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  • Mornin’ all.

    Weekend was meh. Got some shitty news on Thursday night from a friend in England she had to put her dog down because she had liver cancer 🙁 so that’s bummed me out because she was an awesome little dog & my friend is completely broken over it which is awful.

    It also hasn’t been the best week for dogs I know either a mate of dads had to have his 6 year old staffy put down because she was riddled with cancer, which sucks cause before the cancer really got to her she was the liveliest dog, & now her sister looks lost with out her which sucks too.

    Work was fine for the most part, even if the other bloke I was working with seemed to refuse to do his job 100% leaving me to clean up his mess Saturday & Sunday morning. But I did manage to sell 25 $10 add on bottles of wine/port/beer & cider so that should make my boss happy. Though i’m sure he’ll find something negative about my efforts on the weekend, OH WELL.

    Sorry about the downer of a first post :/

    So how’s everyone else?

  • On Saturday we did game!

    Four player nba jam wii: bighead mode with always on fire. Hectic!

    Ghost squad: One of those games which looks like shovelware, but which is actually kinda cool. Solid core gameplay, hokey as hell everything else. Very short campaign is somewhat addressed by the multiple paths, but for 7 bucks it was well worth it. We saved the president, said wilco, and high fived like bosses.

    KOF 98: I wanted to give this series another shot as I really enjoyed last blade and samurai shodown, and 98 feels amazingly modern when compared to its contemporaries like mk and sf. It’s fluid, accessible, animated really well, and has a tonne of variety. I actually prefer it to the newer iterations and garou.

    The NeoGeo games on the wii VC have all delivered, they might be lacking the full blood effects but they run SOOO much better than the humble bundle versions do on my PC.

    • Isn’t Ghost Squad just a port of the arcade game? I used to love playing that, I should hunt down a copy for Wii.

      • Yeah, it’s the arcade game with a few amusing extras tacked on. The gunplay is more responsive than in hotd overkill.

        It’s super cheap, and can be found lingering in the bargain bins at almost every EB.

  • Um, Good morning everyone.
    I was hoping I might have an artwork finished to show you all, but it’s taking forever to do.
    I went to a friends wedding yesterday. I’m glad that she’s happy. She is such a lovely persona nd deserves the happiness.

    I’m sorry I didn’t come on. I was dealing with my anxiety which regressed a lot. I had trouble eating and sleeping. I was tense all the time and I could not be in the same room as my brother without hyperventilating. Every now and again. I remember what happened and I tense up, and then have to try and calm myself down. To say my emotions have been all over the place is a giant understatement.
    I’m feeling more stable now, so, hopefully I can chat with you all now.

    • Take your time and spend as much or as little time as you want here.
      TAY should always be a place of stress release and support so never let it be a source of stress

      • I may have felt a bit like people weren’t happy to have me back earlier, but I need to tell myself that it’s just my anxiety saying that

  • Good morning everyone. Hope your weekends were good. Mine was pretty standard but I did see Secret Life of Pets. I wouldn’t recommend it but it might be far more suited for little kids. They did have the trailer for Moana though which looked pretty great.

    I’m going to be volunteering at Brisbane Oz Comic Con this weekend so if anyone pops down I’ll be in the tabletop area. I just hope I don’t get con-flu.

    • First I’m hearing of the event and I live like two km away! I’m so there, but no warning means no cosplay.

      Just me.

      Gotta see an animorph with my own two eyes! Also mitch pileggi and the guy wot played Cain in supernatural, he was great.

    Thought you should all know that the agreement between FFG And Games Workshop is ending.
    So if you were on the fence about any of the below games, get them before February! (The earlier the better)

    It’s like GW hate money or something!

    • Black Crusade
    • Blood Bowl: Team Manager
    • Chaos in the Old World
    • Chaos Marauders
    • Dark Heresy
    • Dark Heresy Second Edition
    • Deathwatch
    • Forbidden Stars
    • Fury of Dracula
    • Only War
    • Relic
    • Rogue Trader
    • Space Hulk: Death Angel
    • Talisman
    • Warhammer: Diskwars
    • Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
    • Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game
    • Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game
    • Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

    Anyway, how were your weekends? I went to the chocolate festival with @cookingmama and saw Secret Life of pets with some other friends(Was awesome, highly recommend!!). And i also got back into Star Trek Online

    • It’s weird, but other than SPAYSH MAUREEN (cc @chuloopa) nothing Games Workshop has ever enthused me.

        • I own Forbidden Stars and it IS amazing. Such a bloody good game.
          You should get it. Quite cheap (comparitively) when purchaed on bookdepository

    • RIP all of the games. I know a few friends of mine who are heavily invested into Conquest so this has just killed a lot of their enthusiasm in the game.

