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    Ok, who's seen suicide squad? Let's talk suicide squad! I'll go spoiler free:

    Jai Courtney tried to take the crocodile hunter out of his character, but went with chopper instead. Also noted was the mysterious supply of cheap beer and the thinnest implications of character depth with pinkie.

    I also played a bunch of injustice, so this has been a DC weekend.

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      Spoiler free:

      Bit thin on the ground for most of the movie but overall I enjoyed it. Unfortunately ensemble cast movies means that someone has to lose out which I felt pretty keenly.


      The slo-mo sequence in the climax looked absolutely terrible. Whomever thought that was a good idea probably should take a good long look at themselves. That gun toss from Harley to Deadshot was so blatantly obvious as a movie trick that it was corny.

      I actually enjoyed all of the characters. I'm on board with Leto's Joker and Captain Boomerang was interesting in that his actual lines were pretty average but his actual acting was pretty darn good for building a character. I wanted to see more of Killer Croc and the special effects for Diablo were pretty cool.

        Will Smith completely steals the Morpheus scream from the matrix. I lold.

      I feel that all the hate was a bit unfair. I actually really liked it. Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang and Diablo were standout in my opinion. Was a bit surprised that i didn't much care for Deadshot, felt a little bland maybe when compared to note over the top characters.
      i was hoping for a more Arkham Asylum Joker but felt i didn't get it. Someone crazy but still amusing. This guy felt too serious and organised and i enjoy my Joker to be a bit more chaotic even if he is organised. If you know what i mean?

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      It wasn't as bad as I was expecting. But I'm in no rush to go watch it again.
      I'll probably accidentally spoil something, so I'll just put it all here:
      I think this is the first movie where I didn't hate Jai Courtney, His Cap Boomerang was really over the top but I kind of loved it. Diablo was a surprise too, his transformation was badarse and that fight was my favourite part of the movie. Amanda Waller was probably the only thing I think they got 100% right, Viola Davis was so good. Will Smith was good, Harley was ok, wish they gave Croc more to do than grunt occasionally and go for a swim. I really didn't like Joker.

        The first 40 minutes of the movie had SO much licensed music. It was like one of those late 90s so fresh cd's. I liked the music, but it was a lot.

        Oh yeah, how about the nameless guy they exploded?! They didn't even try to disguise that plot point; he was the most obvious red shirt ever!

          Yeah, I imagine the "official movie soundtrack" probably comes on 20 CDs.
          I forgot Slipknot was supposed to be in the movie, and as soon as Digger started chatting with him you knew exactly what was going to happen haha.

      Hm? Oh, "The Harley Quinn (& friends) Movie?"
      Not too bad, not too bad.

    For those who don't have twitter, I posted a preview of the next artwork thingy

      Nice details! Zenyatta looks like he'd be a pain to draw up (especially the neck and arms)

        He is. The worst thing is that the images I used fromt he reference kit are sightly different to the actual in game model. I've decided to go with a kind of Hybrid. Just stuck on the hands.

      Your stuff is always so good. It's like how i imagine my drawings, but it actually comes out the right way! :p

      I want to commission you to do some fight stick artwork. I have two naked cases, some idea of the designs, and a complete inability to wield photoshop.

        I have no idea what you're on about, but I'll try my best?

          Err, by naked i just mean without art! It's all innocent stuff, just two pokken themes.

          I'll add you on twitter.

            Alright, so you just want stick figures? Or you want me to turn stick figures into other things?

              I think he means like arcade cabinet fight stick controllers. Like the decals you see on this:

              No no, a fight stick is an arcade stick, a joystick controller for fighting games. The top panel is clear plastic so you can insert a design underneath.

              Like this:


              No stick men are involved, just a stern blaziken.

                Ah okay, If you get me a template, some reference art, then I can probably do it. I'll even do it before my other projects. Did you want Vector, or Raster?
                For example, Mercy is Vector. The Zenyatta base is raster

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                Something like the 4th one of these would look pretty sweet.

                There's a cool picture of the three evolutions all doing the same kick in the Google Image results (beware, there's also a whole lot of Blaziken butthole scattered in the mix).

                This whole line of conversation gave me a hearty chuckle :P

    Hi, TAY.
    Had trouble getting up this morning because Max was curled up on my bed.
    But I'm up and out of bed, at least. :)

    I be playing the Pillows of Eternitys. Is good.

