Win! Flights And A Trip To PAX Australia, Thanks To Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh

As the Magic fans among you are no doubt aware, the new Kaladesh set is close to release. Friday September 30 is the official date.

To celebrate that launch Kotaku has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to send two people to PAX Australia! Flights, accommodation and tickets will be included.

UPDATE: And entering just got easier!

We want the spirit of the competition to be as inclusive as possible, so we've updated the entry mechanic to be even more accessible to everyone. As @aethyr, @pylgrim and @boom had already sent a design before we could make the update — we'll be sending them a Magic Kaladesh Bundle deck. They're already winners (and can enter again).

New Entry Mechanic

Kaladesh is all about these vehicle cards. It's a fresh new aesthetic that you could call Aetherpunk.

What's a vehicle card? I'm glad you asked, there's a video above that explains. Also, we wrote a post explaining them earlier this year.

How to enter: Given the introduction of Vehicles in Magic, tell us in the comments (in 300 words or less) about your favourite vehicle story.

We're looking for funny road trip stories about the crew you went with.

The most impressive vehicle you've crewed, driven, rode, piloted. We'll leave it to you! As always, creativity is what catches our eye.

Entries close at 2pm AEST on Tuesday 4 October 2016. Good luck! Terms and conditions can be found here.


    Here in Western Australia we are usually ravaged by fire early on in the year, this year was no exception. Against the will of nature however there are a mighty few who are courageous enough to play music to the masses, to stand above the mighty horde and smash out a mad medley. This time however when I (our pilot) jumped into my Ovalchase Dragster with my accompaniment of 4 dwarfs, we had no idea what would behold in front of us. We passed many the different land, plains, mountains and forests the like until we came to a stop. Thousands of other dwarf's with the same tenacity for succulent symphonic jams were in a pickle. The great demonic fires had engulfed the road ahead. The Plains-Rockers couldn't fight back the ferocity of the flames and took to their Sky Skiff's to flee, leaving us dwarfs with nothing but anguish and our Dragster radios. We turned back towards Geraldton, got an AirBnB and drank enough mead to drown away our sorrows.

    I've only ever road tripped with my family. I remember my parents driving us over to Merredin in our Ford Falcon station wagon. We used to play games with my Dad. The prize was always a Clinker, the chocolates with a coloured candy centre, most epic road trip candy. Anyway, we would play number plate spotto, this was back when custom license plates weren't that common, so it was always a little while before you saw one. First in got a Clinker. This would get boring so instead, my dad came up with a new road trip game, Spot the Road Kill. We would get a Clinker everytime we spotted road kill. It was great fun especially since the only other thing we could do was read. That is my road trip story.?

    Back when i was a kid my dad and pop built hotrods. To a kid it was awesome i got to see these kick ass cars on a semi regular basis. Anyway my fondest memory is getting to go on a massive cruise in this awesome orange pickup with wood paneling. I loved that cruise. The car unfortunately was sold. It poped up on ebay a few years back completely wrecked. It was devestating to us.

    Once, I was on a road trip with my best friend in the whole wide world (let's call him Jace) to Colorado (Zendikar) in by blue Ford escape (Crew 2). We were hit with a massive rainstorm and ended up hydroplaning so bad that we spun out of control (talk about a blue spell). When we came to a stop, we were facing the opposite direction (Act of Treason style). Thankfully, the road behind us (or rather, in front of us was clear (we had an Aetherize up our sleeves apparently) and we ended up ok (I guess we had some Selfless Spirit to sacrifice itself to give us indestructible until the end of trip!!!)

    My wife and I drove across the us, from buffalo to Seattle for pax west in two days flat. Spent the weekend there for the con then drove two days straight back again to get back in time for work. Stopped at Mt.Rushmore and got also got caught in a forest fire

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