This Is What Pokemon GO’s Legendaries Look Like

This Is What Pokemon GO’s Legendaries Look Like

At the moment, 145 of Pokemon GO’s roster of 151 Pokemon can be either caught in the wild, evolved or hatched from an egg. The remaining six are a mystery — Ditto, Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew. However thanks to a couple of curious fans, we can already know a.) that they are actually in the game and b.) just what they look like.

In the video above, a user searching in Pokemon GO’s internal files found codes for Ditto, Mew and Mewtwo, among other Legendary Pokemon. It didn’t take too long for someone else to find images of said Pokemon that haven’t yet been discovered.

The images are most likely taken from the Pokemons’ Pokedex entries, and include some of the Pokemon that have been elusive this far (or are being saved for special events). To start with, here’s Mew:

Now that we’ve got the objective best Legendary Pokemon out of the way, the remaining 150 can be found in this gallery, including all the Pokemon that can be caught, and a few that can’t:

So Legendaries aside, the only Pokemon we’re missing is Ditto. What’s with that? It’s unclear whether Ditto is being saved for a special event, or if Niantic is still figuring out how to implement the shape-shifting Pokemon’s abilities in battle. Once we do get Ditto, will we also get the ability to breed our own Pokemon for eggs? Fingers crossed!

Someone has also dug all of the items out of the game:

As well as the ones you might be used to picking up, there are also Master Balls (has anyone unlocked this yet?), Max Potions and Max Revives. There’s also what looks like a jar of honey and a couple of berries, although considering they’re in a different style to the Razz Berry we’re used to in the game, they may be unimplemented assets. All this is without an update to the actual game — is anyone else excited for what the future of Pokemon GO holds, or is it just me?


  • Are some pokemon only available in certain countries or can you get them all wherever you are?

    • You should be able to get all Pokemon without leaving your local area (depending on how remote you are).

      Even Pokemon that can’t be found locally can often be hatched from eggs.

      • Hmmmm, I remember John Hanke talking about people travelling the country or world to catch Pokemon. It’d be nice to go on holiday and find new ones! Oh well.

        • I went interstate over the weekend and the distribution of Pokemon was totally different, but most of the Pokemon I encountered could be caught in either state (just in different numbers!)

          • Heard on the grapevine there are a couple that can’t be found here.
            Tauros and Mr Mine were two I recall.

          • Caught several Tauros in Frisco, Texas. They seem to hang out around roads, malls, and heavily paved areas.

  • I’m guessing the jar is Honey and used similar to the Lure at PokèStops.
    Attract harder to find Pokemon to the location. Or could be used when trying to catch the Pokemon like the berries.
    The different pokeballs would start appearing in future updates I think it’s only Pokeballs so far.
    I’m really enjoying the game though, loads of fun trying to hunt for Pokemon

        • Goddamn level 20s…. At work for a fortnight and there’s literally nothing here. Not a single Pokemon let alone stops 😛

          • WHAAAAAAAT!!! this clearly shows im a low level!
            I work goddam too much! im only level 11. hopefully get some time in on Saturday and grind for some EXP.
            thanks for the info by the way didnt even know that the other balls were in the game

  • I never saw any master balls during the beta. Once when leveling up I got a notification that I’d received some master balls, but they didn’t show up in my inventory. They also never showed up at any pokestops.

    • You don’t find items at Pokestops until you have unlocked them through levelling-up – like Great Balls, you unlock at level 12 and from then on can find at any Pokestop.

      • Right. I’m saying that during the beta I got a message saying that I’d received some master balls as a reward for levelling up, yet they didn’t show in the inventory. And there were lots of other people asking about it in the support system. As far as I can tell, no one had master balls during the beta.

        • Are you sure you didn’t mistake the unlock for getting them? Many, many people made this mistake during the beta.

          • The text said it was giving you a reward of 10 master balls for levelling up, the same way it showed the rewards for previous times you levelled up. And even if this was meant to be saying master balls had been unlocked, I never managed to collect any at pokestops afterwards.

  • I didn’t realize Ditto was so sought after, I’ve only had the game for 3 days and I’m only on level 3 and a Ditto appeared on my nearby list but it was dark out so I wasn’t going to wander out that late.

    A lot of evolved Pokemon seem to appear at night when I’m not going out.
    I live in South Africa btw

    • I’m surprised Ditto is on that list, it wasn’t a legendary in the originals. Can anyone confirm?

      • My guess is that they are saving Ditto and the legendaries for something. The three birds I am guessing they are saving for an event or something to do with the three teams, and Mew, Mewtwo and Ditto for another event. Mew and Mewtwo obviously because they are the same as each other, and Ditto because it is probably the most unique pokemon in that it doesn’t really have any moves besides transform, so there might be something planned there.

  • Why do you have to scroll through all the images. Can’t you make a grid with all the pokemon? Honestly, it’s annoying AF and despite your awesome info on this page makes me not like it 🙁
    Just felt I should let you know, bc that is a shitty ass web design that pisses off people. Should fix and then this page will be tits.

  • Annoying thing. I saw a moltres on my nearby. It had the fire effect and everything. 3 steps away and I wasn’t allowed out. Sooooo annoying

  • It was probably a Ghastly or a Rapidash that you had not seen before, believe me before I caught a Ghastly it looked so much like a Moltres.

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