    I be watching the Chronicles of Shannara. I'm not comfortable saying it's "good", it certainly isn't seems to be aimed at a younger demographic than old man jimu.

    I'm enjoying it anyway.

    So much elf sex.

      I need to finish that series off. I was enjoying it but it's not great, as you said. But a lot of that is because of starting from pretty average source material IMO. Still, it's nice to see some older fantasy stuff getting okay TV adaptions. Gives me some hope that the eventual Wheel of Time one might not be shit on a biscuit.

        I get the impression they fixed the casual racism & sexism that went on in the olden days. It's still a lot of whities & a handsome young man in a love triangle with two hot brunettes though (not that I'm complaining).

        Your tolerance of the show would come down to how much young adult angst you can stomach.

        The fantasy concepts although obviously heavily inspired by Tolkien are interesting enough that I've only got one episode to go.

      It's OK. Gets better as the series goes on. Definitely aimed at my wife, who loves that sort of thing. She was very happy I recorded it for her.

      The books get better, and hopefully season 2 will improve accordingly.

      It really is Fantasy By Numbers though.


        Has a second series been confirmed?

    It's monday, I'm not at work and I have a lot of washing to do today.

    I worked out how to set my Hunter Axe on fire. That was fun. I want to buy more fire paper.

    Other than that, I spent a considerable amount of time over the weekend running. A good idea, seeing as I've bought myself an entry in a Half Marathon in 6 weeks' time :)

    If you'd like to give some money to The Black Dog Institute, here's the link:

    I hurt my back watching anime this weekend. I'm definitely going to die alone... =S

      How? Or maybe I shouldn't ask.

        I moved the table so I could do something, then later instead of moving the table back I just laid on the couch in an awkward way so I could still reach my Big M and see the TV. It's like I went out of my way to avoid sensible solutions to the problem.

          Sensible solution? Don't be daft. No one does that =P

          Depending on what the anime was this might be acceptable behavior.

    Hi-ho people.

    More Overwatch questions, I'm sure people aren't sick of those yet!

    1. What Hero are you most reluctant to play? Mine is Lucio because I legit can't figure his shit out.
    2. How can people believe in the existence of a kind and loving god when Torbjorn exists?
    3. Is it even worth bothering to use Winston's energy shield? Because everyone just walks through it and then kills me anyway.
    4. How the fuck do you hit ANYTHING as McCree?

      1. McCree because I can't play him. He requires a lot of accuracy.
      2. I like torbjorn. I usually set up my turret over an objective as a last defence and then move forward and go into the fight.
      3. You're supposed to duck in and out of the shield. It's like Reinhardts where you can walk through it. I still haven't mastered winston in the slightest.
      4. Press Q, apprently.

      1. Junkrat because for some reason I just can't use his weapon properly.
      2. He's a very situational hero, ironically junkrat's one of the hero's that shuts him down pretty quickly. Mei does a good job as well, put a wall in front of a turret and its done.
      3. Well they're meant to walk through it and you pummel them with your ultimate ability, alternatively its great for zoning since it forces enemies to get into the shield to deal with you. But no don't stand in the shield if the entire enemy team is charging towards you.
      4. Flashbang - Fan the Hammer, whine about him getting nerfed :P Jokes aside without his abilities McCree can only get one clear shot without having to re-aim due to the recoil. Short range you just FTH and hope you kill something.

        You don't need to use his weapon, just throw the concussion mine at everyone.

      1. Bastion, because I feel dirty and require a shower after I've played as him
      2. Torb is great on some maps. But easy to counter. Play as either Genji, D.Va or Junkrat or indeed any snip and you need not worry. Just stop running out into the open once you know where it is.
      3. Think of Winston Shield not as a tool for yourself but a tool for others. The shields in this game are for guarding an area, not guarding your character. This is especially the case with a Mercy/Lucio on the team who can follow you around. Drop the shield on the point to keep someone alive for example, or drop it on a Bastion to be fucking annoying. :P
      4. Short answer: Point your target reticle at an enemy and press lmb
      Long answer: McCree is more of a mid range sniper now than anything. You need to sit behind your line and pick off targets rather than running in. The point of flashbang is if you then get flanked and you need something to get you out of a jam. Only problem is if most chars are full health, they can take a full fan the hammer and still be upright. We worked out you need a headshot, and then a fan the hammer to kill reliably. My strat is flashbang, fan the hammer, dodge roll reload and then go for the headshot/fth again. Takes a bit of practice but once you get it down you'll be a beast again. This is why McCree is getting lots of love in defense maps because he can pick off people running to the point/cart, and can keep himself alive in a crisis.

