For Honor's Second Season Adds New Fighters, Maps

Medieval fighting game For Honor's second season, Shadow & Might, is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC today. Three months post-release, after some pretty damning technical issues, the game is in good shape and getting some anticipated new content.

For Honour

Last month, For Honor's Viking class emerged victorious in the game's first season of faction warfare. As consolation, the game's other two classes, Samurai and Knight, are getting new heroes: The melee-based Centurion and the agile Shinobi. They will be widely released on May 23.

Here's the Centurion (graphic content):

Here's the Shinobi (graphic content):

Two new maps are also on their way, along with a new "Epic" gear level and nine new faction warfare territories.

Since the game's release, players have struggled against long matchmaking times and network instability, issues that For Honor's team has been diligently addressing over the last three months. A press release for its second season reads, "The For Honor team has made numerous improvements to hero balancing, gear, matchmaking, and network stability, and much more is planned." Now, its player base is, for the most part, satisfied with the state of the game and excited to brutally scalp each other with For Honor's new heroes.


    Too bad anything outside of duel or brawl is broke as fuck and the meta is still pretty cancer.

    Game is completely broken.....still is.

    I loved this game for 2 weeks, now I can't play it. It's just people spamming unblockable moves

      I revisited it recently after playing a bunch on release and yeah, there were some pretty pathetic tactics being employed by players that sucked all the fun out of things.

    So the samurai get shinobi and the knights get...centurions? Seems a bit incongruous to say the least. Looks sweet though so whatever, but it is a bit worrying that this is the first round of new heroes and they've seemingly run out of ideas for new knight classes already.

    Worst game I've played since Mafia 3. Atrocious gameplay and shit matchmaking. I actually felt relieved after I traded it in.

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