The Strange And Disturbing Creatures That People Are Finding In No Man's Sky

You never know what you might find while out and exploring in No Man's Sky. Image credit: Dark_3nergy

Players everywhere are making their way through galaxy right now, and in some planets, they're finding all sorts of fascinating flora and fauna. I've compiled some images of the best discoveries players have made below, but feel free to share your creatures in the comments.

So far, it seems universal that any variations of space dogs are the best, and that anything with tentacles is the worst. Also, No Man's Sky totally has some dick-looking monsters. It's wild, as you'll see below:

Image credit: Belfast

Image credit: soundn3ko

Via bigDave

Via ironcreed

Via ironcreed

Via Aselith

Image credit: Smodzilla

Image credit: Betty

Image credit: theWB27

Image credit: Normandy_sr3

Image credit: octopusslayer

Image credit: GEARHEADGus

Via: powerpyx

Via powerpyx

Via: powerpyx

Image credit: WardenOfSpace

Image credit: ROUGEZ

Image credit: ROUGEZ

Image credit: ROUGEZ

Image credit: ROUGEZ

WHAT IS THAT. #nomanssky

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They did a great job modeling my upstairs neighbor. #nomanssky

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