      Also, side note, Lucio is EASY. You heal by just standing there, so all you have to do is blast people until you're ult is ready then boom! Also remember, every capture the point map has enviro kills lucio can take advantage of.

    Well, fuck.
    Apparently my cooking class is finished, and I get told that on the day we were supposed to resume it after having two weeks off.

    So I pre-ordered one of them Gears of War Xbox One consoles.. This is why I shouldn't be allowed money >_>

    Woot, unlocked 5-star quests yesterday.
    Now tasked with taking down two big scary things that surprised me in earlier hunts (tho not the one that beat the crap out of me cos I tried to fight it - presume he'll be the 6-star urgent) and the mate of the rathian I'd killed repeatedly last week - I can't imagine he'll be happy. *eep*
    That said, Yian Garuga was a fun fight (poison aside), and his armour looks pretty badass, so might deck myself with that before taking on the big/mid-size scary stuff.

    Also, I may have spent two capture quests thinking my game was bugged when I couldn't throw any of the tranqs I had in my inventory, before I realised they weren't tranq bombs. So... still definitely a noob at this :P

      Only up to 4 star stuff online myself, still on 3 star offline because I'm taking my time. So far the jump from low to high rank hasn't hurt as much as it used to, maybe I'm better at the game now(Hahaha, yeah, right).
      The Garuga is such an annoying monster to fight, only a little more annoying than the Kut-Ku and the Gypceros.

      What weapon/style are you using? My main is Great Sword/Adept which I really love but I keep trying to switch it up a little with Long Sword and Switch-Axe.

        Really? Maybe it's because I'm doing the offline quests (I hear the online ones are tougher), but I found the Kut-ku really easy, and the Garuga not much different (tho he does hit a fair bit harder). Only quest-objective monster that's really given me any problem was Shogun Ceanataur, because he keeps inflicting this annoying pink status effect that saps my health when I run... but my palicos have been doing a pretty good job keeping me alive.

        Mainning Aerial style with an Iron Switch-axe and the tier 2 offensive skill - my main tactic for most things is "leap up off monster's body, bring switch-axe down on head, repeat." I was running Guild Longsword for a bit at the start, but aerial switchaxe is just too hilarious to swap away from. Been meaning to give aerial daggers a shot - I'd imagine it would be pretty chaotic :P

        I should probably try more of the online quests... still HR1, tho I've soloed a couple of the online hunts out of curiosity. But been preoccupied with the offline stuff thus far, and only really playing on weekends, so slowly working through it.

          Oh yeah, they're not difficult to fight, just annoying. Since I main the Great Sword, they move around a bit too much for my liking, makes it hard to line up charge shots.
          Aerial Switch-Axe is a lot of fun, I love the extra uppercut you get in sword mode when you jump.
          I mostly play on the weekend and little bits throughout the week with @scrumptatoes

            I thought this was a response to me, could not figure it out.

            @os42 Yeah, we punch birds. Always happy to have new people punching birds with us.

            I love the feel of impact you get with the heavier weapons - the hammer especially - but find I can't hit anything with them, and moving with them is so slow. The switch-axe's flexibility is kinda great in that regard. I'll generally only use the sword form when I've knocked the monster down, and don't have to worry about incoming damage - the extra uppercut you get with aerial is awesome, but I find it doesn't offset the huge loss in mobility that comes with the sword form.

            There are so many interesting-looking weapons, tho - I kinda want to try them all. :P

              My go-to combo with aerial switch axe is to run up and draw attack straight into sword, then evade into aerial attacks.
              Back in MH Tri on Wii, I mostly used Sword and Shield because of the speed/mobility but eventually I got confident enough to try the great sword, and once I got used to it and learnt some patience, it was hard to put down.

    @jocon @windwaker peeps I'll be rounding up the group this week after invasions launch for us to hit the content as a guild. If you can jump on in the evenings in game and on disc, would like to use the event to build up some rapport with raiders.

    For what it's worth looks like in the first week invasions will occur only once every 4 hours.

      Been thinking about this for a few days and tried to think of an excuse without sounding flaky, realized that's impossible.

      I decided I no longer want to play in Legion, the hype just got to me and when i had time to cool down I realized I made commitments i shouldn't have, too a game I no longer want to play.

