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    Saturday was my 33rd, and we celebrated with wine, merriment, and Mexican food.

    Then the heartburn kicked in an reminded us of how old we all are.

    The hangover has almost passed.

    Don't waste your youth, get drunk and eat spicy food as often as you can!

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      Don't waste your youth, get drunk and eat spicy food as often as you can!

      Hmm. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

      ha haa haa, that's gold mate, I have also recently undertaken the joy of spicy Mexican food washed down by far to many alcoholic beverages (it was about three weeks ago for a mates bday). the next weeks worth of messages between us all was various forms of "OMG its mon/tues/wed/thurs and I am still hungover/dealing with heartburn and am soooo tired"

      The next weekend rolled around and we had all agreed to catch up (during our drunken party) as we had so much fun, out of 5-6 couples who had said they were keen.....only two of us managed to catch up as the rest all had "old people excuses" not to.

      Don't waste your youth, get drunk and eat spicy food as often as you can!

      words to live by right there !!!!

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      Nonono it's "drink a skinful then go for the hottest curry you can find". :)

    I swear I got about an hours sleep last night split into 20 minute blocks. Screw this going to work non-sense.

    My weekend went well. Got the house clean, got the laundry down.

    And watched what was left of ST: TNG Season 3 .... while wearing a red T-shirt. :-P


        Well, here's a tough question for all the Trekkies here.

        If a red shirt often means being killed off, how is it that fellow redshirt Picard survived everything including assimilation with the Borg?

          Phasers won't penetrate through the additional 0's on a captains pay cheque.

          Riker wouldn't allow it!

            Unless there is a single blond nearby. In which case I wouldn't trust "No pants" Riker, :-P

          Have you ever wondered why Kirk was such a lead from the front, punch em in the face captain, while Picard was more likely to monitor things from the bridge?

            Truth be told, I'm still new so in terms of the Original Series I've only seen The Trouble with Tribbles and Man Trap.

    Brizvegas comic-con was a blast on Saturday. The kids behaved, I spent less than I expected, and the atmosphere was great.

    Miss 5 warmed up to the cosplay pretty quick, and she was soon posing with all manner of creepy characters. A Darth Vader photo required a Dad hand-hold for comfort though, as he is rather imposing close up (but Sauron wasn't, so go figure).

    I finished my first ever play through of all three Mass Effect games last night and now all I can think about is how the ending played out. I didn't hate it like every other Mass Effect fan on the internet seems to.

      I was also a little "meh" about it, I think that's the problem most people had with it (and the whole decisions are useless thing)

      I assume you would have played the extended version with the extra scenes which help expand the storey a little (I think that helped a lot of people comes to terms with it).

      I guess people just got up in arms because...well you know the internets and all that.

      Was it the original ending or the later modified ending? :)

        It was the later modified ending. I did go onto Youtube and watched the original ending for the choice I made. I definitely see that the original ending was a lot more abrupt, and you don't get to see what happens to the fleet. But what really had me thinking about how Mass Effect 3 ends was the choice put to you by the Catalyst, and the implications behind each option. I was expecting more of a "big boss battle" style ending.

          Yeah, it was the abruptness that got to a lot of people, coupled with the "we've made all these choices, but no matter what we've done in all the games it all boils down to just 3 options". Plus of course the amplification effect of a few loud voices. I think I get why they chose it, but a pretty pedestrian deus ex machina plot was a bit of a disappointment after so much of the story was original, or an interesting twist on well-followed themes.

          The ME3 extended ending I've heard does ameliorate that effect and make it all feel a bit more meaningful. I haven't played the extended ending yet, I keep meaning to go back and finish my all DLC playthrough. :)

            I can handle deus ex machina. They set up the biggest, most impossible challenge ever in the first game so I knew it was coming. I just felt that the ending had no depth and the final 15-30 minutes kick off with a bunch of things that almost go out of their way to shatter suspension of disbelief. Claw your way into the final area and then two dudes strut in to bounce Good vs Evil options off you. Like 'oh yeah, we just used the other entrance'.
            It tries to be deep but instead of working with themes and events that were established in the previous games they fixate on shallow elements that they introduced to this game specifically for the ending. Rather than showing the toll this war is taking on Shep using choices from the previous games that the players may actually care about they just throw a kid in his way. The Arrival has Shep kill countless innocent people for the greater good but screw that. Kids are innocent.
            Then you've got the synthetic vs organic stuff. EDI and Joker hit you over the head with a very simple romance while the complex Geth line that's been building from the start gets treated as more of a side quest.
            The ending gets lost trying to use emotional shortcuts to destinations it had already arrived at.

            The entire game was a brilliant ending, they really dug deep into the characters, but that last stretch was a gauntlet of potential 'wait, that's dumb' moments and the second you get caught on a single one of them you're snapped out of the story and the rest of them become obvious. By the time it gets to the credits most people have gotten hung up on minor technicalities they would have happily glossed over.

