What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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After spending much of the last couple of days working late in the office wishing I could play No Man's Sky, this weekend I'm going to spend some more time doing it — especially since it'll be playable on PC.

I have a nice little setup in my bedroom where I can play on one monitor and my partner can plug her stuff into the other. Alternatively, we can clear things off and she can have her laptop on the side.

It's the same setup we used to work through The Division, and it worked just handily for some games of Don't Starve Together as well. And now that No Man's Sky is just around the corner — and in many ways, it's a great second screen game — I wouldn't be surprised if I spend most of the weekend doing this.

If I can get a bit of extra time, I'll probably play a few Dota 2 games as well as continuing my F1 2016 career. I'm still only on Bahrain right now, representing the lowly Manor Racing outfit. But baby steps.

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm going to gently raise the subject of No Man's Sky in text chat with my wife to gauge how annoyed she'll be about me bringing home a copy after work today.

    So probably more Borderlands 2.

    Hoping to get some Pillars of Eternity in. I've found it's not a great game to play tired so that could be a problem

      Ooh, lookit mr PC Master Race with his "PC games" here.

        Shut it, filthy commoner!

          Be careful how you talk to those filthy commoners. As one pointed out to me last week, its usually them that handle your food...

          Was a great shutdown of someone being a dick actually. And spot on. Not me being the dick, I was his landlord (read: I'm the flatmate that owns the place).

            Nah, red's taking the Piss because I'm 34 & just bought my first desktop

    I'm playing Magic the Gathering tomorrow arvo, but I'll get some NMS in around all of that.

    Really need to do some costume work too

    No Man's Sky, the wait for the PC version to unlock is driving me insane.

      Prepare to grind your arse off lol, my university studies have severely been impacted this week.....

      No Pre-Load and shitty internet is going to be the death of me.

        Don't worry too much. As the most anticipated PC game in a good while, it's going to get DDOS'd to hell.

    Probably more Division, not really sure how I feel about it right now but I keep playing it. Was going to pick up No Man's Sky but after reading some reviews and watching videos I don't think the game is for me.

    Gotta keep stealth knitting a baby blanket for a friend. but I'm hoping to get some more time with the Far Harbour dlc for fallout 4

    I'm escaping to the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism: SPACE!

    (Probably No Man's Sky interspersed with bits of WoW, because I really hate myself)

      I'll give you 5 space bucks to destroy this "uninhabited" planet for the minerals

        I'll do the whole system for you at 2 space bucks a planet, 0.25 space bucks per moon and a bag of honey comb.

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    I have that many adventure games from GoG, I think it time I start getting them out of the way.

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions but the more i hear about No Man's Sky the more i feel I'll take the plunge.

    Going to jump back into Rainbow Six Siege on PC it has actually turned into a decent game with all the updates! Might also jump back into World Of Warcraft after almost a year or so away from it again.. Vanilla WoW players will understand that struggle haha and I was thinking of picking up The Evil Within ($13 or so on the PlayStation store currently)

    I will be playing no mans sky.

    So you guys can stop trying to spoil it for me with all the endless articles and spoilers and shit.

    I for one am going to explore and discover this game for myself thank you very much.

    That and overwatch, might try to finish just cause 3 if i have time too, then gotta finish doom, gotta finish witcher 3, need to finish a campaign on total warhammer.. list goes on.

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      Spoilers? All you do is fly to different coloured planets to shoot rocks and plants with a laser beam.

        Yes I know what I am getting into and my expectations for the game aren't as high as most.

        I have however been avoiding as much spoilers and leaks as I can as I want to discover things for myself, sure it could turn out to be a shit game, but it might just be exactly what I want.

        I am going to figure that out for myself.

        An article about someones first 2 hours of the game or watching some guy stream 4 hours of a bootlegged a copy is not what I want to see.

        I want my first 2 hours of the game I want to discover my own shit not watch someone else, thats the point of the game, thats why I dont care about multiplayer, fuck off to your own planet and let me do my own thing.

          I have been avoiding spoilers too as much as I can, but have seen enough headlines to know the pro's and cons with the game. I wonder if it's possible to play the game as a pacifist and not bother upgrading, and just explore. Or just stay on one planet and become one with the animals...

            construction not being added doesnt really phase me, seems against the point to build on 1 planet (allthought it would be cool) when your meant to fly around and explore stuff)

            I figured you would kind of live in the back of the spaceship kind of like how a trucker has that little compartment.

              I'm more referring to draining the planet of minerals and then moving on, being a bit of a bummer.

              I didn't mean building though. I think you should just whip out a blanket and sleep under the stars. I reckon you're going about it the right way. I get the impression some people are trying to find an end game but it's the exploration that's the real joy. I can't wait to play.

    Well, got a GTX1070 last week. Got No Man's Sky I'm waiting to unlock, got the WoW: Legion beta I need to play, picked up Lego Star Wars:TFA cheap, new season in Diablo 3 (I think?), need more hours in MGSV, and I want to play through DX:HR again before MD comes out

    So I suspect I'm just gonna go "Fsck it", and play Freecell all weekend again :/

    No Mans Sky. Looking forward to blissing out and naming shit.

    My weekend will be filled with a meatspace poker tournament, surrounded by No Mans Sky where I can. PC version naturally, though I hear there are alternative options.

    Still chipping away at Dragon Age: Imquisition. Slowly, very slowly.

    Maybe some spelunky or far cry 4.

    No Man's Sky and some Monster Hunter Gens.

    No Man's sky, as well as parenting stuff no doubt.

    Batman: Arkham Knight on PS4 if I get time.
    Quite a big game and playing an hour here and there midweek helps me chip away at it but no end in site right now.

    No Man's Sky. Will be the first non-VR game to be played on my new PC, actually.

    No Man's Sky has aroused my curiousity enough to tear me away from Rimworld.
    Also have becomed bored with pokemon go so picked up Omega Ruby to tide me over until Sun and Moon

    We started Trine 3 last week so we will likely knock that off
    More fallout 4

    I Will join the chorus of NMS.

    I picked it up last night. Popped the disc to grab the patch. Did some house work. Cranked up the game. Looked up and I'd been sitting there for 8 hours and it was 5am. Good times.

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