Square Releases An Hour Of New Final Fantasy XV Footage

Video: Straight out of Gamescom, here's a ton of new footage from the freshly delayed Final Fantasy XV, which will be out on November 29 for PS4 and Xbox One. There's driving, chocobo riding, fishing and lots of other promising activities. Skip the first two minutes if you don't want some vague story spoilers.

Looks good, no? Hammy voice acting aside, I'm totally on board.


    Looks damn good. Loved the moredistance = more damage for your warp strike. Looks awesome so far. Can't wait til November.

    The ascension system looks great. FPS hitches are noticable, but (imo) understandable due to console. Looks great for what they're pushing it out on.

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    We should stop saying 'Will be out on X,' since they've constantly disappointed in that regard.

    That southern US accent of Cindy (8m30s in) suits a Final Fantasy game about as well as an "E" rating would suit any GTA game!

    Still, pretty excited for this, hope it lives up to the hype.

    Why are Square so persistent in showing hours of a game that should be experienced first-hand by the players. Defeats the concept of RPGs

      Marketing. They've probably put hundreds of millions of dollars into this, now, and they want to build up hype and get pre-orders in

      I'm doing my best to avoid any footage now (which is absurd considering how desperate I was for information back when Versus XIII was still a thing!)

    Voice acting? Sounded like KITT and Optimis Prime needed money lol

    Edit : girl at 6min looked like Tidus lol

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    The lack of diagetic sound (sounds in the scene) when he's breathing, and excess of non diagetic sound (music played for the audience) really makes it sound laughable at the beginning. It's really, really bad. Graphically impressive but damn that audio needs some work and the background noise needs some improvement to make the voice work seem less intrusive on ones ears.

      i never knew the proper description for those sounds until now! i like the music. the voice acting i agree with, but i felt that it just doesnt sound like the voices are coming from where they physically are. it doesn't sound like they are outdoors. it's something that doesn't bother me too much, but there is room for improvement definitely. still, looks super beautiful and very excited to play :)

    I hope there is an option to change the distance measurements to metric system. :)

    Dragon age style buggy open world + male models + A holiday Advert show+ major homoerotic undertones= FF15

    I really don't want to crap on Square, cause i love the FF series, but what are the directors doing?
    And more importantly what are the writers doing?

    I think square and FF would benefit greatly from lowering the budget, hiring writers that have a meaningful story to tell, kind of like a short novel, turning that in a FF game. And just releasing more FF's more often with unique stories and worlds on a smaller scale graphically.

    I'd even play a new FF with static backgrounds if the world was beautiful.

      Reminds me when I was having a chat with my brother how Final Fantasy 2 ruined everything. It should have been called something else with a "A Final Fantasy" bi-line. Having a number in the title has done the series more ill than good, with comparisons abroad and every one having to top the previous. "Versus XIII, a Final Fantasy", like you said with a more controlled budget, story and focus would do pretty well, I'd say.

    And may it follow in the Tomb Raider reboot's footsteps by selling poorly due to the devs showing off too much of the game.
    Not to mention the ball and chain of paid DLC awaiting those who dare buy it.

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