            @shadowlee Did you play the DLC as you played the game? I consider it a bit like Javik's in that it's a justification for digging into lore that couldn't be included in the main story, but Leviathan really adds a lot to the Reapers. I'd be curious to know if that softened the ending.

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              I played all the DLC during the game, which I definitely think helped.

              The very strong theme that comes out of both Leviathan and From Ashes is the conflict between organic and synthetic life. It started with Leviathan and the Reapers, and Jarvik mentions that the Protheans created synthetic life which rebels against them as well. The concept is also expanded through all three games with the Quarians and the Geth. In that context, having the Catalyst present the option of either controlling or destroying the Reapers makes sense.

              The only thing that annoyed me was that in my play through, I successfully achieved peace between the Quarians and the Geth. When the Catalyst says that synthetic life will always try to destroy its creators, I wanted to be able to say "Not always - look at the Quarians and the Geth", but I didn't have that option. The claim that synthetics and organics will always be in conflict has to be accepted.

              The more I think about it, the more I actually like the ending. It's unexpected, there are no easy answers, and there's no perfect "right" choice. I get that it's a "deus ex machina" style ending, but it worked for me anyway.

                That was my feeling too - both EDI and the Geth, *if you made the right choices* should have opened up different endings of peace with AIs, or the Reapers going away to leave the galaxy for another cycle to see what happens, or other things. It just felt like no matter what else you'd done, you just got those three choices. The first two Deus Ex games, the second one most jarringly, had the same issue.

                Anyway, time for a playthrough on my upgraded system. I wonder how they'll go with ultrawide?

                  I actually could have lived with all my choices being irrelevant to the final decisions. My choices were shown as mattering throughout the game so I was happy. If they had of put a gun to his head and said 'we're giving you three options, pick one' that could have worked. I actually would have had the ultimate choice completely free of other choices, just a crystal clear 'who do you want to be' moment, then had Shep die and the credits run over a montage of his impact on the universe before his death/his funeral speeches/his legacy. Best of both worlds.
                  However the way they presented it was more like he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted and BioWare chose those three options for him due to game mechanic restrictions.

                Yeah. I think one of the big problems was that there was no way to engage with anything happening at that point. Most of the choices were obvious 'do you want to be good or evil' paths and you had to accept a lot of things that weren't perfectly thought out. They chose the moment where you're essentially reasoning with God to take away your voice.

                  My biggest issue with it was that you basically had to go all good or all evil to be able to get all the options at the end. Fine on the Paragon side, but killed any chance I'd play through Renegade because it basically involved being a dick to as many people as possible, and that felt so incredibly unlike the Renegade Shep I'd played through the previous two games with.

                  @negativezero One thing that really set ME apart was that it wasn't about good vs evil it was attitude. Both sides were heroes so I could take a Renegade option without it being out of character. It was more like loose cannon or by the book than Knights of the Old Republic's Charles Manson or Ghandi.

                  Yeah that was what I meant. Even in ME2 you could be a bit of an irritable dick sometimes but it was more the grumpy curmudgeon kind of dickery, not the HEY FUCK YOU GUYS GOING TO BURN YOUR ENTIRE SPECIES TO THE FUCKING GROUND dickery. A full Renegade playthrough of ME3 requires you to basically fuck over from memory three of the best characters in the entire franchise Wrex, Mordin and Legion just because you're BADASS RUTHLESS MCANGRYFACE or something.

                  It's not even the 'holy shit it let me do what' kind of evil that you got in their earlier games. It's just plain being an asshat.

    Heh, Johnny Knoxville has announced a 4th Jackass movie titled "We're Not Dunn Yet" clever play on words. But the internet seem butt hurt over the title & that is hilarious.

      Well that's really a joke Knoxville and Co. get to decide to make, I feel like he wouldn't do it if it wasn't meant in the right spirit.

        and being the person he was i'm pretty sure he'd give it the thumbs up. Plus that's Jackasses style.

      What is the play on words, I don't follow it

        It's a homage to their mate & fellow Jackass star Ryan Dunn who tragically died 5 years back (I think) after he drove his car off a cliff, due to being intoxicated.

          Gotcha, Thought it must have been a name or something, but don't know who it was

    Had a satisfying, if mundane, weekend. Cleaned the kitchen, got my laundry done, and got through Northrend - I think I finished Icecrown's story quests, but have a couple of flight points to check out, still.

    So many neat lilttle sub-plots, some better than others - the Taunka'le joining the Horde was awesome, the whole Malygos/Serastrasza questline in Coldara was awesome, helping Freya defend the Sholazar Basin from the scourge was cool, most of the stories surrounding the Dragonflight were great, and it all culminated in helping Tyrion Fordring take Icecrown. There were some pain points - a lot of "go do this, come back for the next step" quests, and Nessingwary's quests seemed to incite the murder of every crocolisk and cobra I came across - there was a constant stream of people just emptying the area of both, took so long to finish them. But it ended with Hemmet and I riding a mammoth to fight a large drake, so all's forgiven. And I'm noticing a pattern - the area quests will start the story, then the nearby dungeon(s) will finish it... I should probably start doing dungeons to get the second half of the story.

