Win! Flights And A Trip To PAX Australia, Thanks To Magic: The Gathering Kaladesh

As the Magic fans among you are no doubt aware, the new Kaladesh set is close to release. Friday September 30 is the official date.

To celebrate that launch Kotaku has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to send two people to PAX Australia! Flights, accommodation and tickets will be included.

UPDATE: And entering just got easier!

We want the spirit of the competition to be as inclusive as possible, so we've updated the entry mechanic to be even more accessible to everyone. As @aethyr, @pylgrim and @boom had already sent a design before we could make the update — we'll be sending them a Magic Kaladesh Bundle deck. They're already winners (and can enter again).

New Entry Mechanic

Kaladesh is all about these vehicle cards. It's a fresh new aesthetic that you could call Aetherpunk.

What's a vehicle card? I'm glad you asked, there's a video above that explains. Also, we wrote a post explaining them earlier this year.

How to enter: Given the introduction of Vehicles in Magic, tell us in the comments (in 300 words or less) about your favourite vehicle story.

We're looking for funny road trip stories about the crew you went with.

The most impressive vehicle you've crewed, driven, rode, piloted. We'll leave it to you! As always, creativity is what catches our eye.

Entries close at 2pm AEST on Wednesday 5 October 2016 which is TOMORROW, so get in quick. Good luck! Terms and conditions can be found here.

Already entered and can't see your comment below? Never fear — it may be on one of our previous posts!


    As you were able to get some packs for the people that already entered, what are the chances of being able to offer some up as runner-up prizes? I've already got tickets to PAX, but i also have a crippling addiction to competitions.. haha

    When I was an Air Force Cadet, we had the opportunity to fly in a Cessna light plane. I was lucky and got the front seat, and midway through the pilot let me have a go at the controls.

    I tried to do a barrel roll, but freaked out halfway through. That few seconds of what was essentially free-fall in a tiny plane would stick to me forever.

    Many years ago, when Tool first toured Australia for Lateralus, some friends & I made a road trip down to Sydney because they weren't playing Brisbane.

    We of course didn't bother to book accommodation so the night we arrived we got stuck out in the rain trying to find some.

    We ended up staying in this strange Backpackers place that was multiple buildings attached, so if you went wandering you could easily lose your way. The guy running the place was this Rastafarian guy that I'll never forget.

    Because we don't have it in Brisbane, I made sure to eat Taco Bell for EVERY meal.

    We all got astonishingly sick, but a great time was had by all.

    The most impressively useless vehicle was part of a GizmoDuck costume I made many many moons ago. Seven kilos of solid rubber wheelbarrow tyre, strapped to my foot. Couldn't really be ridden at all since the brace wasn't rigid enough for the single foot it was attached to to balance it, and there wasn't anything for my other foot to stand on on the other side or else I would have been kicking it and filling my ankle with holes all night. In hindsight I should have just gotten a unicycle.

    At a party a couple of weeks ago, we drunkenly decided to play space cadets: Dice Duel (A board game where you are you team man stations in a spaceship and try to kill the other team, played in real time its great fun).

    We decided to make a drinking game out of it, whenever you took damage your team needed to take a shot of tequila. We played 2 games, the first game was pretty close with one team take 3 damage and the other team taking 4. We decided to play again, both after a couple confrontations the tequila had started to kick in, before long our engineer had to tap out to lie down and our pilot was running around the circles. We lucked out and the other teams ship came into range (their pilot was also flying quite drunk) we fired both our torpedoes and scored a direct hit of their unshielded flank to win the game.

    Once when I was in high school, I took a trip in my shiny blue Ford escape (Crew 2) with my best friend to Colorado. When we were driving through Wichita, KS, it was raining. Hard. Like so hard that creatures and lands entered tapped. We ended up having to swerve to avoid the wreck in front of us, which sent us spinning through three lanes of busy traffic. Talk about Flying. We ended up sliding to a halt facing the wrong direction, Act of Treason style. Somehow we made it unharmed. I guess some Selfless Spirit must have sacrificed itself to make us indestructible until the end of trip or something....

    I was on my way to my very first job interview. I was all dressed up and noticed a hot guy in a bright and shiny Mitsubishi checking me out. So what do I do? I make eye contact, give him my best smile, and give a little wave before passing him in traffic. We played this flirtatious game for a few blocks before I lost him in traffic.
    Guess who my very first interview was with?!?! Mr. Mitsubishi of course! His first question... "so are you always so friendly to strangers?".

