

              Some providers let you upgrade your plan for quite cheap. I'm with vodaphone and went from 500mb to 6gb for $2.

                Mate, not all of us can find $2 worth of pirate booty a month to cover the extra expense.

                  Mate, $2 a month is shit all. Buy one less maccas meal a year and you're there.

          Vaya: $18/month 2GB of data....
          $90 ZTE phone i bought from kmart (plays PGO better than my 300 Motorola)

            How is it with YouTube, Twitter & other apps like Hangouts & Line?

              do you mean reception wise? it uses optus 4G so it's going to depend where you are of course. twitter, hangouts ,etc is just text so it's tiny amounts of data. youtube on the other hand is another story. Facebook is still data neutral as on all optus plans (it doesn't count towards data ,etc)

      Yeh it doesn't use much data at all suprisingly.. battery power on the otherhand, thats a different story.

    Only playing it sporadically with my kid every few days, when we walk for an hour or so. So we're pacing it, not overdoing it and it's holding its charm well. But I'm sick and tired of constant, constant articles about Pokemon Go flooding every single website (yes, I'm including Kotaku) when they're barely even related to the game or just simply put there for clickbait.

    Not sick of it, Its outstanding for my morning commute, i cant imagine wandering around a park playing it though.

    Sick of reading about it though.

    Not sick of it... but I'm level 20, nothing much to do. Taking gyms is pointless.

    Yeah, im not sick of the game yet, but i am sick of reading about it on most media outlets as well as gaming sites and social media.

    Sick of playing it, but absolutely fascinated by the range of people it attracts. Walked out of my house and down the street this morning, and there was a group of construction workers milling around in their hi-vis vests, staring at their phones, all unabashedly playing Pokemon Go. I can't go for a full train ride without seeing at least one person playing it on the train. So many people suddenly recapturing the nostalgia of their childhood, or relating to their kids' interests... it's absolutely fascinating to watch.

    Not playing. Buggy app with lack of updates and fixes.
    3 step bug is a gamebreaker and no community rep is piss poor

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    I hesitate to say I'm sick of it because I'm not one of those anti-Pokemon GO people, but I've been bombarded with the same stories about Pokemon GO since it's launch. Like anything where there are a dozen things to say about it and a hundred thousand people saying them it comes across as extremely obnoxious. It's everywhere and it's just not that interesting.

    I was playing it like crazy up until yesterday actually. And then this morning I was going for my morning jog with it, and suddenly....had no desire to play anymore. I don't know why really.

    I would be less sick of it if two things happened:

    1) Pokémon GO wasn't being mentioned just about everywhere, online and offline. (Not to be confused with wanting -no- talk of the game - I just wish there was a reduced amount of sources talking about it.)
    2) There were more Pokéstops around the area I live.

    Installed it day 1. Logged into it periodically but at home and work there are like no spawn points. Walking to hatch an egg is buggy as hell along with the rest of the code so I cbf even logging in anymore. I don't understand people driving all over the city at all hours of the night trying to catch a Pokemon. I installed it initially as a casual thing to log into every now and then but even now I can't be bothered.

    I Installed it, walked around my house, caught a few Pokémon......and then uninstalled it a day later.

    I had to see what all the fuss was about, but it just isn't my cup o tea. My nieces and nephews love it (and I love talking to them about it) and it seems like all sorts of people are really enjoying it. So good on them for that.

    Its not for me to judge other for what they enjoy, if putting up with a few (a lot) of pokemon articles on game sites and my news feed being full of pokemon brings joy to others then I will take one for the team and am fine with that.

    so go be free and catch pokemon all you like, i'll just be over here watching.

    Yeah it's wall-to-wall, so it's a little much.

    What I can't work out is how Kotaku/et al will dredge up the weirdest stories with the most tenuous links imaginable to Pokemon Go, but we see not one piece of coverage for recent Nintendo games like Star Fox, Monster Hunter Generations, etc. The only stuff we've seen here about Tokyo Mirage Sessions Fire Emblem Anime Popstar Panic is a bloody ad.

    I know I'll be called out for cherry-picking or ignoring the stuff that is being put up on the site, so that's why I'm including all sites in general because they are all on Pokemon story hype train right now, at least this site retains its charm and personality through its personable writing. I just want to see that approach applied to these games apparently nobody knows about.