    One more night of WoW, then a bunch of Destiny to hit 360-ish light by Saturday... slowly adjusting my sleep schedule so that I can get up at 3am to hit the raid when it opens...

      :) I am READY.

      Well, I think my best character is 312 but it won't take me long hanging out with you to get things moving again.

        Oh, the new loot system is extremely friendly - reward-screen blues will drop up to 320 now, I think that'll rise tomorrow, maybe to 350 - I know vendor gear is going up to 350 tomorrow. Hell, I've been having greens dropping left and right in the little I've played this past week, so I guess the new light-levels make green drops relevant (however briefly) - you'll probably jump 20 light that first night alone.

          Nice. :)

          I'm actually considering storing all Titan's gear and... resetting.

          Warlock and Hunter I'm keeping.

            Did you ever run through the 2.0 questified story? I was too attached to my warlock to reset him... I feel like my titan and hunter are right where I want them, but still miss my old alt-lock...

              Yeah, with one of the reset characters. I think I reset my warlock pre Taken King and my hunter post, so the hunter did the questy stuff.

              This is why I'm tempted to do it again though. Get in tonight and play around with the warlock and remind myself how to play. Mentioned to my wife the big update comes tomorrow. She said "Hang on a minute..." and phoned her bestie. They're off out for dinner... :D She's excellent.

              Then after a few days, reset the titan and play the whole story from the start. :) Last time I did this it really didn't take long, but it was fun being genuinely outmatched in the early missions. Going and getting all the chests and stuff "at the right time" is good too.

              ...and I just received a text message (! so 90s! !) from mypetfish - he was down in Melbourne last week and we briefly caught up. He has bought Rise of Iron. His message said "Tuesday night is now my gaming night... Destiny reset night? I'm thinking of resetting one character..."

              HAHA! I think we may have a plan. :D

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                My kingdom for a fourth character slot character backup/restore function! I'll never get that damn "Human" grimoire card... :'3

                  Yes backup/restore would be nice.

                  What do you need for that card?

                  @trikeabout To get it, you need to create a human character - thus far, I've made three Awoken and an Exo. I mean, having the card provides no benefit whatsoever, and I'd delete the character immediately and replace it with something less bland, but, you know... it's something that's "in theory" so easy to obtain, and in reality absolutely out of the question.

    Spent the weekend at parties and watching Bojack Horseman.
    Oh, and Hawthorn are out of the finals!
    Now all we have to do is beat Sydney on Friday night! \o/

    Had some friends around Friday night for games. Played Million Dollars... But which, if it has one flaw (and I'm not claiming it's limited to only one, really), is that it promotes too much discussion and takes far too long to play. After awhile you wonder why you're playing at all. Also played some Jackbox games, and honestly could have played Fibbage for fricken hours.

    Went out to the Bavarian Bier Cafe Saturday night then kicked on at a nearby nightclub, wound up getting home at around 5am after taxiing several friends home and lost almost my entire Sunday to sleep. Thankfully as I was designated driver I didn't get to spend it hungover.

    Finished Forza Horizon, at least the "story". Left a large number of festival events unfinished and didn't even get close to #1 popularity so several showcase events and barn finds didn't unlock. All in all, I enjoyed it. I'm disappointed at the cheatiness of the AI and ultimately bumped the difficulty down which made it a cakewalk, but apparently from Horizon 2 onwards the driveatar system provides a more organic driving experience instead of the "going around a hairpin on rails at 200km/h" bullshit, so I'm really interested in picking up Horizon 3.

    Started Star Trek Online on the Xbox One. I originally played it about 4 years ago when it went free to play and I think I put in about 4 hours across about a week before losing interest. I do like it but I got sidetracked by other things. Of course the PC characters, even when you link your gamertag with your Arc Games account, don't carry over so I had to start from scratch. This is not a huge loss. Game chugs a bit and has massive pop-in issues (it's not just textures, menus are slow and I frequently dropped out of a loading screen into a starry expanse before the planet loaded in). But I'll stick with it until being in an MMO-style game I can't pause becomes too much of an inconvenience (Destiny was alright since my wife was playing it with me).

    @jocon @distantdrop have you guys had a chance to check out ilgynoth's fight at all? I'm already hating it >.

      it looked simple? drag & kill blob adds to the eye dont stand near when they explode? kill/interrupt the other eye adds, when the eye opens stack on boss, spread out when he does the aoe circles, get out before his casts finishes, rinse & repeat. edit: run bad debuffs away from the raid.

