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Ronnie Singh, AKA Ronnie2K, is the social media face of 2K's NBA series. Because he deals with players a lot, he's become friends with many of them, to the point where he was at a wedding recently and found himself up in front of the whole gathering explaining how the game's player ratings work.


On the right, actual footage from Demar DeRozan's clutch game-winner the other night against the Knicks. On the left, the same play recreated by Shady00018 in NBA 2K17.


Today, the National Basketball Association announced plans to partner with publisher Take-Two Interactive for an official NBA 2K esports league, which led NBA commissioner Adam Silver to deliver this fantastic quote to the Wall Street Journal: "Think of eBulls against the eKnicks."


Kevin Garnett's retirement from the NBA on the weekend was a sad day for Timberwolves fans, but it's also a big deal for sports video game trivia nerds, because with KG out of the game there is no longer a link between the 16-bit era and the modern NBA.


Just the thought of interacting with a companion app sounds wrong. So often they're shallow, half-baked experiences that serve little purpose beyond nickel and diming their audience into spending more money on a game that they've already shelled out a substantial amount for.

And there's no doubt that MyNBA2K17 is designed to generate some extra money for 2K. But while it exists as a way to scan your face and check your stats in NBA 2K17, it also comes with a mobile card game that's disturbingly entertaining.


If you pre-ordered really early, or just bit the bullet over the weekend and bought the game anyway, you would have gotten early access to the full version of NBA 2K17 ahead of its retail release. Even prior to that, part of the career gameplay was released via The Prelude.

So, how did it turn out?


Remember this game? Recore? The one with the cool robot dog from E3? Yeah, it's out this week.

And that's not all. It's a big week for Xbox One, a great week for sports fans and there are plenty of cool offbeat games to boot.


Across the Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku staffers we have a lot of gamers with a lot of different preferences. But one of us has been scarred with the unshakeable tag of Dudebro: our publisher Danny. He plays FIFA to death every year. He even plays UFC, bless his heart. And we all give him copious amounts of shit. Because while he might point to a past love of StarCraft and his aptitude with coding, deep down, Danny's a Bro Gamer.

There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Hell, I've spent nearly 400 hours playing a cricket game. And when the year is done and dusted, gamers like Danny might end up being the happiest of all. Because if you think about it, 2016 is an amazing year to be a Bro Gamer.


If you weren't a fan of the sport and managed to stay off social media for most of today, you might have missed out on the news that legendary basketballer Kobe Bryant played his last game today. Bryant, who was nicknamed the Black Mamba, played his entire career with the LA Lakers and went out on an absolute blinder: he finished with 60 points in the Lakers' win against the Utah Jazz.

Naturally, people are finding ways to latch onto Kobe's final game even if they have little to do with the NBA. Like JB Hi-Fi.