      Sorry dude. you might think this might be due to the new pressures of the guild but it really isn't.

        Not going to lie, definitely disappointed but I appreciate you letting me know a few weeks in advance of legion. If you decide to return down the line feel free to hit me up.

        Back to vetting recruits again lol, already got 3 apps to go through.

      I have come so close to re-subscribing to WoW recently. If only I was in your timezone :(

    So I've been kind of conflicted on this whole ABS census kerffufle thats going around. On one side I'm very pro-privacy, pro individual rights vs government etc. And while I would normally be completely on the side of boycotting this data gathering I keep coming back to this backlash from the public. People are happy to give up rights to privacy to companies like Twitter, Facebook, any social media in exchange for a more convenient way to broadcast and connect. However we're going to refuse to do this for our own government when the data might actually be used to better the country?

    And don't get me started on security concerns, any data anywhere stored remotely that can identify you has the potential to be hacked, regardless of whether its government controlled or corporate. Am I missing something? We didn't even make a whimper when the government passed legislation to effectively track where we are, who we speak to and what we might be doing 24-7 online but give data to the census we rise up in protest? What the @!$# people.

      Facebook/Twitter doesn't have your exact name and address, your suburb (For facebook) potentially yes, but not address. Plus it's all completely optional how much you put in, Census made it mandatory.

        Eh. You can add & list your street address on Facebook so yeah..

          Again, optional, not threatening you with a fine for not entering it

            Optional if you turn off location services :P

      We didn't even make a whimper when the government passed legislation to effectively track where we are, who we speak to and what we might be doing 24-7 online but give data to the census we rise up in protest? What the @!$# people.

      As frustrating as that is I'll take protest against this sort of crap where I can get it. If the census is the thing that actually motivates people to get off their butts and do something, well, at least they got off their butts eventually.
      I think it's due to the more active roll required here. People roll over when it's a faceless group like 'the government' or Facebook because we're used to them dictating policies to us and ignoring reactions that they deem inconsequential. This time they're actually asking us to hand them the power rather than simply granting themselves the power. It's about as close as we get to opt-in participation.

      Personally I'm really conflicted. I understand the importance of the census and agree with it, but I feel like by participating in the census this time I'll be playing an active part in creating a very unnecessary weapon. I don't believe anyone currently has any intent to use it as a weapon, the ABS almost certainly just want to do their job 'better,' but when you build this sort of database it creates pressure to use it.
      I'm very aware that Australia has a long history of fucking over Australians for the sake of some vague threat to stability so I feel like my participation in the census actually stands a reasonable chance of hurting people.

        The very objective of what Census is trying to do, saving name and address is completely unnecessary. It's meant to guide the government on the numbers on age groups, religions, etc, so why does my name contribute to policies? You mean to tell me you'd make a new renewable energy policy if my name was "Max Power" or something? Because if that's true, then I'll do just that, cuz screw your coal industry! :P

          Exactly, it's the sort of information the census is designed to avoid. It's meant to be free from the potential bias that's introduced when you know the participants by name. I don't think Jack's data is going to be given more weight than Jill's, but saying they need names is just ridiculous.

      Yeah, see the only entity on the internet that has my personal details are those that need to ship me physical goods. Beyond that no, not even Facebook knows more than my name and city - the account only exists to keep friends/family happy, I don't even post to it.

      Besides, I KNOW what FB, Google ect will use the info about me for - advertising. And I also know that they are competent about digital security.
      But our Government does not have the best track record lately for smart, well thought out decision making. Will that info end up being accessed by institutions that will misuse it, even if the ABS doesn't themselves? I betcha.
      And for sure they don't know sweet F**k all about digital security. I literally bet you $50 that database will be hacked before the next census. Hey, just like Turkey's was.

      I'm all for the census, but holey crap did they not think this through. Anyone could have see this would be the reaction. Which is why, you know, they tried to quietly change it without telling anybody and hoped we wouldn't notice.
      If you are gonna make changes like this that has such a impact on something every citizen is FORCED to be a part of, the least they could have done is do it above board, well beforehand and with actual consultation on the effects. Then we wouldn't be having this conversation a day before the Census is due and the results wouldn't be completely skewed due to negative fallout.

      And regarding the last bit? People did whimper. But were ignored because short of a riot there is nothing we can really do that actually has an affect on legislation. But this can be protested in your own home with a pen and the effects will be seen.