    • For anyone wanting to pick up any of these, most can be found HEAVILY discounted at book depository.

      Even if you don’t follow the 40k world, I can’t recommend Forbidden Stars, Relic and Conquest highly enough.
      Relic, for those that don’t know, is a much more playable version of Talisman.

      Dark Heresy is also one of the best P&P Rpg’s i’ve ever played.

      I also believe this may not have been GW’s choice. FFG were recently bought ou by a much larger company who would likely be looking to take on GW directly. FFG have even recently announced their own tabletop miniatures game in a very similar veign to classic warhammer fantasy.

      • Yeah, FFG engaged in a joint merger with Asmodee Editions (Hanabi, Diplomacy, recently Catan) and Days of Wonder (Ticket to Ride, Smallworld, Shadows Over Camelot) in 2014 and have started acting like a real pack of assholes since then, and the conglomerate sucked up the parent company for Z-Man games (Pandemic, Agricola) this year too.

        Presumably GW realized that these tabletop companies are actually their competition, not their partners, and don’t want to have them cutting their lunch any more.

          • They really do. Complete pack of pricks. Stuns me that they’ve become so big so fast. Bet Mayfair are kicking themselves for letting the Catan license slip through their fingers too.

  • Morning, TAY.
    Overslept with Max snuggling against my legs.
    Also, I played a fair bit of Cities Skylines last night.

  • Hi everyone! I’m starting to see the appeal of WoW… spent waaaay too much time playing over the weekend. It’s interesting seeing the evolution of storytelling (“quest text” in vanilla with some basic cinematics, and got a guided tour of Shattrath; it also probably helps that I’m finally starting to see names I recognise from Warcraft 3, and it’s starting to feel like I’m doing something meaningful (eg. “take out hte lieutenants leading the invasion near the dark portal”). Also, kinda glad to finally get a manticore mount – never felt more out of place than when I entered Hellfire Peninsula, ready to fight some demons in my adventurer’s hat, yellow cape and purple tights, riding an overgrown chicken. 😛

    • Manticore mount? Are you talking about the default wyvern mount the horde get?…..

      I hope you realize you’re never getting out now that WoW has its claws in you.

      • The “Blue Wind Rider” you get for 50g … It’s a lion with bat wings, huge fangs, horns and a scorpion tail – it’s a manticore, by every classical definition.

        And I get the feeling Destiny’s loot system and activity-based endgame prepped me for Diablo 3’s more intricate loot system and more grindy endgame, and D3’s grindy endgame, hotkey-based combat and ability synergies prepped me for WoW. But I think WoW will probably go the same way as D3 – I’ll hop back in when a patch or expac looks interesting, but don’t really have the time to invest seriously in the top-tier endgame stuff.

        My opinion might change in another 40-50 levels, but for now, I’m just enjoying the questing and levelling process. Besides, RoI launches next week, and I’m really looking forward to trying Machine’s Wrath.

      • As long as there’s stuff to do in Destiny, I’ll be there – and if I ever utter the dreaded words “WoW raiding guild,” you have my permission to slap me. 😛

          • I disagree. The three things that separate Destiny raiding from WoW raiding – preparation requirements, what governs difficulty, and team size – kill any desire I might have to raid in WoW.

            I like that any Destiny raid is designed to be beatable blind and on day one by a coordinated group who meet the gear requirements and are comfortable with their classes, with no preparation (beyond, perhaps, bringing a bunch of ammo synths) – for the same reason I don’t play much D3 once I’ve reached a certain point, I don’t like fighting battles that I’m not certain can be beaten at my level. If WoW ever did that to their raids, they’d be crucified 😛

          • OK that’s… really logical. Interesting. Yeah, you’re right, Destiny raids are well designed (apart from possibly the lack of a matchmaking option or an inbuilt LFG lobby).

            I finally fired up Wolfenstein: The New Order last night and it looks AMAZING on the Dell 29″ 2560×1080 screen I borrowed from work (to see if I liked ultrawide for elite or would go for a 3 monitor setup). And wow, FPS in ultrawide is just fantastic. Screen tear is bad though, but apparently this screen is known for it and isn’t a gaming screen anyway. Really enjoying the game though. Fun campaign.

          • I’m not saying that WoW’s raids aren’t well designed, I just think they’re targeting a different audience. The “jump in and shoot stuff” mentality of its audience precludes progression barriers (like requiring specific rare drops from Boss X to be able to stand a chance at beating Boss Y, for instance). There are a bunch of other design choices that stem from Destiny being an FPS first, too – realising that a player’s damage output is more linked to how comfortable they are with the weapons they’re using than the comparative stats on the weapons themselves (vs WoW’s “build X must use optimal item Y”), for example, is why we have an infusion system at all.