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        Uhuh, you seen how much damage a single dominator mob puts out on a tank? 1.2 mil per tick every 0.8 seconds for 6 seconds. Stack this with a 2mil eye beam from the horrors which lays down a debuff increasing future damage by 50%. Translation room for error = marginal. You're also missing quite a few mechanics. The horrors leave pools of poison where they stand so the tank has to position them so as not to destroy melee. The mobs that need interrupting aren't always going to be near the best interrupters so you aren't going to stop all the mind flays.

        Additionally we need to stagger the blob kills since I'm treating every fight like we're on Mythic. (hence me warning about the mind control mechanic in our Nythendra strat).

          You plan to have us split the kills every 4-5 seconds to compensate for a non existent mechanic? aren't you concerned that doing this might be met with some resistance? since people will see that as pointless wiping than as learning a future mechanic.

            People can either learn how to down a fight the right way or we can just steamroll through it like a casual guild. Last I checked everyone I recruited wants to join a Mythic guild, not a norm/heroic one.

              Last time I checked we WERE a heroic guild, Mythic was always a future aspiration and the Guild Doc says nothing about it. We will be aiming to completely clear the normal/heroic difficulties for the tier 19 raids
              I am 100% behind Wind on this one: leave Mythic mechanics for Mythic. We are going to have our hands full doing a heroic schedule on 4 hours a week, don't needlessly complicate things or get ahead of yourself, it's just gonna cause friction.


    Have I ever told you how annoying min maxing is? seems like every damn source has a different view on talents and even neck enchants, stat weights seems to also differ as well, but at least they all agree on priority. I sometimes find myself looking up armories of mythic experienced WW monks just to see if theirs any consistency, but nothing stands out.

    I want to set up a ask mr robot weightage so I can set up my own dps simulators its just.. to much misinformation hiding the truth. feels like I'm destined to make some mistake. is this what it's like to be a DPS? lol

    Also arms warriors are broken. just wow

      No this isn't what DPS is like this is what WoW is like as a fresh game. Pre-patch basically separated the wheat from the chaff. Either you understand your class to play it and theory craft for it on your own or you don't. No more easy access to resources for every bad out there to copy pasta and pretend to know what they're doing. Actually going to have to work at it in until prog guilds start putting free resources out for the gen pop.

        Isn't that all of us? I highly doubt imagining anyone in our guild is pushing their own numbers and theorycraft.

          Um actually no, I know for a fact dwarf, sav, ray, milk & white have been running their own sims. Deep did some yday after I asked for stat weights as well. Anyone who thinks online resources are accurate at the moment are just being lazy, there's no way an expert resource could have come to light without any one live testing their stat spreads in an actual raid environment.

          Personally I've gone through multiple resources and narrowed down my own talent/stat spread that I feel would be the best breakdown for the upcoming raid environment.

            Yeah you're right, sorta kicking myself that I know the perfect person to guide me I suppose I've been far to adamant on execution and rotational prowess to where I considered simulation as more of a gauge of performance.

            Going to get my friend grand to help me out, no excuses anymore.

            I'll give you a progress update when felt necessary. Edit: Or Requested whichever falls first :P

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        Imo, if this is what is required now, maybe mention it and how to do it. Because as you say: only the hardest of hardcore min maxer prog Mythic guilds typically do this kinda thing. I wouldn't know where to start and I know I'm not the only one. And apparently I am now bads for looking online for help from people more experienced?
        Ease. Up.
        You are the only one who has been spending hours a day researching and theorycrafting and studying Mythic guilds. If you are expecting that of all of the rest of us, at least say so it the first place, don't get shitty because people don't magically understand what's going through your head.
        If it is not in the Doc you wrote, we don't know. That's what it is for.
        I understand min/maxing is in order to fulfill prog in our time frame but we are not a bunch of experienced hardcore Mythic raiders, that was never the Guild's MO. Slow Down. Consider the perspective of your raiders a bit.

          Ok firstly knowing what the stat weights for your class are is not even remotely on par with min/maxing. It's not even close to what prog guilds do for min/maxing; most mythic guilds at the moment have crafted gear with the perfect stat spread and all running 7/7 upgraded Obliterum. For them stat weights is something they would've organized about a month ago.

          A) You will never get your ideal stat weight, its meant to act as a guide so that in a raid environment if a side-grade drops you know off the top of your head if you want it or not and won't check your AMR bookmark. B) 99% of all online resources at the moment on the game are at war with each other, you yourself said you received conflicting answers from the druid discord and your classes is one of the few I've found to have a dedicated resource via restokin blog. So yes if players are sticking to solely online resources after pre-patch then they are bads because the reality there isn't a single resource out there that's been tested in a live raid environment. All of it is hearsay. What it means is you need to play your class based on your understanding of it and not someone else's. C) I have always raided with stat weights, even in casual guilds. Stat priority does absolutely nothing in a practical sense when you have two pieces of gear that are near identical but have different secondary stats and as I see it most raiders should already have this knowledge but just don't know how to put it into a numbers breakdown.