    The story is set a hundred years after a vehical war between Nissan Navara and Hyundai genesis, where Nissan Navara was defeated. However, the vehical war was fatal, leaving Prince Toyota and his younger half-brother Honda the only royal heirs and pure-blood vehical illusionists left in Melbourne. Conflict ensues after Toyota reluctantly ascends to the throne as his lover, Jeep, and his brother go missing.

    Toyota also accidentally discovers an evil presence lurking in the Holden’s holy shrine. He and his companions enter the mysterious shrine, and defeat head of the shrine, Lady Misubishi, only to find out that she has been plotting a conspiracy against him. Toyota also experiences hardships in trying to find his lover and brother, not knowing that his brother has lost all of his memories and has become the Hyundai Prince under his mother’s command. A war between the two tribes commences once again, with the two brothers pitted against each other.

    Broken down on the side of the hwy in my crappy P platers car, stinking hot in the middle of summer with my hood up, hazards flashing. A random car pulls up to help, braving up to this strange dude, he fixes my car ( clutch cable ) but also scores my number. 14 years, a marriage, 2 kiddies and we are still going strong. Maybe it was a blessing i broke down ?

    When I was a kid, my mum worked nights. We only had one car, so every night my dad dropped her off at work. I was still too young to be left at home, so every night I was bundled up into the car, pillow in tow, fussily protesting.

    I'd usually sleep on the way to Mum's work, but during the half hour trip home, Dad would play his mix tape. It was full of his favourite 70's/80's hits, and he'd crank up the volume and belt it out to Meatloaf, Queen, Bowie, like a man possessed by the rock gods he idolised in his youth.

    While I've always been a heavy sleeper, I had limits, and blasting the Pet Shop Boys in a 1991 Toyota Camry is one of them. Once Dad knew I was awake, we would play a game. During the instrumental opening of a song, I had to yell out the title, artist and the first line of the song. I struggled at first. But little by little, night by night, I learnt not only the title, artist, and first line of every song in that mix tape, but all the lyrics too. We would belt it out together, on the empty roads in the middle of the night, nothing but streetlamps passing us by.

    Fast forward, I'm 19 and need one more hour of night driving to go for my licence. Dad and I are in the Camry, the roads are quiet and still, just us and streetlamps. I reach over, and before he can ask, he sees the CD. As the instrumental starts, I look over and smile, "Title and Artist?"

    It's been years, but when I'm driving and hear Under Pressure on the radio I can't help but break into song.

    It looks like my comment was deleted so just to make sure it wasn't here is my post from last Friday :D.

    Here in Western Australia we are usually ravaged by fire early on in the year, this year was no exception. Against the will of nature however there are a mighty few who are courageous enough to play music to the masses, to stand above the mighty horde and smash out a mad medley.

    This time however when I (our pilot) jumped into my Ovalchase Dragster with my accompaniment of 4 dwarfs, we had no idea what would behold in front of us. We passed many the different land, plains, mountains and forests the like until we came to a stop. Thousands of other dwarf's with the same tenacity for succulent symphonic jams were in a pickle. The great demonic fires had engulfed the road ahead. The Plains-Rockers couldn't fight back the ferocity of the flames and took to their Sky Skiff's to flee, leaving us dwarfs with nothing but anguish and our Dragster radios.

    We turned back towards Geraldton, got an AirBnB and drank enough mead to drown away our sorrows.

    My vehicle based tale of woe took place on a fishing charter boat heading out to the Coral Sea for what turned out to be called 'The Week of Spew'.

    The boat left the Gladstone docks at about 5:30 with some rough weather predicted. The rough turned out to be a 7 metre swell complete with whitecaps. I went to bed feeling a little woozy but OK. I woke about 1:00am feeling quite sick so I staggered to the head fighting the rolling deck and gripped on tight to the stainless steel toilet bowl to let fly with every meal I had eaten up to that point. Now this was an older boat, and the plumbing was a bit dodgy so here I was sitting on the floor of the toilet heaving my guts up with about 15cm of water sloshing around in the room to completely soak me as well, I wanted to die. After about 3 hours of this with sore vomiting muscles all around my body, I felt a little better so I figured rather than going to bed I would go to he galley, sip some water and sit down somewhere dry to have a rest.

    NOPE... After 2 sips i was running to the side of the boat in a zig zag way as we crashed up and through the 7m water mountains and screamed down the other side. When I got to the edge I heaved over the side just at the same time as a massive 7th wave crashed into the bow of the boat. I was lucky my convulsion made every muscle in my body tighten like a steel cord, as my death grip on the gunwhale was the only thing stopping me getting a free tour of Davey Joneses locker.

