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If you pre-ordered really early, or just bit the bullet over the weekend and bought the game anyway, you would have gotten early access to the full version of NBA 2K17 ahead of its retail release. Even prior to that, part of the career gameplay was released via The Prelude.

So, how did it turn out?

I've still been on the fence about what platform to get NBA 2K17 on. So far reports are that the PC version is a bit buggy, although updating drivers seems to have sorted out any performance issues for many.

As for the career mode, there's no more Spike Lee — which instantly makes everything better. Kobe Byrant is supposedly your mentor, and rather than going the NBA 2K15 route of having you earn a 10-day contract, you end up doing drills for Kobe on a random street court instead.

It's a much cooler and faster intro that gets you into the mechanics of upgrading your player, rather than locking you into irritating cut-scenes and a player you can't customise for the first few hours. There is the small part where you can't really go from high school to the NBA anymore, but the introduction of the Summer League is pretty cool

From what I've heard here and on social media, the servers are holding up reasonably well so far. That's arguably the biggest thing 2K needed to nail, although improving defence and making it easier to contest shots is a nice touch as well.

All in all, the word is pretty good. Have you picked it up? What do you think of NBA 2K17 so far?


    I don't play it online at all so cannot comment on that side of things.

    However my experience with the mycareer mode (only mode i have played so far) has been fantastic really enjoying it this year and the fact the entire story line from last year is gone is great. I have actually had to think hard for a few of the decisions i have been presented with (message from an NBA player to hang out or go to a charity event) because i am worried it will affect me negatively later on.

    The duo concept is nice but i play my career as an individual type mode and don't really want to have to use a second player luckily it is optional.

    Overall i like this years a hell of a lot more than last years, and with the new season starting soon hopefully i will move over into the GM mode once rosters are completely finalized.

    Yeah so far so good.

    PS4 version seems to run well, no real glitches or crashes as yet (other than some of the minor/humorous glitches you expect from 2k games)

    haven't played much online yet, but what I have has held up well (which is a surprise given the track record).

    thank god that spike lee stuff is gone, it just felt like filler and didn't really fit into the whole "MY" Career (as most of the decisions/outcomes were pre defined for you). it also felt overly dramatic just for the sake of it.

    Soundtrack is a little bit underwhelming, or maybe just not my cup of tea (but this is easily avoided)

    The My Career mode is where I spent most of my time over the weekend (time was a bit limited due to real life getting in the way). I managed to create 2 players, one was a pass first (playmaking) point guard, I struggled with him a little bit as far as racking up enough points to get a high draft pick (he went 10th to the Bucks). Also made a shot creating SF who dominated averaging a double double (20 points and around 10 rebounds) as well as a few blocks and steals here and there and still only got drafted 4th overall (pretty good, but I wonder what you have to get to go top 3 as I really would like to be drafted by the Celtics with the number 3 pick)

    the Gameplay feels a lot more "weighty" (for lack of better term), even my 6 ft 3 point guard felt a lot more grounded and less floaty than in previous years. The controls feel tighter, especially with the ball control and defence (steals etc). Overall I think the gameplay is better than last year but we will see how that goes once I've played a few more modes and MyPlayer upgrades a bit.

    I hear a bit of complaining going on with regards to the archetypes for players restricting the ability to make players that can dominate all aspects (especially online MYCourt etc), but I think overall it will make for a better online community and better distribution of player types. If playing online now means you need a PG, SG/SF or a PF/C then I think its a good thing. Rather than everyone running 7ft point guards or SF like last year.

    hopefully the PC version is good and not as buggy as the last few, I would like to get it on PC for the extra eye candy, but I have been burnt in the past by 2k on PC. Also cheaters are usually really prevalent online in my experience so I just play offline MY Career if I do get for PC and play the online stuff on PS4.

    TL:DR - yeah I think its one of the better 2k to come out in a while and is worth the purchase price (if you are basketball mad like me).

    As much as I want to like 2K NBA games, the focus on simulation makes the games so dull. The MyPlayer development is so slow. Are there any arcade style basketball games around? NBA Street Vol 2 was awesome back in the day.

    So far playing on PS4, game is filled with bugs. Permanently stuck with arenas for games with no fans, progression issues with mycareer and I've seen in some cases people's save files disappearing. Not impressed at all considering how much 2K themselves talked up the game.

    I keep playing online and almost everyone i play against intentionally fouls me until they reach a penalty and i can quit the game. Is this happening to anyone else

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