Pokemon Sun And Moon Producer Bombarded With Pokemon GO Comments

OK, let's get this straight. California-based Niantic develops Pokemon GO. Tokyo-based Game Freak makes the Pokemon video games. Got it? Because that's probably why Game Freak co-founder Junichi Masuda can't help you with your Pokemon GO problems! [Image: Line Blog]

In a post on his official blog, Masuda acknowledged that he did collaborate on Pokemon GO's game design and music, but explained that he's not really able to constructively interact with players by offering player support for the game through his blog. That might be true, but I'm sure some players just want to vent.

Continuing, "After talking this over with various individuals, I'm temporarily suspending the comments section." It seems like his personal blog was getting gummed up with Pokemon GO comments.

He added, "Since Niantic, Inc. is the developer and administrator of Pokemon GO, I'm sorry to trouble everyone, but, in regards to support information, please check the help site that Niantic is overseeing."

Masuda linked the Pokemon GO help site, the support site, safety guidelines and even the FAQ.

He is busy producing Pokemon Sun and Moon and not directly working on Pokemon GO, so if you have any comments, questions or complaints, he'd rather you took it up with Niantic and not him. Not sure if this is a reasonable request or if he just doesn't want to deal with Pokemon GO blowback.

He certainly seemed happy to promote the game at E3:

And appear in the official release clip:

Just not fielding your questions on his blog.


    "Not sure if this is a reasonable request or if he just doesn’t want to deal with Pokemon GO blowback."

    Really? :| He's not working on it or supporting it or even part of the company that does.. What is there not to be sure about.......

    Last edited 16/08/16 10:45 am

      That's like me asking for support from the God of War developers regarding Mortal Kombat...

        So they won't even be able to help me do Kratos's fatalities in Mortal Kombat 9?

      I copied the sentence to post exactly the same comment. Saw yours. Work is done. Have a like.

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