      Oh AND they made it an online thing for the first time? They seriously are asking 90% of the population to log into the same site at the same time without having done a digital rollout of even a fraction of the scope prior as a test and expect it's gonna work fine? Has no-one at the ABS paid attention to the launch of an online game in the last 10 years? Games made by people who's literal job it is to make services designed for that kinda load and who still regularly mess it up.
      And these are the people who are asking us to trust their judgement...

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        I tried calling multiple times for a paper form, not even their automated call system can handle the load and just says "Please call in at a later time, thank you" *click*. So yeah, they really know what they're doing... totes

          I managed to get through and order one. It said thankyou, it's on it's way.
          That was over a week ago, still has not arrived :/

        See I hear you on all of those points and I have to come back to the meta-data legislation. Do you really believe the government doesn't already have access to information that tells them who you are and where you go at any point in time? We've already surrendered this information to them. It's done, gone. Yes its stored and collected by our local network providers but come on, do we really think their security is on par with global social media companies?

        So the question I would like to ask is - we've already given access to these pieces of information if not directly then indirectly via extrapolation of existing data to companies/governments and organizations. Seems kind of stupid and pointless to gather in protest when the coffin's already in the ground and is half filled with dirt. There is nothing the census is going to find out about you that cannot already be found out through collation of your digital footprint.

        With regards to protesting, here's a counter question. When was the last time any individual anywhere in any developed country in the last 10 years felt like their politicians had the nation's best interest at heart? Or possibly even heard a fraction of what the public wanted? For crying out loud we're carrying out a plebiscite on gay marriage and we already have politicians who've come out saying they wont abide by it. So I say to you protesting when the system no longer cares or is unable to care is waste of effort.

        We gave up our right to privacy a little bit every day since social media launched. Trying to claim it back when they've pretty much got all the data they would already need for a profile is creating noise for the sake of it. We agreed as a majority that privacy doesn't matter when we allowed changes that violated our civil rights on the basis that it brought security to the nation. The census is considerably less sinister.

        I guess my point to make in all of this is - too little too late.

          The meta-data info is different. It's not specific information nor is it directly used to shape policies that affect how I am able to live, nor is it available at the press of a button. But yes, it is BS.
          And yes, various organizations have information about me, but not all in the one place and collated into a profile.
          People can't just type my name in a search field and have everything about me displayed in a spreadsheet. But that's what they are trying to do.

          And again you go back to info on social media. But again, I don't do that. I care about my privacy and security.

          And protesting? So you are saying "Well, we didn't do enough about it last time so lets not bother now or in the future."? "Well our government's always been a bit shit, so let's just let them keep at it."?
          As @dogman said, If the census is the thing that actually motivates people to get off their butts and do something, well, at least they got off their butts eventually. Better late than never.
          And if the census gets borked because of it? Well if that's the thing that gets the Government to get off their butts and actually listen, better late than never.

          So we should just quit? We were mislead into letting the King become a tyrant, so the story is over? Star Wars would be a very different story if Leia had of sat around going 'well, nobody spoke up sooner so I guess we all deserve this'.

          I dunno, I feel like you're confusing 'people' with 'some people' and 'let' with 'didn't understand what was going on well enough to know they should fight it'. It's hard not to blame them or ourselves for the current predicament, and the disinterest on these topics from the general population is extremely de-motivational, but you've got to ask yourself if you believe this is wrong. That's the important question. It doesn't matter where we are or how we got here, what matters is that I believe this is wrong and needs to be corrected.
          We've finally got a situation where the general public actually cares about privacy rights enough for politicians to actually talk about it. We can either sit here feeling sorry for ourselves or take advantage of this opportunity.

            That sounds all well and good in principal but the reality is the general public will be up in arms about it today and forget about it tomorrow and be up in arms about the next new craze. That's just how we work in this day and age and the media help reinforce that thought process.

            The fact of the matter we live in a democracy, which means as much as you or I might care it doesn't matter until the majority cares. And the sad truth is these days the majority can't care for anything beyond themselves for more than a few days.

            Worth noting my comments aren't directed at TAYbies who I know understand their privacy and whats involved online but rather towards the general public that refer to meta data as the information on the envelope of a letter.

            Do you really think the government will do anything even if the census data is screwed via majority protest? The reality is they'll just take the incorrect data and roll with it, and make some promises about how they'll try and do things differently at the next census. Lo and behold by the time the next census comes around the general public will have forgotten all about it.

