Look As Stylish As Tony Stark In These New Marvel- And DC-Themed Business Suits

Aside from "coming soon" there isn't a whole lot of information yet available about this new formal wear collection from Fun.com. But what we do know is that it will feature suits, ties and other accessories that incorporate patterns, designs and logos from Marvel and DC Comics' properties.

Pre-orders won't officially begin for a few more weeks, and the entire collection won't be available until sometime closer to November, but even if you hate dressing up, you'll probably want to wear these suits everywhere. Why couldn't I get a comic book-lined blazer when I was a kid? Getting dressed up for special events wouldn't have felt like cruel and unusual punishment.



    I guess it might get the internet start-up crowd out of their hoodies, so that's a plus.

    But seriously, no.

    They could have pressed them at least, for fucks sake they look slept in. On the plus side the ties are actually tied nicely, not in a granny knot......... Oh no, I have a sinking feeling those ties are clip ons... please no. They would make a rocking gift for a 12 year old I know though.

    Last edited 04/08/16 7:27 pm

      Yeah pretty sure they're clip-ons. Even a tight Windsor wouldn't pinch as hard as some of those pics.

    merchandising like this makes me laugh.

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