Some Overwatch Players Are Really Upset Right Now

When a developer goes on a mass banning spree, the replies are interesting. But those hit by Blizzard's recent banwave for Overwatch don't want to take it on the chin.

SpacedLetters on Twitter tweeted out some photos from an alleged hacking forum early this morning. I say alleged, although the posts make it pretty obvious it was a community hit by the Overwatch ban wave, with language like "see how [Blizzard] are spying on us" and "how do they even know we are using triggerbot".

I'm not going to cast a judgement on anyone by saying that these people weren't playing legitimately. But if you're thinking of getting Anonymous to hack Blizzard's servers because you got banned for alleged hacking ... can't say that'll work out too well.


    I assuming the people posting on the hacking forums shown above are either:

    A: 12
    B: Have the intellect of a 7 year old.

    Keep up the good work Blizzard

    Ownedcore forums are mostly full of people who don't know what they are doing using tools/programs provided by those who do. Comments like those are to be expected.

    do you hav e a skype? how do i join anonymus
    Even if this stuff is fake, it made my day.

    its also extremely halirous hearing streamer cry when they get banned in the middle of a stream which has happened quite a bit when blizzard does a ban wave in diablo 3. i remember seeing i think 2 seasons ago a d3 clan was reduced from 1000 to about 4 in the blink and eye as the ban went out.

    Great. No more impossible hanzo arrows and perma headshot sniping from widowmaker.

    Hahahahaha this shit is delicious. I used to act like this when I was 5 and mum wouldn't buy me a chocolate bar.

    Cheaters have no right to call themselves Players.

    Lol how are they spying on us... its called Warden, its basically an anti-virus/malware scanner derivative that looks for hacking mechanics and player movements on server side, they have staff that download and test all game hacks to build the library.

    Also they have a mission control room that monitors web traffic and popular twitch streamers for their games. :P

    Well they certainly exemplify the 'kiddie' in script kiddie. I wish there could be more serious punishments for using hacks in a competitive multiplayer game.

    A ban ultimately punishes by losing use of a certain alias, losing hours associated with an account, or losing a generally small amount of money related to buying the game (with the exception of microtransaction heavy games like mmo's or content platforms like steam where accounts can have hundreds or even thousands of dollars used on them).

    I honestly wouldn't mind if these hacks could result in ones internet access being prohibited for a period, or a computer / console being temporarily bricked.

    The downside ofcourse would be the parents of the script kiddie who now can't use the computer either, but at the same time that might help them realize the severity of their childs behaviour and punish them additionally as they see fit.

      I honestly wouldn't mind if these hacks could result in ones internet access being prohibited for a period, or a computer / console being temporarily bricked.

      Putting aside the impossibility of this from a legal perspective for a moment, I still think this is a terrible idea. False-positives do still occur - and imagine having your entire PC bricked for a while because some game company mistakenly thought you were cheating.

      Personally, I think there are a couple of simple solutions. Ultimately you just need to get players more invested in their accounts. CS:GO Prime is a good example - linked to a phone number, and if you hack and get banned then you can't link another account to your number. Sure, you could get a new number, but that's a pain in the ass, and I doubt most hackers (especially the casual 12-year-old script kiddies) will have the motivation to go to those lengths.

        That number thing if you're somewhat forward thinking doesn't work as getting a prepaid for literally $25 a cheap crappy one and then replacement SIM cards are $2 from Telstra as they don't' need credit to receive. Too cheap an investment.

          That's true, although it's still alot of effort to go through if you're getting banned regularly.

          I think the Overwatch problem will sort itself out - if you get banned and start again, you need to stump up another $60ish to get a new copy of the game.

        Admittedly my proposal was rather draconian, unrealistic, and unfair to those with a false positive. I just feel like cheating will never be stamped out so long as the punishment amounts to little more than a slap on the wrist.

          That's why you need to get people more invested in their accounts.

          Cheating in Overwatch isn't going to last long if they keep permabanning cheaters, since it costs them $60+ to get back on board.

    They really should refund their money too


      There's an argument against that. Although I don't recall having to accept any EULA when playing Overwatch, generally the form of those things is that Blizzard reserves the right to pull the plug, especially if you tamper with it (i.e. hack).

      Not that those things are strictly binding, but still.

    This is funny, they are complaining cause they used a hack that they thought was 100% invisible/could not get caught. They are almost better off going back to the people who made the hack then blizzard.

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