          None of this requires hours of research or theory-crafting either, if you talk through what your class needs as you understand it then you'll end up with stat weights. Most people already use stat weights without realizing it, if they've ever used the Ask Mr Robot website. Only difference is the website automatically allocates weights for you to calculate BiS gear; and sometimes that weighting can be wrong because its usually based off an "expert opinion".

          I got shitty because so far I've asked next to nothing from the group in terms of input for their own class, when people repeatedly PM me 100% haste or 100% crit after I've been vetting apps all weekend and trying to juggle guild dungeon runs to gauge skill sets I don't have the time to hold hands. Usually as soon as I ask them to explain how they are practically going to stack a single stat I get the response "Uhhhh" or "Oh you can't" or "I don't know". I have no problems with raiders asking me how to get their stat weights, heck I had multiple walk throughs on Sat/Sun with people who didn't know.

          Finally we are aiming to be a Mythic Guild, also covered in the document. The only difference is instead of transitioning to it in Nighthold, we're going to aim for it in EN. And we have to, normal mode is nothing for us now. If I take a group of 20 people into a raid in normal and we keep wiping for weeks on end and have 4 items that drop that no one needs because we've out-geared the raid the group will fall apart through fatigue alone. Thanks to Blizzard's tuning for gear it's now completely and utterly pointless to do normal raids aside from learning mechanics with your training wheels on. So yes I've had to move the goals thanks to the tuning the devs put into the game. If all a player wants is high level gear now you don't even need a guild you just need 5 people to do Mythic+ with.

          Additionally have you had a look at mechanics for normal/heroic/mythic this xpac? They've changed how they tune for them. Normal has 50% of the mechanics vs Mythic. And heroic has about 75%. This means normal at the moment of this comment is on par with a really complex Mythic dungeon boss like Cordana in Vault. It's barely one level above LFR in terms of mechanics. So yes I'll be incorporating Mythic mechanics in normal runs, not as a hard rule but as something we train to follow. We have a heroic level skill floor atm, we can either lower it further by doing the bare minimum in normal or we can maintain and improve it.

          To summarize I've had to make adjustments based on problems I envision coming our way going of what I've seen from this expansion so far. Blizz clearly intend Normal to be for casual guilds who waltz in there with no prep. Heroic is the old normal, Mythic is the old Heroic. I don't however plan on engaging in explanations of my decision making process every time gears change, to date I've done what I thought to be best for the guild while taking feedback from everyone in the group IF things don't work as planned. And if you think I don't get feedback, take it from me, I have on average at least one extensive issue from one raider or another on a daily basis. Everyday.

          Spoilered for length.

          Last edited 20/09/16 10:25 am

            Yeah.. but they min.max because their pushing content 20-30 ilvls lower than they reasonably should be, they also plan to raid 40 hours a week for the first two weeks so they just want the experience to be less painful on themselves. and after that its all about whoring of worldoflogs figures.

            Were you always this prone to overthinking? when the reasoning is far more simplistic.

              Again stat weighting is not min-maxing. Want to narrow down your statement to what exactly am I overthinking?

              Additionally I need stat weights for loot priority and loot checking.

              Edit: to clarify are you really debating a portion of my comment I used as a form of context or is there more to your statement?

              Last edited 20/09/16 11:20 am

                Just stat weighting in general, all class have a weak secondary unless your a arcane mage... but the point being as long as you know what to avoid your only making fractional damage to your DPS/HPS/DTPS and considering we're a burgeoning guild going around call people bads trusting higher opinions of raid source sites its just disingenuous.

                  Actually untrue; not all classes have a weak secondary. A few have equal weighting across 3, and some have equal weighting across 2 stats and slight weighting for a tertiary. How many specs have you looked to before making your statement? Cos I have about 14 under my belt so far since pre-patch and from that sample size I know it's untrue. I can also say that stat weighting when I was playing Ele in previous expansions made about a 20-30% difference in my overall DPS (as opposed to just stacking my best secondary). I suppose if you consider that fractional this is a moot argument.

                  Again and for the last time. Stop taking current resources at their face value. I have personally run numbers for shit on icyveins and proven their estimates wrong at least 50% of the time I decide to double check their stuff. Unless you're looking at a numbers breakdowns of how a class works following prepatch (which I've only seen for feral druids, spriests & fire mages) then you should be building your own or at the very least talking to your class discord and checking out multiple forums/sources. Prepatch wiped the slate clean for a lot of classes, so all bets are off.

                  Additionally this is a basic habit all raiders should have if we want to transition to mythic raids, I would rather have this mentality incorporated now than 4-6 months from now when we step into mythic Nythendra. What part of this are you not on board with?

                  Yeah but can you link me to a source site thats so offkey it would lead to a 30k dps loss? most differ in opinion but they rarely tell you too prioritize and lowest weight-age.

