'Dear Dad, I Love You More Than Mario'

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My son is three-years-old. He is obsessed with Mario.

So when I woke up on Father's Day on Sunday, I awoke to the ultimate compliment.

"Dear Dad, I love you more than Mario."

My son and I play Super Mario 3D World a lot. In about six months he's gone from being frustratingly, savagely bad to insanely competent. To the point where he will outpoint me and outscore me 50% of the time.


We always fight over the crown.

Image: Kotaku

It's a double edged sword. Children play video games like they watch TV: perfectly at ease with doing the same goddamn thing into infinity. My son will try new games every now and then, but he always returns to Super Mario 3D Land. Always wants to play the same levels. At a rough estimate I've played the first level around say... 1000 times. Probably.

I often wondered how my kids would respond to video games. If they'd want to play, If they'd feel saturated by them. If they'd take them for granted.

Now I have my answer. My kid still loves me, but it's pretty close. In 2nd place: Mario.



    That's beautiful mate.

    Better grow a Mario-stache now to widen the gap a bit, though.

    So does that means he loves Mario more than his mum?

    It's adorable, mark and I'm glad you have been able to share your love of video games with your son like this.

    Tried to get my 4 year old to play the original super mario brothers....he gave up pretty quick because he has troubles moving and pressing jump at the same time. Have noticed the same thing when he tried a platform game on PC, couldn't move + press jump.

    He has no issues with mouse or a touch pad though, his favorite game at the moment is Township - a mobile app.

    Wow @markserrels, either he is really quite good, or you are really quite bad, if it's 50-50 on the crown. It's about 98-2 to me at our place, because I'm the boss dammit. NO MERCY!

    That worksheet reminds me of the one I received a few years ago. "I like to play games with dad. My dad likes to do work" T_T

    haha, "You're as big as a giant. You are amazing because you're so big"

    I can just imagine the little fella sitting back and thinking "Gee, my dad is massive. How did he get so big? Its incredible. What an achievement"

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