            The difference between the rebel alliance and the general population across most developed countries? The alliance had conviction and believed in something beyond themselves. I still recall one of the guys I studied with a few years ago saying he didn't want to vote for Gillard because she was a read head. In my experience that thought process isn't the exception, its the rule.

            Here's a nice little example. Every piece of economic data I have studied since the GFC shows world economies including ours is heading towards a massive global market catastrophe on par or surpassing the great depression. Would you be aware of this? Would any average australian know this? Would you care to know that in our lifetime we are likely to see a market collapse unlike any other? Or how about climate change. In under a 100 years 70% of the worlds landmass will be uninhabitable. A 100 years. Do any of these topics get any coverage whatsoever? We just don't care as a species/as a people. I care, you might care, everyone in here might care. But WE i.e. the majority. Do not care.

              That sounds all well and good in principal but the reality is the general public will be up in arms about it today and forget about it tomorrow and be up in arms about the next new craze.

              But that's exactly why we need to take advantage of it while we can. Politicians are actually speaking against this because for once there's enough weight behind the backlash that they can safely say they disagree with their party. That won't save the world, it won't have a massive positive impact, but it might disarm one negative impact and to me that's a lot better than rolling over.

              I think you're being way too cynical here. It's understandable, I don't have much faith in people as a group either, but I think the cynical attitude that nothing good can happen because 'everyone is stupid, lazy and self-centred' is the exact reason why people come across as stupid, lazy and self-centred. We see one fragment of a thought by a person and jump to the conclusion that the fragment defines them.
              If I didn't know you from TAY it'd be incredibly easy for me to look at you and think 'oh, this guy is just some lazy asshole throwing a tantrum because nobody will save the world for him' but that's not true. If you stop and think about it the idea that you're this avatar of everything I hate about people in general is ridiculous.
              It's rarely true about anyone but it seems like they're everywhere because we live in a world that fixates on assholes. We subconsciously treat YouTube comments like they're an accurate representation of the population and not just a place where idiots go to fight. 350,000 people watch a video, 1,000 people make stupid comments, and for some reason that makes us think everyone is stupid. 99% of the comments are dumb but the comments only make up a fraction of the people involved and almost all of them are by people who don't know how to express their opinions clearly in a comment.

              Do any of these topics get any coverage whatsoever?

              The reason for that is depressingly simple. You and I quit on the news. Channel Ten's 'news' insulted us so we stopped watching, leaving only the easily manipulated behind. So they now openly pander to the easily manipulated. We did the same thing with political parties. They were willing to endure the headaches we caused them so we gave up, and now they're free to be casually self-serving without even a little bit of a headache.
              We're not quitting to move on to the next phase like everyone else, we're pre-emptively quitting to move onto nothing.

              Do you really think the government will do anything even if the census data is screwed via majority protest?

              I actually do think they'll have to redo it if it's significantly broken. The ABS have a job to do and they need accurate data to do it. This is one of those rare situations where we actually have some power to push back.

                That's where I have a problem and I think it's where democracy fails. In order for democracy to work the population as a whole needs to be engaged in the democratic process, you need an engaged and informed electorate in order for the country to move forward. However what we have at the moment is more akin to Rome using wars/conquests/free entertainment to dislodge the public from what's really wrong.

                It's worth noting I rarely assume anyone to be of any intellect until I get to know them, and if my collection of friends/acquaintances is anything to go by then the majority really don't care and conform to that stereotype. In fact across the 20 odd people I can think of off the top of my head I think maybe 2 actually keep abreast of current events. Other are busy planning trips, social events, possibly weddings, etc. Heck I still remember at the election just gone there was an asian lady in the elevator with me telling her friend she wasn't voting coalition because they're cutting medicare. Like what the hell people. You can't reduce an election campaign to a single bloody sentence.

                To be fair I also avoid social media like the plague for this very reason, the entire concept makes it too easy to constantly focus on your life, your friends, yourself. I much rather prefer focusing on everyone; especially the people/points of view/ideas/experiences that I'm not aware of.

              Worth noting my comments aren't directed at TAYbies who I know understand their privacy and whats involved online but rather towards the general public that refer to meta data as the information on the envelope of a letter.

              It doesn't really need to be said, but just to be 100% clear on this I get that you're not directing your comments at me/TAY specifically and likewise I'm definitely not trying to get on your back about anything I'm saying.