            Yea, I’ve tried a few FPS in eyefinity (5760×1080) – for slower FPS, it’s amazing. For Doom and Wolfenstein speeds, tho, I find it a bit too disorienting 😛 For Elite, with head tracking… I don’t know if I could ever go back to Elite with a single monitor. Sooo good!

          • Not entirely accurate, WoW raid difficulties have been reworked quite a bit since MoP. At present a casual guild with a group of 10 or more should easily be able to clear normal by just walking in there doing little to no research and have gear to tackle it just by playing occasionally everyday. However I can’t comment on the skill level needed to complete them.

          • @pupp3tmast3r so I guess that’s why there’s heroic/mythic versions etc? *checks wiki*

            On the subject of raid difficulty: “Blizzard has made this insanely complicated by changing the composition of raid modes with almost every expansion.”

            Alrighty then. :3

          • Also not entirely accurate, blizz have used the same raiding system since MoP’s last raid Siege of Orgrimmar. That’s roughly 2.5 expacs under the same system? However WoW players tend to be quite outspoken and anything that’s remotely changed or tweaked tends to get uproar from the community. The topic of raids in particular has a very bad track record with Blizz since by making them more accessible for casual players they killed off quite a few hardcore guilds in older xpacs. So I’m not surprised the wiki would say that =p

            I think you’ll find the biggest gate to you checking out raids in WoW casually will be rounding up 10 people with the correct specs; destiny has the benefit of needing “healers” or “tanks”. Everyone plays W/E and you can clear content. Smaller groups also helps.

          • @pupp3tmast3r Lol. Yep, biggest hurdle to raiding in Destiny always seems to be getting six people to agree on a time; finding ten people who’ve invested in the specs you need, not to mention corralling ten separate schedules… ouch. But yea, I might revisit the idea of WoW raiding after I’ve hit level cap, or in another bit of down time – I’m in no rush, and thus far, solo questing has been pretty good.

          • WoW raids do have Looking For Raid difficulty tho. It’s not the true co-ordinated raid experiance but does let people matchmake a group and grok their way through to see the content.
            Also, Org and the other capitals got totally reworked in Cata – no portals before that afaik.

          • Yea, I figured the portals were likely added later – it seemed a bit progressive to have a direct route between Org and Hellfire Pen, when compared to the rest of HP…

    • Wrath of the Lich King is where they finally got questing properly sorted out. You feel much more involved, and they figured out how to tell a story through the actual quest content and not just the text as well. Shame you level through it so quickly now. I rolled a new alt on a new server to play with workmates. Hit Northrend at 68, did most of Boring Tundra and basically all of Dragonblight (except the Wrathgate bit b/c I missed part of the chain somehow) and am at 78. Granted I’m using heirlooms but still…

      • Well, I’m slowly working through everything – got a fresh warlock to 60 in a little over a week, hit Hellfire Peninsula on Sunday. Technically my fourth character, but first that ever got beyond level 45, and the only one that still exists – the others got deleted from my account sometime since 2007-ish due to inactivity.

        Wrath was… the second expac… Vanilla, Burning Wrath of Cats, Misty Warlord Legs… If Northrend questing is as you say, it makes it really easy to see the evolution of their approach to questing – it’s already pretty obvious just from what I’ve seen of the difference between post-Cata 1-60 and BC nowadays. Felt like I hit Hellfire Peninsula, and my levelling slowed to a crawl… tho the quest rewards immediately bumped from what I saw in the 55-60 vanilla areas – iLevels jumped by 20-30, gold jumped up by a factor of 2-4x. Makes me wonder if the portals from HP to Orgrimmar et al were added with BC, or later. I don’t recall ever seeing portals in the capitols back in ’07, but I may have just not been looking for them.

        • Hellfire Peninsula is an utter piece of shit of a zone. It’s just straight up awful. Gets better when you get into Zangarmarsh and Nagrand. I’ve literally just gone through those areas over the weekend and the whole of Outland just sucks and needs to be replaced the way Vanilla was redone for Cataclysm.

          • Hit Zangarmarsh last night, and it’s a bit better – a lot of “Kill this guy” quests, which is definitely a step up from HP’s “kill 20 of this guy” or “collect “10 of this rare drop.” Having a flying mount seems absolutely necessary in Outlands thus far, tho – there’s just so much space between quest objectives, and so much trash surrounding the target. 275g well spent. 😛

          • Burning Crusade/Outlands introduced flight and was the only place you could free fly. It was one of the big features of the expansion so they built everything around it. Just wait until you get the faster flight skills. The world instantly shrinks.

