Arrival Looks So, So Good

While everyone's been loudly shouting about Logan or whatever superhero movie en route to our eyeballs, I've been quietly working myself into a sweaty stupor over Arrival. Because it looks so goddamn good.

Arrival is one of those grounded sci-fi flicks — think Contact, think Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I cannot wait for this movie.

Not even the presence of Jeremy Renner can dull my excitement for this one. Especially since it has Amy Adams being super good in something not called Superman.

We're starting to hear Oscar buzz around this one, which is rare for science fiction.

This could be something special.


    Yes, yes, yes!
    It's been so long....

    I'm cautiously optimistic, it's entirely possible the first 2 acts are amazing, lots of mystery around the aliens and setting up the characters' motivations etc and then the finale is just Independence Day.

      Apparently not, most everyone I know who's seen it says it veers away from that sort of stupidity and remains one of the single best actual SCIFI movies remaining very steeped in the actual 'science' part of that rather than de-evolving into action stupidity.

    Last sci-fi film I was looking forward to this much was Interstellar which I loved (flaws and all).

    Denise Villeneuve's last four films were pretty great (maybe not Enemy) but if this is how he does a good sci-fi film I'd be optimistic about the new Blade Runner. That's up a step from not caring about it at all.

      Completely agree...Sicario in particular is a superbly layered movie. High hopes for this one.

    Based on a short Story by Ted Chiang
    It's a good read and is available to download in PDF format. Use your google-fu to get a copy.

    Forest Whitaker is awesome they shoulda shown him more.

    I've been a fan of Denis Villeneuve since first seeing his excellent 2009 effort "Polytechnique" and he honestly hasn't put a foot wrong since. Looking forward to this.

      I haven't seen that, but Enemy is in my top 5.

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