                  As for the whole Mythic issue, it has a reputation for breaking guilds apart and I want to raid the hell out of it. but I can't help but feel its being underestimated I suppose I've never accepted yet our going against the grain approach to total raid hours. can't shake anxiety I guess.

            Fair enough. I think my/the issue is clarity.
            Maybe add an update to the main doc saying something like:
            "Since it is looking easy to get equivalent or better than normal raid get from other sources, we are going to focus on Heroic-Mythic. All raiders please be familiar with Mythic level mechanics."
            People are expecting Heroic and need to be up to speed if that's not the case. But I still don't think its something we should be worrying about before this team has a single normal boss under our belt.
            Regarding the stat weights, I feel it was not initially clear what exactly you were asking for, the context of those numbers.
            And if you want us to do sims, please specify that.
            That my 2c, I'll just stfu and heal.

              If you've been reading our internal boss strats then you're already up to speed on Mythic mechanics jo. Our strats for Ursoc and Nythendra are Mythic ready (Ursoc has more tuning on the tank side in terms since he spawns adds in Mythic) but everything I've drawn up is meant to scale from Normal to Mythic. I don't want us wasting time relearning the same fight every difficulty because of one additional mechanic. Most of which would've been included in normal difficulty back in WoD/MoP/Cata/Wotlk. The normal fights are so basic they're on par with World bosses mechanically right now.

              If you actually look at fights at all 3 difficulties now in context to older content you'll see that blizz are artificially inflating the duration of their content by completely chopping apart mechanics and choosing which ones go to which difficulty. It's a bit of a joke tbh and I can see why Bel thinks we'll get to Xavius by Sunday.

                Yeah I read Ursoc on Mythic strategy, crazy fight, I hear most guilds plan on rolling three tanks for easier nightmare images management, dps definitely cant under perform on that fight.

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    Abg n pel sbe uryc, whfg na bofreingvba.

      Your life goes for a very long time, and we all feel like this at some time or another, regardless of what we're doing and how we appear on social media. Go talk to someone if you need to, there's always another way to look at things, and sometimes you just need some help to get there.

      Are you in your mid-20s?

        Yes. Exactly mid-20s.

          @negativezero is exactly right

          And even though we all go through these periods of feeling like this (why hello 40, you're getting uncomfortably close), the important thing is to recognise that the future will always bring something new, and that change is always possible (although not always easy). A good counsellor or psychologist can help you sift through your feelings, teach you real strategies to help you cope with the stresses of life, help with relationships, and help you to set new goals.

      It's easier said than done, but try to stop thinking of life in terms of 'why didn't I spend the last five years doing something that mattered' and focus on setting goals for the next five years. Your past will always seem huge, it's your entire life, but your future is where the important shit is happening. You're going to be alive for quiet a while so there's plenty of time for trial and error. It sounds corny but every journey starts with the first step.
      I know it probably seems like your backed into a corner, like you've made your decisions and landed in a tar pit of a life and that's how it's going to stay forever, but life is flexible. You can always change course. It's not always easy and sometimes you've got to accept that exactly what you wanted is no longer possible, but getting exactly what you think want isn't the only way to be happy.
      No one act will make you feel accomplished and happy. The way life is presented to us it looks like we're meant to find happiness at 18 then put life on cruise control and enjoy it until we die. That's just not how it works.

    TAY almost never gets beyond 2 pages recently. Should it still be re-posted fresh every week or would it be better to have the same topic persist for a Fortnight or Month (assuming that this is something that's possible for @Alexwalker to do?)

    Back when we burned through 20-30 pages in a week it seemed very important but now I feel like it just means that any posts made after around 4pm AU Eastern time on a Friday are lost forever because no one sees them unless they're specifically @ or replied to. I don't want to see TAY die completely. :(

      I'm thinking about what can be done about that. Anything that happens, mind you, I'll ask everyone first.

        Would it be at all possible to make TAY a mobile friendly page? I know back in the day quite a few TAYbies used to check in on their phones and stopped because the ads/extra content would eat through their data.

          I suspect that this might be a bit of a case of closing the gate after the horse has bolted though :(

          I usually get the desktop version of the page on my mobile but sometimes have to jump to the mobile version because the edit button no longer appears for me - and holy crap those stupid taboola links and crap between the article and comments! Friggen gigantic images that take up the whole damn screen!

    Hola Tayberinos

    Busy times, so barely been here. Time for a dot point run down

    - Finished the program I've been running for eighteen months at work last week. YAAAAAAAAY!
    - My Pop passed away last Saturday, and the funeral was Friday. Thanks to all of you who sent your messages of condolence. It helped, a lot.
    - Saturday, was best man in a wedding. All went well, my speech was well received, and the groom remembered his lines. WOOOOOOO!
    - Yesterday, I got this far: HOOOORAAAAAAAH

    A Tuesday morning question: What's your current project?

      Surviving the terrible twos

        You're doing a fine job sir!