    Vehicles can be bad MMMKay.

    I'm entering not for tickets, but in the vain hope there may also be some magic packs up for grabs because i'm a consumer whore :P

    Myself and two mates (we'll call them Mic and Mac) were on our way to Falls Festival one year. Two us us had tickets, one didn't, as the show sold out before Mic could get one.
    We decided to sneak him in.

    We loaded up Macs Combi van to the brim, and cleared a stash/storage bay to smuggle Mic when we got there. We were about an hour into the trip when the combi litterally started filling with smoke and then conked out. It was 38 degrees and we were stuck on the side of a freeway - Mac deperately trying to fix the problem with zip-ties to no avail.
    We were stuck and needed to get back on the road.
    I was the only one with a car, so we we called some other mates that picked me up, and took me home to pick up my car.
    A 94 civic hatchback.
    Stacking my little pocket rocket with all our supplied PLUS the passengers them selves was the greatest game of tetris of all time. Both Mic and Mac had to endure the 2 hour drive from there with stuff piled on them.
    Once we got there, we pulled out some stuff, put mic in the back footwell and piled stuff on him for the smuggle.
    Bad news - they were doing contraband inspections on incoming cars. Mic was stuck there, under everything, for half and hour while we slowly moved up the queue. He's claustraphobic. He was freaking the feck out.
    At the end, we got waved through the check point - maybe they looked at how jam packed everything was and just put it in the too hard basket.
    One of the best weekends of all time was had once we parked and let out very very frazzled friend out.
    Best roadtrip ever.
    The day i sold my little civic, the little engine that could, was also one of the sadest days ever.

    Couldn't find my post from last week either so reposting it here again just in case ....

    It was late 2001 and I had just escaped out the back of a prison transport van in Liberty City. I was a man of few words, flat broke and had serious trust issues after being shot by my girlfriend the week before. But as the prison van slowly burned behind me illuminating the night sky I knew I could love again and that’s when I saw her, the most gorgeous car in the whole city a cherry red viper. There was no time for hesitation as the traffic light was about to turn green and she we would be gone from my life forever. I ran across three lanes of traffic yanked open the door and extracted its previous owner. Without even waiting to close the door I hit the gas and speed away through the city as I gave a knowing nod to my new friend in the passenger seat who hadn’t had time to exit the vehicle. Despite his screams of terror as we power slid through each corner I could feel that he knew we were about to embark on the road trip of a lifetime. Within minutes of mounting the curb and knocking down a few pedestrians, word had spread throughout the city that this road trip was going to be the stuff of legends. The police, FBI and even National Guard sent vehicles to join us on this epic adventure. Congratulatory gun fire erupted from all around us. But it soon became too much for my new love to handle as flames started to appear under her bonnet and the next thing I knew I was waking up outside the hospital as though it had never happened. I give the whole experience 6 stars.

    Barrel rolled in an Arwing with Slippy and Krystal
    Dropped me off in a Warthog with full charged Plasma Pistols
    Shot it at another car popping three of their balloons
    Then rode in a $1 car with National Lampoon
    We hired a stripper Chocobo with Rusty's ID
    But it couldn't ride the mountain cause it was the wrong breed
    So we used all our crystals to summon Force-Tank MAX
    But a Blood Knight ate our divine shield and then spammed 'thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks'
    Next turn hopped on Charizard and he flew us to Pitt St
    But a crowd of nerds screaming 'DRAGONITE!!' squished me
    We tried to find our way through the crowd so annoyed
    Ended up at Rhodes park where the grass was destroyed
    One of the players there was running out of power
    So I donated my powerbank only if they took a shower
    Jumped on a shooting star and it flung me up
    Then shot me right down blowing off Zelda's makeup
    I died from the impact and lost all my souls
    .. and yes I know I could have dodged that by spamming my roll
    Went back to 2010 and decided no vehicles
    Parkour would get me exactly where I would need to
    We vaulted and ran from Point A to Point B
    But in our Mirror's Edge we saw a Yeti
    So we jumped on it's back and started throwing ice blasts
    But the player in our lane kept flaming our ass
    'Stop taking my kills you stupid retard'
    I always knew deep inside being 12 years old was hard
    Ragequit the game and auctioned my mansion
    To buy more cards for the Kaladesh expansion
    and yes, I'm sucking up to Kotaku by mentioning Magic to get the PAX win.
    .. No shame in tryin' ;)

    The most fun I've had in a car was when my boss was running late one day and handed me the keys to his red Ferrari to take down the road to the local car wash. I get back and his first question was how many exits down the Freeway I got before turning around and if he can expect any speeding tickets (8 exits and I was way too fast for the cops to clock me anyway)

    Be me. 18 year old finishing HSC and planning schoolies for 8 mates. Everyone's gonna get laid because of me. Have parents who are sadists and make us catch the train to Byron Bay from Sydney. Somehow manage to get hype after 14 hours on a bum train. Get off and realise I've booked Schoolies for the wrong weekend.

