The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Pikachu Imposter

The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Pokemon Sun And Moon’s Pikachu Imposter

Meet Mimicyu, a ghost type Pokemon that should look pretty damn familiar to you. There’s actually a good reason for that.

Illustration credit: @pizzicatofuse

As Serebii explains, Mimicyu was recently revealed on Japanese magazine CoroCoro. Serebii’s translation of the unveil states that Mimicyu is wearing a cloth costume based on popular Pikachu merchandise. “It wants to be loved by people like Pikachu is,” Serebii says.

Uh, wow.

For years, Pokemon developers Game Freak have been trying to one-up Pikachu’s adorable design. Each and every entry in the franchise has had a Pikachu clone of some sort, but none so far has reached the heights that Pikachu has. With Mimicyu, it seems that Game Freak has stopped trying to fight Pikachu’s popularity, and instead is embracing it to great effect.

The Internet Has Fallen In Love With Pokemon Sun and Moon's Pikachu Imposter

In-game footage, from the latest Japanese trailer.

As a pet owner I always worry about maybe liking one pet more than the other. I feel a palpable pang of guilt when, say, I find my dog staring longingly at me while I pet my cat. Ostensibly, Pokemon must undergo something similar with their own trainers, especially if they are a critter in a larger family.

All of this to say, Mimicyu is Game Freak’s most brilliant and heartbreaking Pokemon that they have ever come up with. The internet seems to agree, judging from all the lovely fan art popping up online:

My heart!

Right now, Mimicyu hasn’t been officially unveiled for English speakers, and it’s entirely possible that it will have a much different name out in the west. Whatever it ends up being named, I want one.


  • i am all in for this pokemon, i hope the new games have some side quests that involve a spooky story about whats underneath… OR!! evolves into something scarier.
    I’m down for it either way, its already on my team

  • I mean, think about it. Pikachu is the face of Pokemon everywhere. Other monsters living in the world of Pokemon must know that, and considering that Pokemon are intelligent, this means that most Pokemon, at some point or another, have to grapple with feelings of belonging, of jealousy, of envy.
    I think that is a little too much of an anthro-centric interpretation. I would imagine in the world of pokemon the titular creatures aren’t too keen on being stuffed into tiny balls and would either be indifferent if there were certain pokemon that the humans favoured or actually prefer that if it meant that they weren’t hunted down. I would think that given the choice between being scooped up and taken away or living with their kind, most pokemon would probably prefer the latter, sentient or not.

    • I don’t think so bro, it has been described many times that inside the pokeball is a really really really nice place, that pokemon enjoy being in. So yeah…

    • like ekana said, the inside of a pokeball is actually a nice place. the pokeball has a pocket dimension inside it that automatically alters itself to the preferred environment of the pokemon inside. also pokemon and humans have a mutual relationship. pokemon need to get stronger in order to evolve and reach their next level of potential, doing this in the wild is a very challenging thing. but a human raised pokemon is naturally far stronger than it’s wild counterparts, humans bring out the potential and ability of pokemon. in return pokemon help out humans who are kind to them. it’s stated that wild pokemon are jealous of caught pokemon because of this fact, that they know caught pokemon are stronger and have a higher chance to evolve. now there are some pokemon out there who do not wish to fight, those pokemon often evolve through different means such as friendship or through a stone. but by this point many pokemon cannot evolve in the wild due to their untapped abilities only being able to be brought out by humans.

  • eh, I haven’t played since Sapphire so haven’t kept up with the lore, but I would have thought that if pokemon really did want to be domesticated so badly they wouldn’t put up much of a fight when you catch them in the wild.

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