          Thanks Mama
          Considering her knowledge of Marvel characters is growing each day and she can spot a tardis at 100m I think we are too

          Last edited 21/09/16 2:03 pm

      Sorry to hear about your loss red :\ Hope you're holding up ok!

        Cheers man. It's OK, was pretty emotional friday

      Oh damn. My condolences.
      WoW is pretty much a project at this point. Otherwise the ongoing project that is home-ownership.

        Renovations and maintenance or you are working towards the goal of ownership?

          The former. I am kinda slack on it but no rush I guess.

      1. Sydney Half Marathon done. Slightly slower time than I hoped, but still under 3 hours. Back to the smaller goals of 30 minute parkrun, parkrun 100-club, and a sub75 min 10km.

      2. Cosplay stuff. Sewing and weapon making. Just the coat to sew. :D

        Slightly worried atm that our hunter crew will just be me, you, and @sernobulus- hope Cracks doesn't hit too many snags

          I though Freeze was making good progress as well?

            He's got his weapons in train, so can't be too far off, but is at the mercy of ebay gods for stuff

      Getting life back on track. It was looking ok for a bit there but then hit a whole load of bumps and stumbles. So I guess next is getting over the disheartenment.

        Always the way, isn't it- you cruise along well then a bunch of stuff hits at once

    @distantdrop don't worry about your BM spec, things got sorted last night. I mean gear it passively if you get drops that suit it but don't go after it anymore. No longer a priority.

      Glad it all got sorted than, ill stop dumping out ap on bm for now.

    Greetings TAYbies!

    I have finally finished my latest track, so I've come to share it with y'all and see what you think!

    Might not be perfect, but hey.. I'm just one guy, with very little experience in mastering, and as you know, I've been going through some rough shit in the last month or so. Given that, I'm pretty happy with the result, but if anyone is good at mastering, give us a yell! :D

    @trikeabout BETA!

    And being too busy reading about things from it to actually try anything yet >_>
    Especially those patch notes, god damn those were huge.

    Totally can't wait to rip open a Taipan.

      :) I have been in there a bit. Lots of tweaks. Looks good. Beluga is HUGE.

      Tourist beacons! That'll give my alt something to do as she wanders around doing Exploration Only.

      Paintwork is still in general repair. :( Should be in Livery! Respray! Sigh.

      Much newness though.


        It is angry. And I love it.

        Shame I don't love flying it though :P Other two are much nicer to fly, although the i-fighter sure likes to get itself into an unstoppable spin, and the old FA-off trick doesn't seem to stop it any more :/

          Nice. I haven't seen the ship-launched stuff yet. :)

          Graphical improvements seem good. Also the ship transfer is excellent. Very amused that it would cost cr911 MILLION to fly my Anaconda back from Colonia. Muahahah.

    Howdy. Another weekend, another Smash Bros tournament for me. I played pretty poorly, but I stayed the entire duration of the event anyway because hanging out with the Smash community in Sydney is a fun time. There were lots of new people, so it's really exciting to see the community grow. I think being a 5 minute walk from Central station is helping numbers, since previous venues have been harder to get to (these events are held at Nerd Cave now if anyone is interested).

    Omg, half an hour of watching Bungie DDoS themselves, an hour and a half waiting in queues and getting repeatedly DC'd and sent to the back of the queue (started at ~7000th, got to under 300th before a 30 minute loop of DCs landed me in 350,00th)... Finally got to start playing around 9pm when Bungie fixed their resource allocation. Currently regret-but-not-really getting barely four hours sleep last night... I really like the new patrol zone - large areas, long sightlines, lots of (currently) tough enemies with hive and splicers fighting each other; the new strike is great fun (with a neat Bond Brothers-esque boss battle), story missions are challenging and have a couple of really cool boss fights (with heaps of adds - utter chaos XD).

    Have yet to try the Archon's Forge... or rather we started it, and got locked in the entrance room cos the game deemed it too difficult for us? Will probably try again after the three of us are past 345 or 350-ish.

      ...and light building fast. Went from 306 to 326 last night, just faffing around.

        Yep, I hit 342-ish pretty quickly with blues (and buying a 350 ghost), but getting to 346 took a bit more effort. Now using a hodgepodge of random legendaries from engrams/packages, and trying to work out the best way to get past 360 by Friday night.

        Blues seem to be hard-capped at 340, and I'm hearing taht legendary decrypts will cap at 350 when I get there, but looks like there are a few activities that can drop way above their difficulty levels - Challenge of Elders is still rated at 320 light, but can drop up to 365 now, so will have to get that in sometime in the next few days. The strike-specific drops from the TTK and SIVA playlists should reliably be upgrades until 350, at which point they're a bit less reliable (but still potentially upgrades)...

          I will shortly be at waypoint 4 on the Galactic Nebula Expedition, and then I'm going to drop in on Destiny and do some random wandering around, and learn the new maps.

