Vodafone Users Are Getting 2GB Of Free Data

Vodafone Users Are Getting 2GB Of Free Data

Following their outage across Sunday night and Monday, Vodafone is giving all of its customers 2GB of free data in their upcoming billing cycles.

Vodafone’s network went down at roughly 6.30PM (4:30PM AWST) on Sunday night, with the company confirming that a faulty router was responsible. The carrier’s network eventually returned to normal after lunch time on Monday, with users unable to send, receive or use data, texts and calls.

“2GB is more than 50 per cent of the average monthly data use for Vodafone customers and this bonus offer will allow all customers to stream, surf and download more of what they love, on us,” Vodafone said in a statement on its website.

The free data will be available to both pre-paid and post-paid customers:

  • Pre-paid customers will get 2GB data, valid for 30 days, after they recharge on a date in October yet to be announced. The data will be valid for the duration of the recharge.
  • Postpaid customers will get the extra date in October or November, and the data will be valid for that billing cycle.

Vodafone’s outage follows a string of high profile network failures this year. Telstra gave customers free data days this year after nationwide outages, with the first resulting users downloading a staggering 1841 terabytes.


  • See Telstra, *that* is how you do it. None of this “free data on a weekend when you’re not going to use it” rubbish.

    • Free data at any time of the week is useless to anyone who doesn’t use it.

      Virgin had an outage in May. It was fixed by 8.30 in the morning (i.e. before most people would have even noticed). They gave users credit worth the access fee for the whole day as compensation. *That* is how you do it.

      • 2GB is far more valuable to me than the approx $2 of credit I’d receive in that situation, but I do agree with you. That is an appropriate way to compensate customers that does give them a concrete reward, rather than just a marketing stunt of limited free credit of any type.

        • At least these two approaches compensate all users equally, not just the people that live closest to the exchange who can leech all the bandwidth on Telstra’s free data days. 😐

      • As an outlier, sure. And “Telstra says it counted more than double the traffic it would normally see on a Sunday”. But both outages were on weekdays, and I was home pretty much all day on a 100Mbps link on the bonus days, so it was effectively useless to me and many others.

        • Regardless of when the day is offered, if you didn’t use it it’s your own problem. It’s not difficult to turn off your wifi and use your phone as a hotspot at home, and in most cases much faster than people’s home broadband connections.

  • Vodafone just covered their crappy network in bolt-on upgrade bandaids. Same old jank tech as always.

  • My network was fine over the weekend and on Monday but didn’t work at all in any capacity on Tuesday.

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