      They didn't mention Ingress, their previous game for about 3 years either which I found really strange.

        I've definitely thought about 'trying out' Ingress, I think most have to have at least looked into it by now. Ubiquitous games are funny, yes everybody is going to be playing it en masse but how do you cover it, as an old pro or as a newcomer.

          It's a fair bit deeper than PoGo and you'll need to connect with your team to be effective. It's quite a fun game and you can do 'secret agent stuff'. Sneak out and night and destroy an enemy's stronghold etc.

            Oh totally, and props to Kotaku for what they have covered, as little as it has been. It sounds like a blast and that's in part thanks to the person writing about the game, whether they can convey what makes the game work or not.

            This is definitely not the time or place, but the ongoing debate about 'critic versus reviewer plays a game' is always there - do you give a sports game to a neophyte or someone who at least has some working knowledge of the subject activity, and how much of their prior experience counts towards their final say.

            Ingress would have to be better-suited to more urban areas, there's no getting away from that right?

            I was a huge DayZ nut. I've played very little of the actual game that mod is based on, but I've definitely bought more than one title from the developer. If Ingress gets a whole new set of players from Pokemon Go, it should be win-win.

      Star Fox got some mentions but it faded pretty quickly due to it being a pretty rough experience. I enjoyed the game but I can't really blame them for not putting in the time to figure out how to play it comfortably. Even the more approachable Star Fox games are a bit hard to talk about. I love Lylatt Wars but there's not much to say beyond 'I love playing it'.

    Gotta *twitch* catch em *twitch twitch* all.


    Not yet but not as dedicated to finding them all already now it's a grind.
    Interestingly enough it had driven my wife to finish Alpha Sapphire! Good thing too, I took Omega Ruby for her and I wanted that whale!!!

    Im over the constant articles which are terribly written and are just recycling the same garbage 50x a week.
    'Man walks across road playing game', 'person reached level 2' , 'blah blah blah'

    we get it, the game is out and people enjoy playing it... move on Allure media, seriously its getting old.
    There is so much news out there to report on but its all ignored and all they manage to do is 'pokemon did this now and here is 10x articles about the same thing...' or even those 'pokemon go changed my life because i can now walk outside' articles are getting old...

    Sick of seeing stories everywhere, all my gaming podcasts had a week where they were all about it, same with the youtube channels I follow, sick of trying to negotiate packs of people standing around in locations staring at their phone or in the middle of the footpath at one of the locations they swarm at and just generally getting in the way. Sick of ploughing into people who suddenly stop in the middle of crossing a road(!) or walking down the street because they're more focused on their game and not on what goes on around them (tbf that also applies to other people who do the same kind of thing just using their phones for texting, etc).

    Yeah, I'm sick of it. But at the same time, if the wall to wall Pokemon Go coverage, and if people showed a bit of consideration to what was going on around them I probably wouldn't care.

    Sick of playing it, no.
    Sick of pretty much only having Zubats, Pigeys and Rattatas in a 20km radius of my house,yes. Sucks knowing I have to drive to a major metro area to get the full experience of this game, which kind of defeats half the purpose(exercise).

    I have been playing it for about 2 days pretty solid, then barely touching it or not at all for the next 2 days, rinse and repeat since launch. the 2 days on 2 days off method hasn't been a conscious or deliberate one, but it's helped keep it fresh.

    I do love that it gets myself and my wife out and about and meeting up with friends more regularly. we all pick a coffee shop near a pokestop, park about 2 or 3 kms away from it, collect and hatch on the way to and from the car and shout lure rounds at the coffee shop/lunch/dinner destination. Have spent a lot of time with people that we haven't seen a lot of since our twins, it feels just like a good excuse to be social with the added fun of Pokémon Go.

    Have to agree with most of the sentiments here though, sick of seeing it everywhere. At this point all the articles are the same as each other, or simply click bait and it's just spurring on the Anti-Pokémon Go gang who are banding together to collectively spread the word on how shit/lame/stupid/childish it is and how you'd have to be a loser to play it. Haters gonna hate and all that, and I'm not remotely worried about it, but I still can't be bothered dealing with these people. In the end I usually just agree to finish the conversation and ask them how their 'Hay day' game is going haha

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