What's The Best Kind Of Cookie?

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Earlier this week Tegan decided to flex her baking muscle, by way of making shortbread. Every now and again someone in the office has a crack, which tends to cheer everyone up. And it's also a useful opportunity to solve one important question for this week's Off Topic: what's the best kind of cookie?

Firstly, and this is the only correct answer: the best cookie is one straight out of the oven. Yes, cookies should be left to cool. Yes, they should be allowed to harden. Not too much. But goddamnit, there's nothing in this world like a soft, warm cookie straight from the pan. It's a slice of heaven.

But if we're talking the type of cookie, well then.

I'm always partial to a heavy chocolate or a macadamia-based creation. If you're buying one from the store (say, Woolies) then those double choc cookies are deadly. If you're making them yourself, however, there's nothing quite like a cookie with a strong hit of salt. I've never been the biggest fan of peanut butter cookies, only because they tend to get a bit too gummy in the mouth, although I'm starting to come around as I get older.

But if I had to pick one? A hardened, but soft in the centre. Bread flour can make a big difference, if you can find it.

What's your favourite cookie?


    Choco-chip cookies are hard to beat, a true classic

    Kingstons :D
    but seriously ANZAC is best

    (comment about saying cookie instead of biscuit while decrying American influences on Australian culture)

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    Chocolate chip.

    Close the thread, we're done here :P

    Choc chip. With big choc chunks.

    Anzac biscuits are really moreish though. I can just keep eating those things.

    Woolies in house cookies aren't too bad, particularly the bigger 5 for $2.50 ones. Wrap em and stick em in the microwave for 12-14 seconds, and they end up with a warm (and gooey soft chocolate) centre, while slightly cooling to give just enough of a crusty outer case to work wonders. White chocolate and cranberry are my default choice, but the 'regular' choc chip more than does the job as well.

    Stroopwafels are incredible. Not really a cookie, more of a caramel/wafer combination. But you can buy them in the biscuit aisle at some places.

      The dutch know how to make very good bicsuits. They are super good with ice cream.

    The free ones from work that the bakery team leave in the staff room..

    I think it's very important to note that I made *salted butter chocolate chunk shortbread cookies*

    Mint slice is my favourite to buy, but to make, I really like making anzac biscuits, and I love a chewy muesli cookie, which is usually an anzac biscuit base with extra goodies in it. That reminds me, I need to dig out my recipe for carrot cake cookies - they're super good for school lunches.

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