Florence + The Machine's Music For Final Fantasy XV Is Weird

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We already knew that Florence + The Machine was going in a slightly odd direction when it was revealed the Final Fantasy 15 theme was a cover of "Stand By Me".

As of this morning, some of Florence + The Machine's other songs for Final Fantasy XV have appeared on Spotify. And ... it's still weird.

Stand By Me seemed like a really weird fit when we heard it for the first time in Final Fantasy XV. It was just an odd cover to begin with. And then you have Florence Welch hitting the high notes of the chorus alongside footage of ... dudes playing a pinball machine.

It all lacked a bit of gravitas, really. But as it turns out, Florence + The Machine's other songs are a bit of a weird fit too. They became available on Spotify for Australians earlier this morning, and you can listen to them below.

If you want to open the playlist directly in Spotify, here's the link.

What does everyone think? I can see I Will Be kicking in as you're able to walk over the top of a mountain or something.


    Wait. Is this on the Google Playstore. Anything Florence Welch, I want.

    Edit: yes! It's available for purchase!

    Last edited 12/08/16 11:29 am

    I find them absolutely beautiful.

    I really like the songs. I was listening to them all last night on google play. I reckon they will suit specific emotional moments in the game. I also loved the trailers when they used Stand By Me. Thought it fit well. But that's just me.

    Last edited 12/08/16 12:11 pm

    I thought Stand By Me worked really well with the trailer.

    They sound fantastic. "Too much is never enough", specially is the best out of all the tracks and is probably going to be the ending theme(if they ever use it). It sounds like a perfect song for the ending credits. I think you're just not a fan of Florence+the machine nor is familiar with Final Fantasy theme songs. You can put these songs besides every FF theme song and they would fit perfectly with all the others.

    Loved the songs!

    Oh brother...... Why? Their music is so po-faced and dull.

    I'm surprised you find the stand by me cover such a weird fit, I personally thought it was the perfect track considering the what the themes and feel of the game seems to be.

    Just make sure chocobo dubstep from the trailer makes it into the final game. Amazing!

    Agreed. The songs are phenomenal. Not really sure on the train of thought here...

    "that song from the movie about the bond between 4 friends is being used in a game about a bond between 4 friends? wow that's SO WEIRD"

    don't know why you think it's weird. her voice is beautiful and the songs compliment the fantasy feel of the game. it's great that SE are exploring genres outside of jpop.

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