For Honor’s Duels Are Looking Intense

For Honor’s Duels Are Looking Intense

The last epic, intense 1v1 duel with swords that I remember was Nidhogg. I was sitting on a mate’s couch, and we were just going back and forth, back and forth. He’d capture one screen, get all the way to the end — and then I’d claw my way back.

It was way too intense for what was supposed to be a light-hearted night of drinks and games. But it was great. And it’s the same thing that watching duels in For Honor reminds me of.

PC Gamer has posted up a slice of footage from PAX West featuring 1v1 duels with the Kensei, Warden and Raider. It’s always a tight tussle. Fights are a best of five affair, with individual rounds lasting a maximum of five minutes each. (Although they often go for about two or three minutes.)

It’s starting to make For Honor’s appeal much, much clearer to me: almost like a big budget Chivalry: Medieval Warfar, with a 1v1 duel mode for friends and bigger modes for when you want those larger scale fights.

But man, I don’t know. The duel mode is looking really good. I hope there’s some form of LAN play or local play. The biggest flaw with these kinds of games is when you’re struck with lag and you can’t defend as quickly as you need to.


  • Even more intense would be in 1st person view.
    I remember the first time I played a 1st person only server in Chivalry, I pushed that hard against my keyboard the rubber feet came off.

  • Played the demo for this at PAX West and it seemed pretty fun. The controls take some getting used to though. Basically seems to have a few modes. The public demo they were running involved playing what was effectively a two-team 4-on-4 Domination-style game. Three control points that award points when your team controls them, points tick up to 1000 or highest after 10 mins for the win.

    I’d almost make a Dynasty Warriors comparison to some degree. The areas were full of random mooks on your team and the opponents who would help take points etc. but were basically a single hit to kill. Other players were a bit more effort and this is where the control weirdness did me in. It’s fairly standard third person stuff normally, but to fight another player you need to go into a locked-on defensive mode as you see in the video here. In that defensive stance, the right stick changes from moving the camera / turning your dude to picking which area to defend – up, left or right. You auto-block any attacks from the corresponding direction but are vulnerable in the other two so it requires watching the position of the opponent’s weapon, but I’m so used to the right stick being camera movement that I struggled to remember this in the heat of battle. Probably would take an hour or two to get used to it is all. Shoulder button for a quick attack and I think trigger for a stronger one. Straightforward.

    I enjoyed the demo but I wasn’t completely sold on the game. It’ll depend a lot for me on the quality of the single-player, I’m not a huge multiplayer fan (too competitive and too old and crap at games to actually enjoy it most of the time). It’s not something I’ll rush out and buy ASAP but if it’s $30-40 I’d probably grab it.

    Weird call-back, but the game that it most reminded me of was Rune, the old Unreal 1-engine game by Human Head back in the early 00s. It had kind of similar combat (strikes based off the direction you were strafing) and quite a similar feel. I thought maybe it was the Viking dude that made me think of it originally, but I played with the Knight so don’t think that’s it.

  • Needs one hit kills like the original Bushido Blade on the PS1.

    We REALLY need an updated version of that game with today’s graphics and physics and dismemberment.

  • The way the combat system is designed it should hopefully not be able to be exploited like with what happened to Chivalry.

  • I don’t understand…
    This looks incredibly boring from the video shown…
    Maybe I just don’t understand, but it doesn’t look like it has much longevity.

  • I’m not really sure I get what’s supposed to be intense about this. It seems like a lot of circling and then taking turns hitting each other. My expectation was there’d be a lot more parrying, riposting, using environment objects (throwing dust is never a cheap tactic!) and getting down to an all out barehanded brawl after you got too tired to swing a sword.

    I know there are people who will love this kind of thing but I like my sword fights to be a little more dynamic like Furi and less like a slow paced Soul Calibur.

  • The controls are good. But it seems some players have found cheesy ways to win already,namely warden and orochi. Other than that, solid game very well done. Love the visuals and concepts are awesome

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