      So the Plaguelands are huge, and connect directly to the Cosmodrome. I haven't yet gone wandering back through the Cosmodrome to see if the other areas have changed, but it's vast now if you consider the Cosmodrome/Plaguelands together.

      I also did the BIG RESET last night . So my Titan is no more after moving sub 300 blues and greens onto her. Going to create a new one at the weekend I think. Still undecided whether to do the Jump Straight To Level 40 (because those early missions are hilarious when you're OP but still don't have supers..), but mypetfish and I are going to do a Complete Story Run sometime soon.

        Well, it's only really about half of the Cosmodrome - the path through the Grottos to Forgotten Shore is blocked off, and the door to The Steppes in Dock 13 is closed... but everywhere from The Blast to Dock 13 is accessible... so yea, it's still about 25-50% bigger than the original Cosmodrome patrol area.

        Started running the 350 strike playlist last night when I was about 346- that is super profitable - gained a light level every couple of strikes, and now sitting at 354 with a bunch of infusion material to go to my alts.

        Huh... iirc, Psn subscription and digital downloads are tied to the console if it's set as the primary console... I've got an alt account on my console I use(d) for downloading some stuff from the Japanese PSN... might see if it lets me play Destiny - that'd give me three extra character slots, sans shared vault...

          OK, that's what I hadn't looked at yet, to see how far through the Cosmodrome we can get. Large area. :)

          Nice - we didn't get as far as running strikes last night. We were having the usual fun trying to find assassination missions and the new quarantine missions for the quest.

          About the only downside I can see is the time it'll take to rebuild the subclass XP, as all the gear is stashed. Won't take long thought, there are so many bounties these days to cash in. I wound up binning some old legendaries I won't use again for weapons parts for infusions so I had enough room in the Vault to store the titan gear. The only ones I'm keeping are ones with raid-specific perks for running through the old raids. Being able to rebuy unlocked old exotics helps a lot too. Shame they can't do the same with legendaries - Eris should sell the raid gear for Crota that you've already had before, for example.

    @jocon you able to make it to a healing meeting tonight at 7.30 on disc? Also when you get a chance check out healiocentric's blog - has a really interesting post in there about how stat scaling affects healers and how it's likely to work in Legion.

    So I started Far cry 3 last night. Seems ok so far, looks like it will be a fun clear the icons from the map simulator
    Still not sure how different the builds will be depending on your skills.

    Bought Captain America Civil War on Blu-ray today.
    Gonna watch the crap out of it tonight.

    Neat Alans Billy Hyde is running a comp to win a meet & greet with Richie Sambora & Orianthi plus a signed Gibson Les Paul by RIchie. Shame to enter they want you to record you playing your favourite guitar riff.. I mean I would if I wasn't so out of practice and still had a guitar. Still awesome comp!

    Far out what a headache. Went to buy a few items on eBay, but kept getting thrown some stupid error about my PayPal so I Googled it turned out it was a common error & that buying via eBay Canada worked which didn't at first, but got there in the end. I now have a new PC case on the way got it for $120 instead of the $190 Umart sell it for :D

      Which case?

        Silverstone FT03 mATX in black.

          Nice choice. It's an unusual design. Did you get a slot loading optical drive for it?

            I haven't bought anything else for the build, but i'll be getting a slot loading ODD for sure since I still use an optical drive often unlike most people :P

            But i'm looking at something like this. Not sure if I want to go for a fanless PSU like I have chosen there or something else with similar 80+ rating but with a fan that has a quiet mode where the fan doesn't engage until the system is under load.

              Nice. I'll be moving my storage to SSD at some point - at the moment it's a pair of 128GB SSDs in RAID0 for the OS and a pair of 1TB WD Greens for the general storage, but I'd like to move to all solid state and shove the media off to the NAS (when I rebuild it - the OS drive in my server carked it the other night and I'm now working out what to do with that machine...).

              I'd probably not bother with the air cooler though at that price - the stock cooler is fine. If you do want to run a 3rd party cooler, do a water loop like this:

              They get the heat away from the CPU way better and run very quiet. If space isn't an issue (and it shouldn't be, even in that dinky case) it's the way to go.

              No idea about the fanless PSU though, no experience with them. :)

                Yeah i'm sick of the noise I get from my mechanical hard drives & how slow they are compared to SSD'd, plus in a small form factor SSD's just make more sense.

                I have the smaller version of that cooler on my NAS and it's a little beast plus it's insanely quiet & keeps my cpu at around 30 degrees at idle & just reaches the 50's under load. Plus i've seen it cheaper on eBay & other places in recent. I'd like to go for an AIO but after watching JayzTwoCents do a build in this particular case trying for an AIO was possible, but I wasn't keen on how the tubing was cramped & pushing up against the fans of the rads push pull config.

                I'm thinking i'd drop the fanless for one of Silverstones strider series PSU's since the fan (as my mate pointed out) is probably a good idea for summer :P

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