          • I kinda look forward to it – feels like I spend half my time flying to the next objective. Zangarmarsh’s numerous “kill this named mob” quests made this even more obvious – fly, land nearby, kill one or two trash mobs and the target, loot, fly to next objective. Huh… maybe that’s why the gold rewards in Outlands quests are so much higher…

          • They got better at handling flight later on. Early on they didn’t quite understand how people swooping in and sniping objectives would alter the way the game played. Especially coupled with the improved quest tracking that came later down the track telling you exactly where to fly. As a result Outland is sort of spread wide and thin. The other expansions have their hiccups with it but they all do a better job of it.

          • The single biggest quality of life improvement is flying. And the biggest after that is getting 280% speed flying (but that costs 5000g or less depending on your reputation with Ogrimmar/Stormwind).

            I really liked Zangarmarsh back when I played through it originally, but the change they introduced that groups players in a zone from multiple servers has fucked it over completely. Tons upon tons of ‘kill this one guy’ quests where the guy dies in milliseconds and only your faction gets kill credit and you only get it if you managed to land enough damage in time, and then the boss is on a fucking five minute respawn timer and a queue forms and then one fucking dipshit hunter comes in and snipes it ahead of the people who were waiting…

            Nagrand is better now though. Areas that used to have elite mobs now are normal, so you can basically solo a lot of formerly group quests.

            I was using heirlooms with a combined +45% XP boost and went to Outland at 58. Hit 68 and went to Northrend after finishing most of Hellfire, Zangar and Nagrand and then doing about 8 quests in one more zone, so at least you’re through it quickly. Blizzard basically perfected the questing experience in Wrath so Northrend is night and day (though the opening bit of Borean Tundra sucks dicks)

          • Is that what the “(*)” is by some peoples’ names? I was wondering about that. The “Eye of Gillrock” quest in HP was a nightmare, because there were always people running around its spawn area, and dies in one hit – woulda skipped it, but it was like 25k XP for that quest chain. It was a bit of a shock to see people – I’d literally been wandering around the 1-60 areas for a week, and would see another person every every so often. Suddenly get to Outlands, and find it full of people…

  • I’ve now hit 75 hours in Fed Force. Got all medals in all missions, and nearly 3/4 of them in hard mode. Mostly only done the missions that are soloable there though, since I can’t seem to host a session that doesn’t drop out and not that many people put up sessions for hard mode. Annoying.

    Awesome game though, the only complaint I can think of is how dickey the lock-on system can be at times, pointing you at things you weren’t even looking at instead of the enemy right in the centre of your view that you actually wanted to target.

    • I think I’ve only gotten up to mission 11 or 12 so far, and the only problem I’ve had was greedy randoms eating up all the ammo.

      • Yeah, always such a mad scramble to get at least one of what you need before others just hoover it all up. Especially jerks with Samus skins who think they deserve to take every single missile.

  • Overwatch. The free weekend got me very interested in the game. I’m usually not one for online shooters though.

    The PS4 controller is murder on my palms after extended play sessions, but I really need to sort this out.

    My question – if I liked Overwatch on console should I persevere with the controller and maybe get a rubber grip or something for it? Or should I go for the PC version.

    That bone that you can feel below the base of the middle finger. Hurts like hell. Really hate the controller but I’m going to have to sort something out if I go for the PS4 version.

    Thanks in advance.

    • How do you hold the controller, out of curiosity? I’ve heard some people complain of pressure in certain places, occasionally awkward angles, but the palm is a new one to me – my palms barely touch the controller.

    • It’s a shooter, get it on PC
      I can’t aim for poo with a controller so the idea of fps on a console is horrid

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @beeawwb

    Let me know if you guys can’t make it tonight.

    • You guys need to start putting summaries or something up again so I can live vicariously through you 🙁

      • Well to give you a brief rundown:

        – After they caught up with you and the sphinx, they cleared out the icy keep to the north of Vinks and defeated the halfling mage that was the source of the disappearing whales. Unfortunately the giant enemy crab got away.
        – In addition to all the treasure they got, they acquired a verdant green orb similar in shape to the Orb of Darklight. Upon further research through Drewan’s copious knowledge, it appears to be something like a planar wellspring gem or keystone which is basically a concentration of one plane’s magical energy. Macguffin ahoy!
        – Last session was the party gearing up for their next quest which is to save the Valerian Knights after they were captured by fae. Only the paladin Sir Elen was not captured by the fae and it was suggested that the fae let him leave due to his virginity.

