World Of Final Fantasy Is Spring's Most Exciting Final Fantasy Game

Video: When new Final Fantasy XV footage arrives I nod and silently appreciate. When a new World of Final Fantasy trailer shows up, I chair dance and squeak. Is that just me? It's the difference between travelling with unfamiliar characters in a strange, new world and going to a theme park packed with your best Final Fantasy friends forever.

World of Final Fantasy is a nostalgia win by default. And considering the all-star monster stacking RPG arrives for PS4 and Vita on October 28 in Australia, it's slightly closer than Final Fantasy XV in November.

I'll play both, of course, but right now my eyes are on the tiny, chibi prize.


    The acting.
    Is so...

    Also preorder to secure Japanese VO? That's a new low Square-Enix

    This looks like some seriously cringeworthy weeb catnip.

      Yep, without a doubt, any interest that we don't share with other people is worthy of reproach, contempt and mockery. It's only our own interests what are dignified, purposeful, noble and, should I say it, "cool".

        Yeah. But like I watch a fair bit of anime and this is still campy af and not in a good way.

          And yet, some people will love it. Anime has very diverse genres and it's silly to expect that because you like some of them, any that you don't like is "bad anime".

            Of course. But freedom of speech and criticising things are an important part of feedback and communication. Repeat after me, a safe space is not a realistic ideal especially on the internet.

              Who is speaking against freedom of speech or criticism? But the post I was initially reacting to was no criticism at all. If you are pro-criticism, then you have to respect my calling out that poster for being needlessly offensive and derisive.

    Spyro and MewTwo had a baby.

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