This Diablo III Cosplayer Is Ready For Her Holy Crusade

Not only is Astrokerrie Cosplay's Crusader a gorgeous, competition-winning cosplay, it's also ready for battle. Literally.

As a multi-talented craftsperson, Perth-based Astrokerrie indulges in a bit of LARP alongside her cosplay pursuits. When it came to making a costume to enter in Oz Comic Con's Australian Championships of Cosplay, she decided to kill two birds with one stone and make an impressive costume that was also LARP-safe and easy to move in, including that giant shield.

"I made [this cosplay] to push myself with armour, and it was the only reason I entered Oz Comic-Con," she explained. "I'm not really a competitive person so I won't be entering again unless I find a costume I love as much as the Crusader."

She says the costume is light and easy to wear and move around in — which is vital if you're going to be LARPing in something for extended periods of time. It's something I've never quite managed to achieve, either. Maybe I should get Astrokerrie to design all my costumes from now.

Aus Cosplay is a regular feature that showcases the best local cosplay talent out of Australia and New Zealand.


    Love the battle detail on the tabard however the shield appears to be folding outwards?

    Terrible photoshop work

      “Terrible photoshop work”?

      A little extreme, don't you think?

      As a professional Photoshop user I think it's pretty good (well the 1st and 2nd ones are a little jarring, but that's down to personal taste more than anything). The link for Vestiige Photography is to a Facebook page that shows some real photographic talent.

      Last edited 13/07/16 9:11 am

        Not extreme imo, I use Photoshop professionally as well. The 2nd one is the worst.

      Cheers matey (y)

        Well now I feel bad. If it makes any difference I love the photography, just not the very heavy editing applied.

    Hayley, this is an odd request. Is it possible to get more cosplay articles that feature cosplayers who don't use heavy photo editing in their pictures?

    I like the ones where we can see the effort the cosplayers put into their costumes rather than hoe skilled the photographer is with Photoshop.

      You can check mine and Astrokerrie's page for more images and even BTS videos that show off her awesome costume if you're after less Photoshop-heavy edits :)

    Fucking Johanna, she's the tankiest mofo in all of the diablo-verse i swear. looks stunning

    Thanks for the feature! We really appreciate it!

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