          • Yeah but only after I failed to make him hump the pork roast or something.

            If it wasn’t for insane saving throws that spell could have been a hell of a lot funnier. 🙁

          • My saving throws against your mind-influencing spells were pretty bullshit. Then again, I crit @tech_knight two fights in a row on the first attack so my virtual dice are pretty fair in that they crap on everyone equally.

          • Well now it’s just either you fail the saving throw and my damage dice is around half or lower, or you succeed the saving throw and I roll high in damage dice, which then gets cut in half :P. Only one time I did a great amount of damage and that was against the giant squid cuz I hit the sweet spot

  • Did we even have a weekend, I’m exhausted.
    Severe lack of sleep over the weekend, partially self inflicted, partially sick family.
    Didn’t get up to much, just a cruisey weekend at home. A trip to the cafe and the park and some shopping were pretty much the only out and about stuff.
    Watched the Veulta Sat night an that was the greatest stage I have seen in a long time. So glad I stayed up until 2am for that. So not glad that at 3am Tiglet was up and demanding I lay on the couch with her. We were up until 5am before I managed to get her to sleep.
    Gaming wise we completed oceanhorn and have started thinking about what we want to play next. Still working on borderlands 2 and fallout 4 as our big games but after something small. Installed far cry 3 as something I’ll play as I don’t have a solo shooter on the go.
    Also my darksiders 2 save game glitched so I’ve lost 8 hours of gameplay and need to restart that. But still pissed off so not going back to is straight away.
    Also smashed out a bunch of MPQ, trying to find room for the 4* characters I have. Haven’t got confirmation but I should have a top 50 finish in current PvP event.

    • I did the same. Quintana matching Froome attack after attack, and lots of tactics. Brilliant day.

      Basically, the whole race was decided by that one day that Froome got isolated and team Sky screwed up, costing him just over 2 mins. Proves the old adage, you don’t win a Tour in a day, but you can lose it in one.

      • And how good was the 1km hammer and tongs sprint for the stage win
        Really impressed with the OBE boys, really laying it on the line to go for podium. If you haven’t already make sure you check out the back stage pass for that stage

          • Going to make TDF next year interesting. Do they ride for GC or stage hunt? Focus Giro/Veulta again for GC and take Ewan/Gerro/etc to the tour.

          • Arrgh. My recording failed so couldn’t see the final 60km of the Vuelta. Boo.

            Really interesting as to which way they go in the future. I’m wondering how much longer Gerrans can go TBH, he’s had awful injury luck. Vuelta and Giro are both “tougher” than Le Tour, so I think they’ll take Ewan to Le Tour next year if he goes well in the Dauphine. Wonder if they’ll chuck him at on of the classics, Milan-San Remo maybe. He’s still very young.

          • Nooooooooo
            I think Ewan is too much of a pure sprinter to do well at MSR, think the poggio will break him.
            Interesting that you consider Veulta to be tougher than tdf, I would normally rank them Giro, Tour, Veulta.
            I think stage hunting at teh tour is the way to go, can’t see Chaves going up against the sky train and winning. Just focus on the Giro/Veulta combo. Leave Ewan out of the Giro squad and take the full climbing team to support Chaves there. Take sprint train and stage hunters,

          • Yeah, you’re probably right. I do see him as a punchy sprinter though, he’s done ok on the short sharp climbs. It’ll be interesting to see if he develops as a points jersey and stage stealer like Sagan, a pure sprinter, or if he can hold on in the mountains as he matures.

            Vuelta is vicious. They don’t put 20% climbs in Le Tour often! Vuelta there were several, some touching 25%. I guess it’s a matter of degrees, but I think the shorter steeper climbs are harder on the riders than the long long alpine climbs. The real difficulty of Le Tour is that it’s Le Tour – twice the pressure and three times the media attention of the Giro and the Vuelta.

            Exciting times!

  • Ha. My boss accidentally rostered me on for 7 shifts in a row last week and now has to pay me for overtime for Wednesday last week, whoops. Oh well that’s 4 hours at 250% loading so something like $65/hr.

  • So I’ve started running again. It’s a way to try and get my anxiety under some more control. I’m using Total couch to 5 K app. I’m going to start slow, do as many intervals as I can without pushing myself too hard.

  • Woah. Just saw that JB HiFi are buying The Good Guys.. Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of Clive Anthonys, Then again I don’t think a lot of that was JB’s fault they went under. They were just a shit brand.

