The Big Question: Butter, Margarine Or Olive Oil?

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I've gotten into something of a habit with bread over the past few days. You see, I love warm bread. And I'm not talking toast, but rolls straight out of the oven, straight out of the bakery. Crunchy on the outside, warm and loving on the inside.

When you have something that good, there's only one thing to do: crack it open and spread some sweet, sweet butter over those carbs.

Or is it?

At first I was thinking it could be a butter or margarine deal. And to me, there's a clear winner: butter every day of the week, hands down.

But let's say I've got a really nice loaf of bread. Something hearty. Something that won't fall apart. A strong rye, Russian or black bread. The kind of bread you could beat people with once it hardens. That kind of hearty.

If I'm indulging in a warm slice of that, olive oil is a requirement. Extra virgin, or perhaps something with a nice kick of lemon. But some people eschew both of those and opt for margarine for health benefits.

What about yourselves? How do you cover your carbs — butter, margarine or olive oil?


    Very decadent there, sir. This from a bog standard brumbies or do people rock the small electric ovens in the office?

    Wholemeal is a less guilty way of doing this, right?

    To be honest, I had no idea there was a difference until my girlfriend told me.

    All these years I've just been ignorantly stumbling into Coles to pick up a bucket of yellow spread.

    Depends on what I'm doing, but yes; good quality bread deserves olive oil. Otherwise butter. Never margarine.

    This isn't even a discussion - it's obviously butter. Don't @ me.

      Can we reply though?

    Olive oil for something dense.
    Butter for everything else
    Margarine for really soft shitty bread. That sort of bread doesnt deserve butter.

    Margarine, mostly because I need to watch my cholesterol intake.

    I vote Nuttelex/margarine

    I can't do dairy *shrug*

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    I always have my sandwiches Butterfree... :|

      I don't have the patience for that, I give up waiting at caterpie.

      And aren't the wings a bit dry?

    I do all three and use Olive Grove (or similar). Has the consistency of margarine, nutty taste of butter, and the goodness of olive oil. Its also claimed to have considerably less fat than butter, the main reason I started using it.

    Switched to that 15 years ago and havent looked back since.

      Same here. Extra Virgin Olive Grove on fresh hot bread... ambrosia.

    again? must be a popular topic in the office.

    Marg for lyf yo

    Olive Oil for my standard butter style spreading needs. However for baking I only ever use butter.

    Butter all the way.

    I still remember the good old days when my Nan would have a stick of butter half melted at the lunch table ready to go for sandwich goodness. You really can't beat that taste.

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    On bread? Butter any day of the week. Any bread. Butter me up.

    If you get a nice tough piece of bread just toss some butter in the pan with the bread and let the fatty goodness soak in.

    Margarine on pretty much anything except for baking, which requires proper butter.

    Olive oil as a spreadable? Weirdos.

      don't knock it till you've tried it. Olive oil is much better for you than Marg or Butter.

      Dipping bread in Olive Oil dates back at least to the Romans. And if the Romans did it, you know it can't possibly be weird.

    Well, we couldn't really afford butter growing up, so margarine by default. I couldn't imagine using olive oil unless it was a really hard piece of bread where spreading something on it would just make it crumble away

    Mainland Buttersoft
    is butter and only butter with no shitty softening additives.
    they just add water to make it less hard.
    never Margarine, FFS, NEVER MARGARINE!
    olive oil only for dipping artisan breads alongside balsamic vinegar and sometimes dukkah

    None of the above. Straight vegemite.

    On nice warm bread like that I have to go butter.
    For generic everyday use like toast I use a butter replacement thingy, no idea what it is called, the one with the cow on it :P

    In my opinion, these days butter coasts as the favourite, mostly because tradition/snobbery. Margarine tastes good and buttery enough nowadays (and is generally healthier) that there's little reason to wrestle with a bread-destroying hardened block of fat. /unpopular opinions.

    Butter, hands down. On occasion a good olive oil and some dukkah are excellent.

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