Orion Makers Fire Artist For Ripping Off Call Of Duty Assets

Orion Makers Fire Artist For Ripping Off Call Of Duty Assets

The Orion vs Activision Steam removal saga continues. Trek Industries’ David Prassel says that Activision contacted him with evidence that certain in-game assets were directly ripped from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. The artist responsible has apparently been fired. Check the update to my original story for more.


  • News-as-basically-topics-on-a-messageboard always seems to get stuff like this a bit muddled.

    The facts as they were presented to us were not facts, but lawyer-like defences by Prassel that Activision – the corporate giant it is – couldn’t really be nimble enough to counter against.

    I’m as confused as ever, but it just goes to show how little energy or creativity it takes to get on Steam.

    • Before the introduction of Greenlight it was a lot harder. With it though – If you make a game about memes or a war game rip-off you’re very likely to get through.

  • From what I know of this guy nearly every artist he has hired has “stolen” art from other games. I feel like he’s actually the one doing so and then pointing the finger at someone else.

    • That’s right, at the end of the day, he’s the man in charge. He has to take responsibility for this. I understand that he didn’t cause the transgressions which has occurred, but if he is he manager, it’s his fault.

  • So presumably he just hasn’t gotten around to shutting down his Indiegogo campaign (currently at US$1719), or even post an update there.

  • I’m seeing a Storm Trooper, in an Assassin’s Creed hooded robe, in Stonehaven.

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