  • Damn my week just doesn’t improve. I saw in the paper on the weekend a local football player died whilst at a semi final for one our local NRL teams, I didn’t think much of it other than that’s really tragic that he died so young & left behind a family. Then I just saw another article about it, that used a picture & it turns out he was someone I knew, he was a local business owner & a great guy.

  • Wow, I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Re-Core this much. It’s like Mega Man Legends, Fable and a little Metroid Prime mixed together*. It’s not for everyone but I know what I’ll be doing when I get home from work tonight.

    [Edit: *Mechanically. It seems like plot-wise it’s going to be BioShock style 90% post-it notes storytelling.]

      • I think it’s XBOX One and Windows 10 (which I assume is Windows Store not Steam).

        [Edit: Yep, just checked and there’s a copy of it awaiting installation in the Windows Store as part of their Play Anywhere stuff. I wonder if cloud saves means I can use one save file on both copies.]

  • Overslept again this morning.
    This cat is getting too comfy.
    In fact, she’s curled up in a ball on my bed as I’m typing this.

  • Got a response back about the piano problems. Apparently the Jap dudes are saying it’s part of the polyphony and trying to make it not max out the limit of simultaneous notes. Except it’s supposed to have a max of 128, and I can get the cutoffs to happen before I’ve even played 50 as far as I can tell. Also none of the Casios I tried out the other day did it, and they’re all 128 too >_>

    • I dunno what kind of keyboard or setup you have, but my first thought is, are you using a sustain pedal? Notes with sustain will stay resident in the system a lot longer. Possibly even after the point where you can’t hear it any more. This is one possible reason why you’re hitting the ceiling.
      There’s a few reasons why it might be occurring (aside from a fault,) but I need to know more about what kind of keyboard/setup you’re using, and what you’re doing with it. (Like layering stuff etc. if you’re doing anything like that)

      • It’s a Roland FP-30, and just using it as a piano with sustain pedal. The notes are cutting out weirdly and abruptly when I release the pedal with particular timing, and it sounds pretty bad. But it doesn’t happen on any other model I’ve tried, and I can’t see why any algorithm would prioritise a note you played two or more bars ago over one you literally *just* played. Also it seems less prominent if I hold the pedal down/don’t fully release it, which should just make things worse if anything. The test passage I’ve been using to get it happening has a four note chord in the right being played three times per bar and two in the left four times. So twenty notes per bar, and can get the effect to trigger by the start of the third bar, thus my “less than fifty” count. And that’s played from apparent silence, so again I don’t know why any ghost notes there should be given priority over what was just played.

        • it’s kind of weird the way they work with sustain, though, in some ways, I do understand why they do it that way as well. Does it happen at the same point if you don’t use the sustain pedal at all, or does the issue crop up later? I’ll check with a friend who knows Roland gear pretty well, and see if he’s got any suggestions too.

          • I haven’t heard it happen without pedal use, no. This is the example recording I made, you can hear the really bad cut happen just before the 7 second mark. ‘Scuse the sloppy playing, it was super late 😛 But you can hear the difference between the first round and its ending the notes through pedal release versus the second lot and how it’s properly just clipping the ends. Never heard anything like it happen on any of the other I-don’t-even-know-how-many digital pianos I’ve tried.

          • Mmm yeah sounds pretty obvious. Couple of things I can think of.
            First off, have you checked what version your system is running? There is an update for the keyboard available from Roland here
            Worth updating if you don’t have that.
            The next, would be do you know what kind of pedal you have? Some have a simple on off switch, while others have a constant detection system (thing digital vs analogue.) If you have the analogue style pedal, even slight pressure will register in the system, so it could be that you think you’ve released, but haven’t.
            The only other thing I can think of off the top of my head, is if you have it connected to a computer or pad or the likes, try setting the keyboard to local off. (check the manual for how to set it if you don’t know.) With local set to on, you can actually have double the amount of notes going through the system, which can lead to notes getting cut off like what you’ve been experiencing.

          • Yep, updated it as soon as I got it out of the box. Both the original and 1.02 firmware do it (tested other units at a store, checked their version first). I’m using their fancy pedal with the continuous/switch setting, and can get it to happen with both of them though it’s much easier to make it happen with the continuous setting. But on the flip side, the switch setting makes things sound worse in general too, almost as bad as having no pedal. Haven’t got it connected to anything, although I may look up that local thing to see whether it’s there/makes any difference. I think the bluetooth is set to On by default, might have to see if that’s related or switching it off makes a difference.

          • If you don’t have the keyboard connected to other devices, you shouldn’t turn local off, or you will likely not hear anything coming out of the keyboard at all 😉
            I doubt bluetooth would be causing the issue, but I guess it never hurts to check.
            Have you tried different brilliance or resonance settings to see if they make a difference?