    So driving back down the South Coast of NSW after an awesome concert. I was driving my trusty 1984 pale blue Sigma (Aston engine! - what a ride). My mate Les suddenly got the after grog urge (you know to use a toilet and not a convenient tree - if you get my meaning).
    Problem is there is nothing we can find, no petrol stations in this stretch. Then I see it, Bombo Station. I pull into the carpark, saying I was sure there would be a toilet.
    There wasn't, but a train came in, heading south. Yelling to Les to get on, I pulled out back on to the Princes Highway. Ended up finding a much relieved and comfortable travelling companion at Gerringong station - it took him two stops to find the relief he needed and my Sigma's plush crushed blue seats were saved from a fate worst than death.

    My wife and I were in Tokyo and while wondering the many streets around our hotel we found this old amusement park. The Hanayashiki Amusement Park in Asakusa. This old park looked so out of place, like time had stood still here while a modern city was built around it. It definitely had a horror movie feel about it! So we decided to buy tickets and have a look around, because why not we are on holidays! The place wasn’t particularly run down it was just old looking and the rides looked like they barely worked. It had all the classics, ghost train, merry-go-rounds and a rollercoaster that looked like it was going to fall off the tracks at any moment. Then we found something different, something completely awesome, Panda Cars. The Panda Cars are motorised ride-on vehicles that you can use to get around the park. For only 500 Yen the Panda Car will swing its little legs, nod it fluffy little head and sing a happy tune as it takes you on an adventure around Tokyo oldest amusement park. Every day I think of my adventure with my motorised Panda friend and smile.

    Attempting to impress a new girlfriend, I suggested a movie and some dinner. The movie was ok, but by the time it had finished most things had closed. Attempting to impress my lovely lady friend, I suggested we go to a Maccas…250Km away, on the other side of Tasmania. Being a non-driver, dating her first guy with a licence, she agreed and thought it would be fun.

    The car trip was awesome. Despite the chilly spring night, she had her feet out the window and we had tunes blaring and it was like every road trip scene in every movie ever. We reached our destination, laughed about the fact that I’m driving her on a nearly 500 km round trip so she could eat a hamburger we literally could have got 200 metres up the street. As we travel back, Tasmania does what Tasmania does – change weather on a whim. A windy, wet storm moved in. It got worse, the closer we got to home.

    I was 19, just on my P plates and not very confident driving at night, much less through a storm. But slow and steady wins the race, and I was only 20km from her house when disaster struck. I aquaplaned – not on a little street, but on a four lane non-separated highway. After what felt like ages, we stalled facing into the traffic on the other side of the highway. A truck passed us at 50km, missing us by a less than a metre.

    I got her home in the end. She leaned in the car window and above the howling wind said “You stupid boy. You nearly killed me on our third date. I’ll give you one more chance, ok?”

    We celebrate 13 years together next week.

    I was about 6yrs old and my dad was a farm manager and they had one of the light planes that do the air fertilizer and spraying for the week. Being a kid I was excited by this and hung around every day. One the last day I was offered the chance to go along as a side kick for the last run.
    He was kind enough to fly around with me in the cockpit before his run - it was the best experience of my life. Seeing my house which looked like it was for ants was amazing. He didnt barrel roll but sideways instead. I think His eardrums almost burst from all the squeeling.

    In uni I've been working on a team to build a sportscar for a competition. I was in early one morning with the boss when he asked me to go check the mail box on the other side of the uni to see if any new parts had come in. The uni was prettry empty that day so let me use one of the segways we had to get there (normally they could only be used by staff). IT's a terrifying thing to ride and you start by wobbling all over the place but once I got the hang of it, it feels like you're in the future and they handle like a dream. The whole experience was incredible, despite the fact that I fell flat on my face trying to get off it at the end. The car is still under construction and will hopefully be finished by the end of the year.

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