      All the "but Apple/Google/Facebook/similar" things annoy me, since I take no part in those either :P And certainly would never give them my name and address, or even phone number. Basically the same as Jo, only use those for having stuff shipped to me, otherwise the only thing you'll get out of me online is a first name.

      Actually, basically the same as what Jo said for everything :P Zero faith in them being able to pull it off, both in terms of performance on the night and keeping it secure. "Better mascots than you have tried".

        All the "but Apple/Google/Facebook/similar" things annoy me, since I take no part in those either :P

        They annoy me because why the hell would I let them set the standard here. It's like saying 'well, coke is full of sugar and caffeine already and tons of people drink that, so what's the harm in dumping a bunch of sugar and caffeine in the drinking water'.

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere's Spaghett

    Last song played time

    Hello from the Magic Taven - episode 13 Boy's Night.

    Loving it so much

    bought Rainbox Six Siege on the weekend, bit late to that party but am enjoying it so far.

    Played a lot of Borderlands 2 and The Pre-Sequel.

    Also purchased Shadow of Mordor, The Evil Within, Oblivion and Call of Chtulhu Dark Corners of the Earth on Steam.

    Also went to the dog lovers show and it was great.

    Last edited 08/08/16 2:45 pm

      Schism by Tool

      CoC is still one of my faves, such an unusual game.

        I played it years ago, I think around launch. Loved it.

      I saw that somebody seemed to add a reverse convict tax to shadows of mordor so grabbed that as well

        It was massivley on sale so I snapped it up :)

        The rest of those steam games were on sale because of Quakecon.

      ooh - I have one!

      Grease Lightning - the Glee Cast version

      My little boy is doing a dance to it at school and wants to practice at every opportunity ^_^

    Edit: I'm not good at replies today.

    Played a bit of Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death over the weekend. It's one of those third person melee games, a la God of War.

    Even though the controls feel a little imprecise and the game is certainly lacking the sheen of its AAA counterparts, there is an odd charm to the middling script and the visual design of the levels that keeps drawing me back.

    Last edited 08/08/16 3:28 pm


    Stuff Is Happening.

    There are more and more rumblings of Strange Events. A crashed ship with a weird message, more and more wrecks, and the Unknown Artefacts and Probes are becoming pretty easy to find in the California Nebula, Pleiades, Witchhead, Orion Nebula and so on.

    What does it all mean?


    I've been attempting to reach the famous wandering Jaques Station which wound up 22,000ly from Sol after its failed jump to Beagle Point. I was planning to deliver some power generators as part of a 4 week community goal. It ended on Sunday with my Anaconda still with 10,000ly to go.

    I'll finish the journey this week but miss out on 13,000,000cr of bonus from partaking in the community event.

    Still, there's activity in a pristine area of the galaxy now - lots of miners out there, and there's already plans for a new surface outpost and another station. If Jaques does get his engines fixed and move on then there'll be a permanent waystation 4000ly from Sag A*.

    Cmdr Trikeabout reporting from deep deep space.

      I haven't played in ages but it's been interesting following the threads. I don't know which would have been more impossible for me, the probe signal decode puzzle over there or the Stranger Things puzzles over here :P

    I had to laugh today. Saw some fool run a red light (which they had stopped for initially) today when there were 2 marked highway patrol cars right behind them, at least the cops didn't ignore it and pulled the twit over. That's a special kind of stupid right there.

    So I had two Warmachine tournaments on the weekend. Which was enough to determine to me that I don't like the new MK3 rules and my Faction is now worthless.

    Also fell asleep twice while driving home.

      3rd edition is always the upset. It's the first time you see bloat and 1st edition rules that no longer exist trickling down to influence current edition rules in stupid ways. I wouldn't stress too much though, it seems like Warmachine has too much invested in being a playable game to let it fall apart.
      Plus you seem good enough at this stuff that after some more playing around with it you'll find a place in the new meta.

        Yeah, they skipped an open beta to avoid any sales loss.

        The real problem is that I hate the new meta. MK2 wasn't 100% balanced, but the idea of non-existing lists was appealing. There were a wide selection of lists people could make, even adding in some personality to it. But infantry and solos all got a wide nerf while 'jacks all got buffed. Now the meta is a whole lot of 'jack spamming, or range spamming. Infantry and solos are worthless because they're easier to kill.