          • @welbot I know I’ve played with them but think that might’ve been before I got the new pedal and started noticing the problems. Will add that to the list of stuff to test.

    • $3 million of a $15,000 goal. i don’t think you are the only one
      They do look amazing though, such a what the hell who would ever think about that and almost dismiss it as silly but then you consider it

      • That’s crazy. I mean I can see the appeal but it’s essentially a palm sized version of a toddlers toy (minus the colours, steering wheel and horn). Makes me wonder if I should be selling a desk chair attachment that projects moving rotating light patterns and plays simple tunes. =P

    • I was pretty tempted, and especially love the video :p
      But as the friend who linked it pointed out, it’ll cost some fifty bucks once shipping and conversion are done. Think I’ll just stick to my trusty Bic 3 and spinning it in my fingers.

        • This guy.

          I miss my old 6100. That was great to mindlessly spin around in my left hand. Though strangely I couldn’t do it in my right, and conversely I can’t spin my pen in my left. But I can still dual-wield with the two of them for ultimate focus.

  • Good to see that my local community is getting right into supporting the family of Grant Cook (the local business owner I mentioned who died on the weekend at his teams footy match) a friend of his family started a go fund me and have managed to raise close to 14 grand for them, which is amazing. I honestly just can’t believe I won’t see him again he was always a happy bloke & keen for a chat when dad I popped in to his shop.

  • My NBN connection just turned on. 94.91Mbps down and 36.91Mbps up. Now if only I had something good to download instead of just work junk.

    • Ooh. Is this FTTN or FTTP? If FTTN how far from the node are you? I’m about 100m from one that was installed last week and hoping i’ll get similar results when it’s turned on!

          • Actually I think my office connection is 100m from the exchange. In about 10 years I can’t think of a case of it dropping out and the speed has always been great. Back when I used to raid in World of Warcraft I’d actually stay there until midnight for important raid nights rather than going home to my dodgy phone line. =P

    • One thing is for sure, this modem has to go. This thing must cost my ISP more in tech support calls than it saves them.

  • So the Fed Force clock maxed out at 99:59. Pretty lame. But I now just need to finish the last mission and I think that’s all of hard mode done, solo and without Lone Wolf mod. Mostly because it’s impossible to find matches online for hard mode, and I can’t seem to host randoms without having a connection error halfway through.


    Beaten Fed Force in Hard Mode, all medals got! Came in 14 seconds under the time limit on the last mission, got so lucky that the crates spawned me a super missile.

    Only at 95% though, need to get eight more paint jobs in Blast Ball 😛

    …and according to Activity Log, I’ve only played just over 72 hours. Not over a hundred. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a discrepancy in time go that direction before :/

  • Hello people with NBN. In the words of Bender “Compare your life to mine and then kill yourself”… My non-NBN connection is great. Though I am genuinely curious as to how long this will last. I’ve literally never seen HFC this fast.

    And just in time for my house-warming tomorrow night!
    Don’t forget to come along and stuff. If you have children I would advise not bringing them, as my puppo likes to jump on people to say hello.

    • That is insanely fast for HFC. I had a pretty good line back at the place I was in in Camberwell and it topped out at about 130 megabit in the middle of the day when no one was home. Not even remotely that good on upload too. Are you sure you’re on HFC and not a hybrid fiber / coax?

      • All I know is I signed up for HFC and they installed it the same as my last address. I was topping out at 2mbps until yesterday (when the tech was supposed to come). Woke up to that though so called him to cancel (I don’t want him making it slower!)

  • @pupp3tmast3r @jocon

    You see the Blood of Sargeras vendor in 7.1 PTR? unless they reduce those to like 5 per blood I expect three months before 7.1 hits and gathering skills die.

    • You ran some dungeons last night with our dk tank and his mates right? How was their skillset and attitude?

      • Skillset.. completely impossible to gauge in a mythic unless your boggle they obeyed basic mechanics well i suppose I can say~ content was rolled over by dps, in terms of attitude a lot of self deprecating stuff and sarcastic-like-endearment which is typical among wow friends.

          • I know how important/serious this is to you, so asking me such a question seems very weighty won’t lie I spent awhile staring at it trying to think of an answer or a evasion.

            Nothing confrontational or self serving happened which is a plus, they also went after achievements which gave me the impression they don’t mind taking their time wiping/figuring out stuff so might be laid back players.

