Let's Judge The New Limited Edition Pokemon 3DS XL

Nintendo announced a new limited edition Pokemon Sun and Moon 3DS XL arriving next month. Is this a must-have, or is it ugly, but not ugly-ugly? We're conflicted.

Nintendo's not been having a great run of limited edition 3DS systems lately. Partial blame can be cast at the eagerly sought-after Majora's Mask 3DS XL, though a lot of the panic over grabbing one of those rose from it being released with the general release of the console in North America. I always thought it looked like screen-printed fan art.

Things have definitely taken a downward turn. Just a couple of weeks ago Nintendo made a big deal out of a 3DS XL that looks like someone searched "space wallpaper" and made a sticker.

And now this black and white stylised thing. Probably would have been a nice design for one of those other Pokemon games. The black and white ones. Nothing about this screams "sun and moon" to me. Maybe if they had taken the galaxy background and placed the Pokemon over that?

Mind you, we've not seen the inside yet. Maybe it's the best inside ever, and that's why she wouldn't let me see a picture of her until we met in person. Long story. Ignore that.

So, what do you folks think? Would you tap your debit card to pick one of these up, or stick with your old faithful?


    Mind you, we’ve not seen the inside yet. Maybe it’s the best inside ever, and that’s why she wouldn’t let me see a picture of her until we met in person. Long story. Ignore that.


    Dat super Nintendo version though! So sex.

    I don't mind the black and white look, it's a bit like my primal kyogre face plates but without the suede awesomeness.

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    Zzzzz. Bring out some cool faceplates already.

    I am still glad I grabbed the MH3U 3DS XL. The metallic blue on the silver is a nice subtle treat.

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    Bring over the Pikachu yellow n3DS. That thing is beautiful.


    If you want the good looking versions of 3ds cases, then you either buy from Japan or USA. We get screwed here because Nintendo Europe doesn't see the market in these things

      I'm pretty sure I read an article from the US crying about not getting the Jap or Euro versions of the 3DS.

      I just purchased a Black one in the recent Target Sale ($200ish shipped) , no matter how awesome the next one was mine would have to break before I buy a new one. I have a friend getting the Pokemon one and his Wife is getting the Pink one. It'll be nice that we can Recognise them on the table. I do wonder why they never did removable tops for the 3DS XL, the back can be changed (I put a 32gb SD card in mine).

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