        It's worse for my faction of Menoth, who had their best models nerfed to be lame, and our worst models buffed to be lame. Everybodys already making 'jack spamming lists (because Menoth lacks good range units it's all we have).

    So, Rimworld has devoured the fuck out of my time.
    It's basically Prison Architect as a colonization sim, and it's remorseless. It took me about six failed colonies before I really figured out the systems needed to make these little guys survive, but man does the game still like to shit in your daily cereal. Winter is a thing to be feared.

    \o/ looks like it'll be a good few weeks hours wise for me at work! One of the guys I work with in BWS is on holidays for 2 weeks so I pick up some of his hours (8 hours on fridays & sundays fuck yeah) & the Nightfill manager in the Woolies is away for 3 weeks on holidays and it just happens the two guys running Nightfill for those 3 weeks always like giving me hours so that's awesome. Also the co-worker in BWS on holidays might have to take 5 weeks leave at the end of the month too for an operation so even more hours are possible, which would be nice because I could then start putting money into a new PC :D

    Eww eww eww. Why is the a maggot in my tin of tuna?

      Must've been eaten by the tuna. Possibly. To be safe you should ask the store you bought it from.

      Edit: Also feel free to let us know which store/brand it was so I never buy anything from there ever.

      Last edited 09/08/16 10:38 am

        Haha, Woolworths/Greenseas. To be fair though, this in one tin in thousands that I've bought from them. And, as gross as maggots are, when they're brined with tuna and chilli, it's hardly going to kill me.
        Shot an email off to Greenseas, it'll be interesting what their response is.

          Man, if I encountered that, I'd swear off eating dolphins forever.

            If it was wriggling, I'd have more of a problem.

            I just rewatched the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, I can think of a few things they'd say to that :P

    OK lets talk pokemon go
    I just got my 500 pokemon captured medal this morning so I figured why not see where other people are at
    My stats
    Level: 19
    Poekmon caught: 505
    Pokedex: 61
    Highest CP: 1071
    Most caught: Pidgey or Rattata
    Most recent caught: Bellsprout

    How I play: I mostly play on my way to work. Tram ride in can work quite well and passes the time. Including my walk from the tram stop to the office I generally clock around 2 km of egg hatching time. I also get around 25 pokestops during that time, mostly on the tram.
    I also often take a quick lunch time walk around to see what I can find as an excuse to get out of the office.
    Otherwise I wait until Tiglet says 'turtle on" or "mouse on" and then have her on me as we scroll through my pokemon with her randomly calling out which one she want to see. Big mouse, crocdil, little mouse, big mouse, little mouse, bell, star, big turtle, turtle, so on and so forth

    How about you?

      I caught one! I did! I caught one!!!

      And then work happened and I haven't been able to play.

      I can't see all my stats because I'm on the 29th floor and get no GPS signal here, which means I have a red bar across the top of my screen, but here's what I can see:
      Level 15
      Total caught: ???
      Pokedex: Seen 49, Caught 49
      Highest CP: 779 Pinsir
      Most caught (I assume this is just from memory): Pidgey
      Most recent: Staryu
      Best medal: Bird Keeper (currently my only gold at 202 bird-types caught)

      I only play during the week when I go for walks on my lunch breaks which is probably twice a week at most. There are a TON of Pokestops in the Sydney CBD and a lot of them have lures meaning there are a ton of players. I occasionally whip my phone out while walking to and from the station or while out shopping but there aren't usually many pokestops where I'm walking so at most I might leave it out for a little bit to progress an egg, but mostly I don't bother.

      Level: 3
      Poekmon caught: 7
      Pokedex: 7
      Highest CP: 151 Pinsir
      Most caught: Doduo
      Most recent caught: a cp53 Doduo!

    Last song played time?

    Lost boys by The 69 Eyes.

    currently listening to Hello from the Magic Tavern Episode 25 - Eagles.

    How are you all?

      Eminem - Bad Guy

      Started listening to the Marshall Mathers LP2 just as I got to work.

    Solved the Kotaku riddle last night with a bit of assistance from @trjnrabbit, @beeawwb and @fatshadylive

    Great competition, a lot of fun

      I can't wait for this all to be over and to find out we were completely wrong every step of the way :p

        I spoke to Jung today. The Enigma Room people will be posting an article once it's all done. Can't wait to see everyones comments in that!

        Dreading it.

        "What do you mean this had nothing to do with shellfish?"

          We all got "Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you?" as the final answer, right?


          I've made a huge mistake.

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