            Overall they seem like a good fit, from what little I saw. 😛

          • Mmm I have a feeling we’ll lose the tank to another guild if those 2 don’t join our group and are keen to raid. Given we need another 3 DPS if we want to go into raids next week this seems like a place to start.

            Side question – Are you BM or MW OS? If BM can you tank some Mythics this Saturday morning?

          • I remember on first conceptions you wanted to avoid groups, to avoid them gaining power over the guild, or at minimum atleast not a group of healers lol.

            But yeah BM is my OS, I work on Saturday only briefly though 9-12 usually I make it home by 1, however you said morning so not sure if that can work.

          • Pretty impossible at this point in time for any one group to exert control. If I’m aiming for a final count of 25 raiders, as long as no single group of friends is greater than 2-3 people we’ll never be held hostage as such. Also helps that I’ve got multiple back up healers and tanks.

            I’ll have runs for the arvo as well, so let me know if you can tank those (probs 2-3 max).

          • @pupp3tmast3r

            Yeah i’ll be on all afternoon, you can lock me in or not I’m fine with it either way.

    • No, trade blood for mats im guessing?
      Sounds like a great idea to me. Alchemy has almost no use for blood but needs a fuckton of farming crowded zones.
      Might get my farm on and try to make some gold while i can tho.

      • Yeah early ptr build seems to be 1 blood for 20 basic herbs 1 blood for 5 starlight, as you can imagine most people will have 500+ bloods by the time this patch hits, ouch.

        • I’d question that definition of most. Most people of the hardcore persuasion probaly but im on about 50 atm without trying.
          But bliz need to do something to combat the massive inflation or no-one but the hardcore will be able to afford to raid. Flasks are going for almost 1k each ffs.

          • The inflation is purposely done. The entire system in Legion atm works as follows – Expensive for the first 2-3 months, and then cheaper for the remaining 70-90% of the expansion. It’s why boosts from professions have been staggered and also why suramar and starlight is gated. They did this on purpose to undo the way they fucked up the economy in the last expansion. The most hardcore players who wouldve abused the treasure hunter system in WoD the most will be the most likely to spend their gold to stockpile or buy flasks now. By creating temporary and artificial gold sinks which will be completely neutered with the release of a blood of sargeras vendor along with rank 3 gathering/alchemy/cooking Blizz are trying to pull money out of their economy and stimulate deflation.

            It’s interesting fiscal policy to be honest, and likely to be more effective than what our own governments are doing in the real world to fix the real economy. Got to laugh =D

            My recommendation, start stockpiling gold or mats just enough to last you the first 2-3 months. Anything more sell now while inflation drives prices up. I should’ve made about 30k today by selling archaeology fragments. Yay =D

          • Eh it’s less gold digging in WoW more basic economic theory. Supply and demand. Blizz have cut down the supply of Gold and increased the number of products that demand it as payment. Eventually gold supply will run dry and prices will be reduced to levels sustainable by the amount of gold the Broken Isles put out.

          • I meant more I should actually make some effort to make money via crafting ect, particularly now while I can.

  • Woooooo Brizvegas Comic-Con this weekend!

    Be on the lookout for a 5 year old Teen Titans Go! Raven. My daughter has caught the cosplay bug…

      • Alas no. Although the strong desire to wear my underwear on the outside and dazzle the crowd as Burt Ward’s Robin was there, I was firmly told “no” by both my SO and Mr 15.

        Dad’s doing that kind of cosplay apparently isn’t cool when you’re a teenager.

  • Hello friends!
    As some of you may know, I went to Vancouver and PAX Prime/West!
    Many of you chose to avoid me like the plague (understandable), even as going as far as to buy a house and to quote poorness to use as an excuse, but that’s okay!
    If you were at all curious as to what eating delish foods is about, and checking out PAX costumes, I uploaded a bunch of pictures!
    I don’t know how Imgur works though so maybe that is a private link?
    Whatever, CHECK IT OUT, YO

  • My wife has discovered Animal Crossing New Leaf. I could not be happier as it had allowed me to play some PS4 finally. Instead of 1 hour i got to play for 4 hours last night. Made an actual dent in Deus Ex. Here’s hoping it’ll last!!!

  • Should I get some business cards printed up for pax? It would probably consist of my email and deviant art.

  • @jocon @distantdrop Just about every single raider in the guild is in the barth top 100 players for their class, sav’s actually in the top 10 =,=

  • Finished Tri Force Heroes last night, playing through most of it solo. It was… alright I guess, but not sure I can be bothered running through every level another three times to get 100% completion. Probably done with the game now actually.

  • Ghost dropped their new EP today ‘Popestar’ and it’s awesome. This band continue to amaze me how good they are.

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